The Daily Mail today notes that more than 3m legal immigrants were allowed into the UK under new Labour, with the total swelled by a further 1m illegals. This, it observes, has been the biggest invasion for a thousand years, even though their election manifesto in 1997 vowed to control our borders. (Presumably it means proportionately the largest, because the population of the UK was only around 3m in total 1,000 years ago) Sir Andrew Green, the persistent, well-researched and erudite head of Migration Watch UK, says that a major factor in allowing the influx was the attitude of the BBC. He writes:

Another major factor was the attitude of the BBC and, in particular, its devotion to multiculturalism. For years it avoided discussing immigration if it possibly could.

Although in the autumn of 2005 official statistics for the previous year showed an increase of 50 per cent in net immigration, there was no mention of this on the BBC.

Its own report into impartiality, published in June 2007, concluded that its coverage of immigration amounted to bias by omission.

Last December the corporation’s director-general admitted: ‘There are some areas, immigration, business and Europe, where the BBC has historically been rather weak and rather nervous about letting that entire debate happen.’ Indeed so.

The overall effect was to deter any serious discussion of immigration and to give plenty of space to the Left to accuse anyone who raised the subject of being a covert racist. On this matter the BBC failed to meet its own standards of objectivity.

Back in 2003/4, I did research into the BBC’s coverage of immigration, and it was blatantly clear that all those who opposed Labour’s policy were ignored, the only people interviewed about the topic were fervent multi-culturalists, and people like Sir Andrew Green were cast as bigoted xenophobes. As usual, what I submitted was ridiculed. Not much has changed, even though Mark Thompson has now admitted that there was a problem. The real issue is that no matter what it says, the corporation’s desire for what it sees as multi-culturalism is an integral part of its credo. I can hear their purring agreement with Labour’s verdict on the figures:

This is an unbalanced, misleading and highly political report. Migration levels increased initially because of the strength of the British economy over many years.

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  1. JohnofEnfield says:

    I find the figures on immigration and on e,ployment and unemployment are quite staggering. There suppression amounts to censorship.


    • hippiepooter says:

      The worst tragedy of all is that the BBC has such a stranglehold on debate in our country that an outcry in Parliament isn’t being raised about this.  Conservatives and other democrats just do not have the panoply of moral gumption at their disposal to confront the propaganda guns of the BBC.

      The Orwellian Thought Policing of the BBC over unprecedented levels of immigration in direct contrast to Labour’s electoral mandate is one reason why David Cameron needs to institute a public inquiry into allegations of BBC bias at the earliest opportunity.


  2. davejan says:

    have the bbc broken the contract with the people therfore the bbc fee is void due to the rules of the charter being broken.


  3. JohnofEnfield says:

    I find the figures on immigration and on employment and unemployment are quite staggering. Their suppression amounts to censorship.


  4. kitty shaw says:

    Which goes to show it doesn’t matter how much there is a crackdown on illegals (which I will believe only when I see it), any action is but a drop in the ocean, there is a flood of legals far far in excess of any illegal immigration to the UK over all history and that legal immigration ‘cannot be stopped’. We have given ourselves over to the EU. You won’t be hearing that on the bBC.


  5. fred bloggs says:

    I remember their mantra all too well.  Talk about immigration- bBC then you are a RACIST.  VD would do this almost every day on her 5Dead show.  Her is a suggestion of a documentary for bBC.  The scenario is a gov called Liebour, that have a secret plan to swap the U.K. with immigrants because they vote Liebour.  The citizens then notice that these immigrants are being given council housing; jumping the queue.

    Then a right wing party start getting votes, so a minister; say we call Hodge; goes along with it, then two other Liebour ministers say we call; Harman and Johnson, then jump on Hodge calling her a racist,  and so on and so.  When Liebour are dethrowned , it all comes out that it was all true.

    Now would bBC make a documentary like that???????????


