Question Time LiveBlog 24th February 2011

Tonight, Question Time comes from Newport; birthplace of Wales’ first billionaire. The area has two Labour MP’s – anonymous all-woman shortlister Jessica Morden and the serial weirdo Paul Flynn.

On the panel we have Sec of State for Wales Cheryl Gillan MP, “Baroness” Shirley Williams, perma-tanned vandal and bank robbery suspect Peter Hain MP, Lord of the Rings extra Elfyn Llwyd MP and the undeniably sound Fraser Nelson. Umbrellas and earplugs have been issued to protect the audience from Janet Street-Porter. WARNING: the combined visual and audio effects of JSP may damage your television and fry your brain.

In addition to the traditional B-BBC bingo, a prize will be awarded to the first commenter to correctly identify the current colour of Hain’s fake tan. Pantone numbers and descriptions only for valid entries, please.

The LiveBlog will also cover the surreal This Week, with Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo.

David Vance, TheEye and David Mosque will be moderating the abuse here from 10:30pm, so we look forward to seeing you!

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9 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 24th February 2011

  1. Maturecheese says:

    I absolutely detest Peter Hain, the orange perma tanned c**t.


  2. jack.savage1950 says:

    I would refer you to an excellent site I frequent often and sadly have a frequent use for.
    It is called something rather rude and can be found here.


  3. George R says:

    I gave up on ‘QT’ a long time ago; long before Littlejohn said this:

    “Why it’s time to call time on Question Time”

    Read more:


  4. pounce_uk says:

    Well. I watched the first half of QT then turned the channel over to watch the Big C. But from what I saw, i get the impression that the media (read bBC) is really playing the ‘We sold him the weapons he is killing his people with” This was alos taken up by JSP/The Welsh MP and the vast majority of the audience.
    Lets look at the facts as aired by the bBC.
    Thattank like vehicle which the bbC has shown been driven around and a father taking his childs picture on is a BMP2 (Russian)
    That tank with the big gun (T55) Russian
    That big Machine gun been fired by that twat in the crowd. Why thats a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun as sported by all Russian armour. Now that British doctor who decided to return to his home country spoke out about how anybody could shoot anybody with anti-aircraft guns. (the image the bBC presents is of the famed 88mm from WW2) Yet they have aired pictures of rebels with that very weapon blatting it off in the crowd.
    Western military equipment is expensive so the 3.3Million Libya spent on British weapons wouldn’t have gone far. Yes they bought British water cannon/tear gas and smoke. Yet when you are using heavy weapons firing real ammo, you don’t piss about with tear gas/smoke and water cannon.

    Then there’s that man screaming ‘Allah akbar’ while getting treated for his injuries in hospital. Next time its on have a look where his injuries are. Why they are on his hands and the bBC guy mentions he received them from ordinance that was left laying around. Do you think he tried to pick something up and it burnt him (No body injuries and his face isn’t marked) So could he have been a…looter?

    Then they manage to interview the only American who while proud to be have picked up by the Royal Navy wasn’t really that happy to see them. I wonder if he votes Democrat.

    This image of money grabbing british (bankers???) Government which couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery is the image that the bBC is pushing in which to demonise the current government. (Maybe they are pissed by them cutting the bbCs funding)

    This showed in the audience and certain menebers of QT who subscribe to the menatlity that actually the british are to blame.


    • matthew rowe says:

      Pounce I was going to write about the BBC news?[pmsl] I had the sad pain of watching last night but you beat me to it and covered all the relevant bits that  I was shouting at the telly [my god I am truly now my own  father lol] about the totally load of utter uninformed chatter and views from a group of reporters [again pmsl] that cannot even be bothered to stump up for one of the osprey books that would solve their ‘being as thick as a bank vaults walls and just as good at hiding things behind !!


  5. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    I very rarely watch QT – rigged questions, rigged audience, rigged panel, rigged chairman.  In addition I never get the audience

    Guest A: Here is my opinion blah blah blah

    Audience: Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

    Guest B: I completely refute Guest A’s opinion.

    Audience: Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

    So do half the audience clap guest A, and the other half then clap guest B.  Are they polite so that they clap everyone?  Or (my theory) do they just believe the last thing they heard?

    The TUC (made-up) 50,000 doctors ‘n’ nurses to be sacked ‘question’ was planted by a BBC ‘researcher’.  It took Frazer Nelson to point out that 7% of the NHS’ 1.6 million employees (that would be 112,000) leave their jobs of their own volition every year anyway.  But note the way ex-Bullingdon Boy Dimbleby went at the Tory like a Rottweiler with a headache on this one, while giving Peter Vain and Januhstreepower free rein on everything always.

    Time to strap the show to the elctric bye-bye chair.*

    *cf Raising Hope.


  6. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Nb Raising Hope is brought to you by 20th Century Fox Television.  😉


  7. john says:

    I managed to sit through the opening credits, but when I saw who was on the panel, and realised that an hour discussing Welsh issues might be in prospect, I turned it off. Lifes too short.

    I’ll take some tranquilisers in a glass of rum next Thursday at 22:30 and give it another go. 


  8. Beness says:

    Tried my pantone book.  Hain, looks like a 123 deep yellow or a 185 red half tone