Here, I thought naively, is a harmless topic on the BBC science and environment website; how Britain became an island as a result of a tsunami caused by melting ice. No mention of climate change (for once, ahtough that’s clearly the undercurrent)….but this is the BBC, and of course there’s a sting in the tail. With carefully chosen selective quotes from historian David Starkey it becomes yet another glib pro-BBC-values homily…this time about how, under the tutelage of that wicked tyrant Henry VIII, we became an island of nasty, anti-Europe xenophobes, and how our coastline – which once made us pro-immigrant pussycats – changed us into acquisitive, paranoid imperialistic robbers.

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5 Responses to XENOPHOBES

  1. NotaSheep says:

    I saw that BBC article yesterday and was so shocked that Climate Change was not mentioned that I didn’t bother to blog about it. In retrospect maybe that BBC article should be shown to BBC warmists to illustrate that the Earth has had climate change before, long before man had any effect on the earth’s climate.


  2. Demon1001 says:

    Considering that at that time the Pope did want to invade England, I think Henry VIII wasn’t being paranoid and xenophobic but was rather being sensible.  And since then the Spanish, the Kings of France, Napoleon, Hitler and now the EU have all wanted to invade and take over this country it strikes me that the caution shown is not xenophobia but common sense borne out by experience. 


  3. james1070 says:

    He can Britain be xenophobic when we have a German royal family.


  4. OWEN MORGAN says:

    Richard Black wants us to reduce our population by umpteen per cent.   He says we will have ten million more people in the next couple of decades.   The fact that the increase in population will happen only if immigration remains uncontrolled is the elephant in the room.