    • It's all too much says:

      Remember wahat we were told in 2004

      Keith Vaz
      Independent on Sunday, February 22
      “It is a myth to believe that in 67 days’ time millions of citizens from the new member states will head for Dover. A few cases of asylum seekers have been blown into major tabloid soap operas … Speak to any Pole or Czech currently in this country working or studying and they will tell you that their ambition is to get full-time work, not to go on benefits. The recent debate also ignores the fact that the new members will receive £26bn from the EU between 2004-06 which will boost their economies with the consequent pull on their own domestic workforce not to seek work elsewhere.”
      Duncan Hamilton
      Scotsman, February 23
      “It isn’t time to panic about a wave of immigrants from the enlarged European Union. The government estimates about 13,000 immigrants a year will come from the 10 new member states. Traditionally, about 4% of immigrants come to Scotland … It is worth remembering we are probably talking about only 250 additional people assuming the title of ‘Scottish’ every year … most who enter the UK never cross the border. Scotland, it would appear, is not quite the irresistible package we hoped … We need more people in Scotland and most of us are relaxed about a more diverse society.”


      • NotaSheep says:

        The last Labour government should have been forced from office for that dodgy 13,000 a year figure. That thet weren’t says a lot about the ability of the BBC (and other media) to shut down debate on immigration for so long.


    • fred bloggs says:

      I would like to have included a link from the bBC website, to get their take on the subject.  At this moment in time I CANNOT find any!  No article about the subject they very effectively suppressed at every opportunity.  Shame!!!!!!


  6. NotaSheep says:

    Do your noses feel well and truly ‘rubbed in diversity’? The massive increase in immigration was a deliberate policy to ‘rub the right’s face in diversity’ and to create a Labour client state – the policy worked hence the Conservatives couldn’t win an election and now cannot govern without LibDem support. The introduction of AV will end any chance of a majority right of centre government, just waht Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of that cabal wanted to ensure. Let’s face it, they have won.


    • dave s says:

      They have not won. What they have created is a situation that will lead to chaos. A native people that turns it’s back on any government and no longer will accept the lies pumped out by the liberal media. It will happen and it is inevitable. We are not there yet but just wait.
      I repeat the reality.
      No native people has willingly given up their land and way of life to another. Never at any time or place.
      it is the way of the world.


      • NotaSheep says:

        But chaos is what some of these people want. Chaos would give them the chance to impose the final liberty ending restrictions on us.


  7. Cassandra King says:

    If the establishment aim was to inject new blood into the UK to prevent a kind of national stagnation the result achieved the exact opposite.
    Instead of scouting the world for the best and most able and most compatible of foreigners and poaching them from their countries of origin we trawled the world for the worst dregs, those least able to make any contribution, the sick and the lame and the lazy came by the millions and during all this the UK border agencies did their levels best to keep out anyone who could make a contribution to the betterment of our society.

    We brought in social security addicts, religious fanatics, anyone who wished to destroy the UK, hostile colonists, women abusers and criminals, they all came and they all got in and even the few that were deemed unsuitable were allowed to stay. So now our own young cannot find employment, native whites are discriminated against on a legal basis, taxpayers money is lavished on separatists and unelected race baiters and the MSM and the law crushes dissent.
    Look what the political class have wrought!


    • hippiepooter says:

      >>So now our own young cannot find employment, native whites are discriminated against on a legal basis<<

      Although Cassandra, the moral fibre of our nation’s youth is now so debased this in large part is why foreigners come in to do the jobs that they can’t be bothered to do or think they’re ‘too good’.

      Here however is the type of immigrant we could do with more of.


    • Shay says:

      And Brown devised a benefits system which made many of them major beneficiaries (large families with a  single earner working for a “compliant” employer, ambiguous identities etc)


    • Barry says:

      Brutal but true.


  8. Derek Buxton says:

    Cassandra, included in that political class are all three main parties. lib/lab/con.  It was noticeable that Cameron did little when in opposition, he was all sweetness and light, don’t rock the boat mode and sod the People.


  9. hippiepooter says:

    I’m sure the frequency with which these types of stories are now surfacing has nothing to do with the nature of Islam. ..  But please BBC, just in case, convince me a bit more. ..


  10. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ  surreptitiously advocates the COLONISATION OF BRITAIN through mass immigration from Islamic countries.

    “The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling us”

    Read more:

    And on the E.U.’s Euro Med which plans for the Islamization of the E.U. into a Eurabia, through increased Muslim immigration, BBC-NUJ is silent.

    If You Thought the EU Was Bad, Try EuroMed

    And this is just an early sample:

    “Libya: up to a million refugees could pour into Europe”


    • George R says:

      How many unstoppable millions of immigrants will get into the European Union (and Britain) from now on from Islamic areas of:

      Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, in Africa;
      and from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Iran in Asia; not forgetting Turkey’s 80 million population whose entry into the E.U. is advocated by Con-Lib-Lab-INBBC.


