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  1. Guest Who says:

    Considering the topic, it’s ‘interesting’ that any move to comment here:


    …is currently met by this:

    BBC iD maintenance alert


    Due to essential system maintenance, the BBC iD is currently unavailable.

    Access to sites using BBC iD will not be affected.

    However, you will not be able to use services on these sites which require you to be ‘signed in’ e.g. posting comments on message boards or uploading content.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please try again later.

    Now, beyond pondering why they need to ‘maintain’ one’s ID, once back a few choice weasels do get served up…

    The BBC and other news organisations are relying on those on the ground to tell us what’s happening. ‘

    Indeed, from Gaza to selected town halls in the UK. makes you wonder how they find those they ‘rely’ on. Twitter opinion is not reporting, so it f it cannot be confirmed, then… here’s a thought.. resist churning it out as ‘fact’.

    Yesterday I heard a BBc talking head somewhere safe refer to numbers, to the man, from Human Rights Watch as ‘pretty reliable’. Er… if no one knows, how can he get to that opinion?


  2. Maturecheese says:


    This is an example of dispicable bias that is harmful.  They should not be allowed to get away with it.


  3. Guest Who says:

    I know Aunty sees herself as here to teach us, but are they all really on the same deal holiday wise…?


    Mr. R has popped in from one closed for comments to the inevitable next, leaving the BBC blogosphere bereft of interaction as Mr. Neil stays MIA (on holiday too now?), so get in while the window is open!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Nick reveals his personal opinion about Blair in this one.  Very biased, whether one agrees with him or not.


  4. George R says:

    BBC-Labour-EU opposes British-based justice, and backs Chakrabarti.

    BBC-Labour-EU chums, Chakrabarti and Woolf are back putting their political propaganda for supremacy of Eurpean law over British law.

    Alternative claims for British-based law on human rights relegated, of course, both here and on ‘Today’ by BBC-Labour-EU.

    “Lord Woolf warning over UK Bill of Rights”


    Irrelevant to BBC-Labour-EU:

    “Europe’s judges have ‘made UK a safe haven for terrorists'”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353210/Lord-Carlile-Human-rights-makes-UK-safe-haven-terrorists.html#ixzz1Eb3btESG


  5. George R says:

    Who do National Lottery staff think they are: the BBC?

    “Lottery Fund spends millions on itself”



  6. Millie Tant says:

    Message for George R:

    Radio 3’s Jazz Record Requests featured a George Shearing number on Saturday’s programme and announced that they will be doing a tribute programme soon, once they have got listeners’ requests in.  

    Listen from 17 28 to 21 48 for details:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00yqxqt/Jazz_Record_Requests_19_02_2011/for


  7. George R says:

    Yes, thanks. We’ll see what we get. After all the BBC daily political propaganda we need a ‘pick me up’

    Cue for a song: with Nat and George S  –


    • Millie Tant says:

      That’s class. The wonders of Youtube! It brought up recordings with Peggy Lee that I have never heard before.  Very enjoyable too. Have added them to my ever-growing collection in Favourites.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC really needs to get a grip on their reporting on Libya right now.  They give air time to anybody crying who wants to say something.  I’ve heard twice now that somehow Eastern European mercenaries are there killing people left and right.  Eastern Europeans doing bombing runs?  Really, BBC?  Just let anybody say whatever they want, I guess.

    This is really not a good use of vox pops.


    • RGH says:

      This is tribal…the Gaddafa of Sirte allied with the Megrahi (ring a bell) facing off with the Eastern (Cyrenaica) tribes who have resented the Nasserite ‘Free Colonels Coup’ of 1969 against Senussi (Islamist) King Idris for 40 years.

      The scramble for control of oil is on.

      The Benghasi tribes have no time for the Tripoli/Fezzan tribes and the lid is now off.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Interesting.  I wasn’t quite aware of that.  It certainly casts a different light on the statement of one of the crying vox pops from Tripoli about Ghaddafi not being a proper Lybian.  None of this was explained by the BBC, though.


        • Craig says:

          Yes, a light the BBC should have been throwing on this. Thank goodness for the blogosphere!

