Those who toodled along to the Question Time liveblog last evening were all suitably impressed by the deference shown by Chairman David Dimbleby to Labour MP Chuka Umunna. Good ol’ Chuka got to talk sans interruption – not that he was worth listening to. So, perhaps it is not that surprising that on Today this morning, who pops up to share their thoughts on the future of the Northern Rock but…yes, Chuka. Naturally no opposing voices were permitted.I think Mr Umunna has what it takes for BBC elevation…..don’t you?

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8 Responses to CHUKA-TIME…

  1. Demon1001 says:

    Actually I remember commenting at one time that Dimbleby was interrupting him, I noticed it because of its rarity value as he normally allows all Labour MPs to get off scot free..


    • David vance says:

      He had a two minute monologue at one point – I thought the other had left  😀


  2. London Calling says:

    The Beeb has found its own “Obama” in Chukka. Lewis Hamilton nearly had the run but unfortunately as soon as he got money he abandoned his Black  British  “dual heritge” and moved to Switzerland. As you do.


  3. Foxy Brown says:

    One possible reason is liberal tokenism, which is when greater weight is applied to whatever is said by a person of colour.  It matters not a jot whether what is said is complete babble, and it explains why Bonnie Greer gets so many Beeb gigs.

    @London Calling,

    Chukka has already been described as the British Obama.   He’s articulate and doesn’t speak in a negro dialect.


  4. Foxy Brown says:

    Sorry – should’ve been ‘Chuka’ and not ‘Chukka’.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Be fair, he needed a couple of minutes to remember the official talking points on each issue.  Of course he had to waffle at the beginning of each and every answer.  Dimbleby even had to help him along a couple times.  It’s not easy to think and speak clearly when it’s past one’s bedtime, you know.


  6. Cassandra King says:

    If you agree with the BBC and its ideoloogy then the skies the limit, if you are on board with the narrative and your skin colour is correct and you look and sound half way decent then the BBC is in like Flint to promote you.

    Always on the look out for the new Obama, always ready to pimp those it sees as friends to its narrative, the BBC promoter of racism? Aaaah but its all in a good cause and the ends justify the means right?