    • NotaSheep says:

      When does immigration stop and invasion begin?


  11. DJ says:

    Yep, it’s almost time for another senior Beeboid to issue another teary-eyed mea culpa about how they didn’t quite get the balance right, but all that’s behind them now and things are going to be different, even though they’re still employing the self-same people who refused to report on this back in the day, and still wouldn’t hire a conservative if you held a gun to their head.


  12. MarkE says:

    350 years ago Cromwell decided it would be a really good idea to persuade “hardworking and efficient” Scottish farmers to move over to Ireland to improve agriculture there (and keep the Catholic locals in their place).  That was never a good idea and now there is a population who are “alien” to Ireland but have roots there going back to the 17th Century.  The mess cannot be resolved easily and doesn’t look too peaceful from here (albeit, it is not as bad just now as it has been).

    The whole of the UK (actually the whole of north western Europe) is now doing exactly the same, except the immigrants we are getting are neither more efficient than us, nor (in most cases) any more hardworking.  Will this take 300 years to blow up or will it happen more quickly this time?


  13. Hazel says:

    Well the BBC always sees itself as having the ESSENTIAL task of telling people what to think.  Outrageous.   Look at the Beeb’s age-old way of reporting foreign affairs – I’m particularly thinking of the recent Arab uprisings.  The BBC really sees itself as a competitor Foreign Office, it’s staffed like that, it wants to sound grandiose, self-important and judgmental.  We the BBC need to tell the great British public what’s going on in those far-flung places as we want them to see it so they will think like us.  Aslow insidious form of brainwashing.

    The same old dreary aloof pontificating journos who have been around for ever –  white middle class people mainly men – interviewing each other – they have no idea of what the Arab citizens feel or want and they certainly have no intention of letting them speak.  Lyse Doucet up in the skies on her balcony in Cairo or wherever, totally removed from where it’a all at, couldn’t possibly dirty her skirts.

    To find out what’s really going on, I’ve been watching Al Jazeera, which has a real sense of being involved and interviews locals or people just nearer to what’s going on.  It’s anti-Israel??  Of course it’s anti-Israel, it’s financed by Qatar!  So when there’s an item on Israel with the usual lies, I channel hop usually to Sky.


  14. Grant says:

    I have personal experience of the UK immigration system over many years and with many cases and can confirm that it is a total shambles.
    There is nothing more to say !


  15. It's all too much says:

    The BBC demonstrates just how much it has learned about ‘bias by omission’.  There is a complete and utter absence of any mention of this report by migration watch:
    on any of the multitude of BBC ‘platforms’ – no surprise that it isn’t in the Guardian or Independent  but is in the (boo hiss) Mail and Telegraph. 

    How is it that every time the Kings Fund, or IPPR or any ot the other Fabian or Labour ideology units issue a report ‘blaming the Tories for being bast**ds’ it gets blanket coverage and questions to ministers?

    As a matter of interest two excellent interviews on the Toady programme this morning a black chap who had been adopted by a white family disgusting some local authority race manager (who gibbered high sounding multicultural managerial ‘language of greivenc’) by refusing to ‘be a victim’ and not accepting that “our culture and our heretage” ‘must be protected’.  Words worthy of the BNP in my  book..

    Ben Douglas spoke coherently and passionately, he destroyed the “chief executive of Race Equality in Sandwell”, He actually said to the the chief executiveat one point “are you paid to talk such  ….voice over interrupt by beeboid…”  Bet we never hear from Ben again!

    “Derrick Campbell, chief executive of Race Equality in Sandwell, Wolverhampton and Ben Douglas, founder of the Fusion Academy of Performing Arts, who is black and was adopted into a white family, discuss the new guidelines.”

    And a superb interview with Tim Geitner who despite being ‘led’ on multiple occaisions refused to accept the persistent beeboid view that ‘we are cutting to fast and too deep’


  16. Dr A says:

    This is dynamite. It could sink the BBC (not to mention the country, but that’s another, much sadder story…).

    Tell anyone you can. The treacherous BBC at its worst.


  17. The Beebinator says:

    at least the beeboid leftist scumbags dont label us little englanders any more


  18. kitty shaw says:

    “Derrick Campbell, chief executive of Race Equality in Sandwell, Wolverhampton” bBC Toady Programme

    Let me categorically assure you that Sandwell is NOT in Wolverhampton. They are in fact nine miles apart. Still the bBC Toady Show even having heard of England north of Watford Gap is a major surprise. I can’t wait for them to be relocated to Salford.