          So when Pounce quotes (on Sue’s Party Political Broadcast thread) from the BBC website that “Mohamed Senussi from one of the country’s main opposition groups – the National Front for the Salvation for Libya” was at the London rally against Gaddafi yesterday, we can now infer that he’s from the Eastern Libyan Senussi tribe, and not just (or necessarily even) a pro-democracy campaigner. Context!


          • RGH says:


            This showdown is about tribal control of the bonanza that Libya was (until last week) generating.

            The old conflicts (which never went away) have just exploded into seperatism. Hence the independence flags in Benghasi, Badya, Derna and Tobruk.

            Intersting that Gaddafi is shipping in plane loads of Saharan tribal militia to reinforce his tribal power.

            Berbers (Kabyle) are mixing in. They are the great ethnic faultline in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt that isn’t happy with Arab control..


  9. George R says:

    UK: Muslims slash teacher’s face and fracture his skull ‘for teaching other religions to Muslim girls'”

    -‘Jihadwatch’ comment on ‘Daily Mail’ report.

    Perhaps INBBC has put this story up, but I haven’t found it.


  10. Millie Tant says:

    Look what I just spotted on Google front page:

    Prime Minister Cameron is taking questions on Youtube:

    Anyone going to submit a question to the PM?

    Such as What are you going to do about rhe Beeboid Corporation’s relentless pro-Labour and anti-Government propaganda and bias? 


  11. Guest Who says:


    Most wives would want to cover it up if they found out that their husband watched pornography, or at least hide any embarrassment.

    Actually, I think it was more the getting the public to pay for it was the main issue. Hey ho; never mind…

    Now touting for work as a broadcaster….

    Who could possibly leap to the aid of such a market rate talent?

    .… Miss Smith has made a BBC documentary about the porn industry,

    In conclusion…

    “I know I have probably got a profile, probably even some jobs, because I was a woman. 

    No sh*t , Shelrlock. And no concerns on your actual abilities. Which about sums up some projects and its adherents, political and slave media.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Wonder how… if (it’s in the Graun, so..) Aunty will ‘report’ this:


    Noting in the initial comments that famous accuracy and lack of agenda for which the paper is renowned, they might choose to stay clear, as the notion of a small controlling minority getting their way by having access to bigger means of shouting the odds may seem ‘awkward’.


  13. kitty shaw says:

    Lovely cuddly socialist peacenik Gaddafi the promoter of social welfare, economic boom, and end to need and equality for all. Really? Well so say the bBC



    • RGH says:

      The Left loved Gaddafi until he ‘went capitalist’ in 2004 and gave up the ‘axis of evil’ persona and opened up the country to the global markets. (Engineered by Saif)

      He was a ‘victim’ of American Imperialism’.

      Now, of course, he’s lower than dog’s poo.

      The ‘Morning Star’ used to write reams of socialist eulogistic guff about the Libyan Jamahriya.

      Painfully embarrassing to read now. Good for a laugh though.


      • RGH says:

        The Morning Star

        Monday 21 February 2011

        “The possibility of the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi will be a serious blow to all anti-imperialists, in the Third World in particular.
        Gaddafi was a staunch Arab socialist who unconditionally supported the liberation struggles of the Palestinians, South-Africans and Zimbabweans to name but a few.
        Also remember that he spent Libya’s oil wealth on social programmes resulting in the country becoming one of the most developed nations in the developing world.
        One of the greatest achievements of the 1969 revolution that brought his pan-Arab socialist movement to power was not just universal and free healthcare and education but real independence for the first time in the north African state’s history.
        Libya was also the victim of US imperialist aggression in April 1986 when US planes bombed Tripoli and Benghazi, killing the colonel’s adopted baby daughter Hana and injuring countless others.
        Let us not also forget that Gaddafi was a leading proponent of pan-African unity, both economically and politically, and his loss will result in nakedness, sickness and degradation of living standards for the Libyan peoples at the request of the US, European Union and International Monetary Fund.
        The Libyan peoples who have risen up against the colonel may, in another 10 or 20 years, realise what they have lost, just as the citizens of the former Soviet Union and eastern European socialist democracies now do.”