  19. George R says:

    Gaddafis: no immigration into Britain!

    In this INBBC sob story for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, he is made out by INBBC (and ‘Guardian’ is very similar) to be like some poor 18 year old student with problems we should be sympathetic with:

    “UK university reviews funding from Libya”

    The reality about Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is very different:


    “Gaddafi heir who (inevitably) is a friend of Andy and Mandy”

    Read more:

    As for the London School of Economics, it is now very Islamic in its finance, in its pro-Islamic courses, in allowing Islamic jihad supporting speakers from outside, and in banning outside critics of Islamic jihad, which INBBC ‘report’ fails to mention:

    “LSE cancels event with German critics of radical Islam”


  20. Peter Parker says:

    OT but I just saw an amazing piece of bias on News24.

    They played a brief VT of Euroslime Dave speaking in Kuwait saying perhaps western governments had been wrong to put their interests in regional stability above their democratic principles when dealing with Arab dictators. The VT amounted to no more than 20 seconds.

    ‘For balance’ they followed this with a live Interview with Labours Douglas Alexander – on satellite from Glasgow – the interviewer threw him a couple of weak underarm questions – allowing him to waffle for about 8 minutes with ZERO interruptions – talking for 2 minutes non-stop at one point. The oleaginous weazle was allowed to attack the Tories and promote a completely ficticious account of Labour’s dodgy dealings with Libya – and was never questioned about Blair/Brown’s dispicable deal to release the McGahee.

    I certainly don’t recall any Tory MPs being given a platform to attack Labour for 8 minutes every time he gave a speech. Appalling bias.


  21. Cassandra King says:

    Firmly controlled immigration is a very good thing I believe, it reinvigorates and revitalises a nation but it has to be done on the basis of luring the cream of the world to our shores and setting the highest standards and providing a system of provisional citizenship which would deny full citizenship should behaviour of the applicant degrade.

    As a 1st world nation we could have had the pick of the worlds immigrants, picking and choosing very carefully with multiple interviews and psychiatric evaluations and most importantly a long term economic evaluation of the candidate, how much value will the person add in both financial and social terms and those who would best adopt and cherish our national values and love our way of life and integrate best.

    People would have applied by the tens of millions and we could have had the cream of the crop, we would be now looking at a bright future instead of looking toward a Balkans style calamity. Our establishment has been the prime mover in a tragedy of epic proportions. The British passport should be viewed as made of solid gold, it should be the rarest of earned privilege. We have been betrayed.


  22. pounce_uk says:

    Any chance of a new Board?


  23. My Site (click to edit) says:

    How dare you quote Sir Andrew Green, he’s a GOD DAMN RACIST NAZI FASCIST FACT!!!  
    Sally Bercow said so.


  24. Craig says:

    There’s a terrible article on the BBC News website from 2003 that precisely proves many of the points Robin makes:  
    Could more immigration boost the UK economy?  
    By Will Smale, BBC News Online business reporter   
    It begins:  
    The issue of illegal immigration into the UK has become something of a cause celebre in recent times.  
    A number of the national tabloids have appeared to delight in screaming that the country is being swamped by asylum seekers attracted half-way round the world by the government’s over-generous handouts.   
    Yet look beyond the lurid headlines and knee-jerk xenophobia, and increased immigration – of the legal variety – may actually be very beneficial to the UK economy.  
    What follows is a long stream of points in favour of immigration, featuring a Labour minister, someone from the IPPR and a pro-immigration business leader.  
    Sir Andrew Green and the Tories appear right at the end, very briefly, and are given no room to properly argue the alternative point of view.