        Leftist lunatics!


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          “Imperialist aggression”?  Were we trying to conquer Libya at the time, or was there a different reason for that bombing?  Funny perspective.


    • Guest Who says:


      Is the Grauniad unique as well?

      Anyhoo, I am sure Polly will be on Newsnight to explain… or maybe rant on something distracting.

      I presume they do realise that most do have access to sources of news other than the hive?


  14. RGH says:

    Oh dear. Something has gone wrong. Obama’s Treasury Secretary thinks that Osborne’s strategy is ‘very good’. That the Coalition was handed problems not created by ‘this government’.

    This piece flies in the face of the ‘cuts’ narrative.


    But notice one little sneaked in bit of grammar. A present tense ‘is’ instead of ‘was’.

    “That is in contrast to the direction of the coalition government led by David Cameron, which has implemented the biggest fiscal squeeze in the UK in a generation.”

    The Beeboid must be having a bad day.

    Obama’s man complimenting Osborne’s strategy. Ye Gods!


    • Jane Tracy says:

      Even worse for the BBC and their Nu-Labour lover Stephanie Flanders there are better public borrowing figures today…

      Stephanie has managed some mealy mouthed praise and some political sniping in her article but there is no mention of her ex-lover Ed Balls in this article. I guess calling him an intellectual genius is quite hard in this area as Ed. Balls has so far occupied every position on the fiscal deficit apart from ever paying it off!


  15. RGH says:

    Libyan UN Representative (Dabbashi) who has ‘defected’ from the Gaddafi Regime has some interesting views on Gaza.

    Diplomats being ‘honourable men who lie for their countries’?

    Anyway he has jumped ship. Which tribe is he with?

    UNITED NATIONS — Libya’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations confirmed Thursday that he compared the situation in Gaza to Nazi concentration camps, but toughened his language and said matters are actually “worse” in Gaza.

    Ibrahim Dabbashi said Wednesday during a closed Security Council meeting that the situation in Gaza is as bad as concentration camps in Nazi Germany, according to diplomats present. The remarks led the United States, Britain, France and others to walk out, a rare protest by members of the U.N.’s most powerful body against one of their own members.”

    So he’s a democrat now!

    Which tribe, I ask again.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Must look up the definition of ‘interesting’ again…

    RobHP Rob Halden-Pratt  by BBCNewsnightLooks like @BBCNewsnight has an interesting panel on the future of newspapers tonight http://bit.ly/fl1ZUg – worth a watch #newsnight

    Maybe it means ‘properly rigged’? Or is the Chinese insult variety?


    • Guest Who says:

      Yep, they really are on the case.

      No news of note today, so mainly let’s discuss ‘papers’ with two who amount to about 5% of the national readership, plus a current and recent ex-Beeboid to round out the deal… on a ‘debate’… on UK’s media estate….


      ‘Oo, and plus…

      Tonight we’ll have the very latest on what’s happening inside Libya, and Jeremy will joined from Cairo by Baroness Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.’

      Yep, with all going down here and around, she is the one we really want to hear about and from. Is the EU personally signing cheques to the BBC to decide on what to report… or not?


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Is anybody else sick of the same people who always whined about how the US needed to engage in unconditional dialogue with dictators, and about how sanctions are “collective punishment” of innocent people so we shouldn’t do them, now saying we were wrong for engaging in dialogue with Mubarak and Ghaddafi, etc. and should have been hitting them with sactions and whatnot all along?


  18. Guest Who says:

    NewStatesman New Statesman International journalists scramble to get into Libya http://bit.ly/hlV54M
    Can’t wait. Though, oddly, some seem already installed.


    • Guest Who says:

      Just sharing news on twitter Aunty… honest…

      Libyan4life Jeel Ghathub  by Piers_CorbynIMPORTANT: #Gaddafi‘s ppl are cleaning the streets from blood removing dead bodies hiding all mercenaries, bc BBC is coming to#Tripoli.