  25. jeff says:

    Do any of you ever notice how most of the cheer leaders for mass immigration seem to make damned sure they don’t actually experience it? I’m thinking of two in particular, Billy (no talent) Bragg and Rosie Boycott. At the drop of a hat they are telling the nation of the unparrelled benefits of miilions of foreigners turning up in our major cities, but choose to live miles away from it. Bragg lives in Dorset, almost exclusively indigenous and Boycott (last I heard) owned an organic farm in Somerset. They seem to have found the  delights of multiculturalism surprisingly easy to resist.
    I wonder why…


    • Charlie says:

      Hit the nail on the head, jeff


    • Span Ows says:

      Boycott’s organic flutter went bust a couple of years ago. It was in Ilminster on Lord Cameron’s Dillington Estate (en ex customer of mine when I was in the UK). I think she may still be there on an allotment (allotments is what her farm became)


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      This comment was left by a reader of the DM website some months ago:

      It is my opinion that anyone calling another person a racist, must be able to prove that by his or her actions and statements, the accused is a racist as defined by law. The onus falls on the accuser to prove their claim and failure to do so when challenged will result in exactly the same penalty being fixed on them as if they themselves were a proven racist. 

      Thus anyone trying to close down a discussion on immigration by attempting to smear another who is doing no more than stating facts and figures or personal observations will result in possible imprisonment or unlimited fines imposed on the accuser! 

      Just think, with the racist smear denied them, the left might have to resort to reasoned discussion of the facts and will regain freedom of speech that is at present not quite denied but certainly censored


      • Demon1001 says:

        My Site, I like that very much.  It’s too sensible to be brought in.


      • Guest Who says:

        The BBC airwaves would also take a bit of filling thereafter, with most teleprompter readers, ‘interviewers’ and guests a tad stuck on how else to get their views across.


  26. Scrappydoo says:

    This massive influx of people engineered by labour proves that they are lying about global warming.  Bringing so many people from countries where consumption and polution per head is low, to the U.K. where they will all want to consume and polute at the much higher rate of the existing u.k. population is not a green move.


  27. DP111 says:

    Labour’s unforgivable betrayalSo now we know. Shortly after taking office in 1997, Labour opened Britain’s doors to all comers – resulting in some 3,200,000 immigrants flooding into the country, against the will of the people. 80% are non EU, and round here most are Africans – without skills or resources, filling the maternity wards, crowding the buses, suffocating public services. Some 20,000 Africans, mostly Nigerians, have moved to this London borough in Labour’s period of misrule. Elsewhere they packed our towns and cities with Somalis, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. 

    Don’t blame the immigrants – they’re the innocents in all this. Their behaviour in coming here was rational, and you and I would do the same if our positions were reversed. It’s not the fault of the immigrants. No, it is Labour who have unforgivably betrayed the people of this country, Labour whose crooked, corrupt and cynical disregard of democratic legitimacy has changed the face of our nation for ever, without our consent. It’s Labour who must be made to pay for this treachery – we must not cease our work until this vile and malignant Party has been wiped from the face of British politics.


  28. George R says:

    To be censored by Islam Not BBC (INBBC):

         Future Muslim Population of Europe –


  29. George R says:

    INBBC joins push to increase rapidly the Islamic mass immigration into Britain and E.U., as supported by whole of political elite in EU and by three main UK political parties.

    -from INBBC report:

    “The BBC’s Chris Morris in Brussels says at least one million migrants, many of them from sub-Saharan Africa, are believed to be in Libya, hoping to reach Europe.
    “Many of them may be political refugees, not simply economic migrants, so Europe has an obligation under human rights agreements to identify genuine refugees who have a right to asylum.”

    Nowhere in this INBBC report is there any reference to any European  opposition to this mass Islamic immigration through open-door policy. INBBC presents the influx of millioms and millions more Muslims from North Africa as a fait accompli, as part of the Eurabia project, no doubt.

    “EU urged to revamp asylum rules”


  30. George R says:

    Clearly, mass immigration into Britain and the E.U is out of control.

    E.U. borders are very open, and by self-imposed, colonisation- enabling ‘human rights’ laws, Britain and the E.U. are being taken over by mass immigration, especially from Islamic countries.

    The E.U is forcing EURABIA on to the peoples of Britain and Europe.

    E.g. this is the Brussels which INBBC’s Mardell never told us about while he was based there for years:

    “FOX News: The Islamification of Europe”

    “Immigration Under Labour – Chaos or Conspiracy?”

    “Fears immigrants will flood Europe after collapse”

    When INBBC reports on mass immigrant colonisation of Britain and E.U., it views the issue from the immigrants’ viewpoint.

    “UK immigration increases by 22%, official figures show”


    • dave s says:

      What we need to know is how many leaving are native British Anglo Saxon Celtic stock and what age they are.
      I suspect then we will see that what is really happening is population replacement. That is the killer statistic and the one the powers that be will go to any lengths to hide.