Fizzing, But Not Popping

I was going to post this morning on the topic D.B. refers to below, the stark contrast between the BBC’s treatment of two stories. Events overtook.
So belatedly here’s another post with the same starting point.(No Pasarani)

The left wing media’s laughably un-self-aware fantasy that violent metaphors are the prerogative of ‘the right’ is looking very ridiculous now. In their determination to blame the Tea Party for the Tucson shooting they ignored the facts and still went on contorting, finding ways to justify themselves rather than offering a simple retraction. It’s contortionism gawn mad.

Then the BBC’s bizarre reporting of religiously-motivated, Islamic-inspired violence in Egypt . As many of you have commented, they somehow manage to report a religiously-motivated Islamic-inspired shooting without blaming religion or Islam. In fact, like something straight out of the Basil Fawlty school of not mentioning the war, they go to the trouble of particularly mentioning that they haven’t allocated blame.

Robin Shepherd has written another superb article on what’s been happening in Egypt. It starts: “I had to rub my eyes a couple of times this morning as I opened the BBC website to find two more stories about the ongoing violence against Christians in Egypt.”
We’ve been rubbing our eyes over the BBC website for quite a while.
The contrast between the BBC’s anomalous positions over these stories clearly spotlights their hypocrisy, and begs the question, why?
What good does it do to suppress discussions about the rise of Islam? Will it make it go away?
The tendency of the left, even the moderate left, to side with Islam because of their hatred of Israel and America, and perhaps Britain, is beginning to look more and more irrational and less and less easy to explain or justify. No matter how many accusations of ‘incitement by gun-totin’ metaphor’ each side fires off against the other, the BBC’s Islamist heroes fire real bullets, and commit real violence. This ought to knock the left off any moral high ground they think they occupy.

Perhaps these verbal contortions are the last vestiges of the BBC’s institutional repression which will one day have to find an outlet. Perhaps all these suppressed inconvenient truths will suddenly burst forth like Jack Straw’s fizzing and popping testosterone, but the longer they put it off, the worse it will be.

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17 Responses to Fizzing, But Not Popping

  1. Charlie says:

    This is the man we need.


  2. Charlie says:

    “A Man Must Stand for Something or He Will Fall For Anything!”

    When the police say we new about Muslim grooming and the rape of white girls since 1979, but were afraid to do anything because of accusations of racism. Its malfeascence of office.


  3. Phil says:

    When our government departments, both national and local, are obsessed with polilitical correctness, we can’t expect news from the government funded broadcaster to be any different.

    Only a uncritical dimwit would use government funded news, but fortunately for the BBC there are a lot of them about, as shown by the large audience figures for trash like Eastenders and Casualty. And they only care about who is shooting/stabbing/shagging/betraying who in Albert Square, not Egypt or anywhere else.  


  4. D B says:

    “We’ve been rubbing our eyes over the BBC website for quite a while.”

    Ain’t that the truth.


  5. sue says:

    Talking of leaving out a substantial element of a story when it’s critical of something to do with radical Islam, during Jeremy Bowen’s feature about Lebanese wine-making on R4 he managed to hold out till halfway through the programme before mentioning Hezbollah. However, from the beginning he managed to insert derogatory insinuations about Israel, (your “neighbours”) and “bombing during Israel’s war against Lebanon,’”as though the relationship between the Lebanese government and Hezbollah is all sweetness and light and it was only Israel they had to fear. He even managed to include a short pro Hezbollah segment in the middle. Perhaps he doesn’t know much about Hezbollah or Wikileaks, after all, as he himself explained, he comes from Wales.
    Even so, you’d think he would have mentioned the background to the current increased tension in Lebanon, and perhaps explained why the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are stateless, have so rights and can’t get jobs.
    The vineyard owners are Lebanese Christians, and a genuine reporter might have delved deeper into their feelings about Hezbollah, rather than praising Hezbollah for tolerating the alcohol brewing, or for that matter, overlooking the presence of non-believers in their midst. Thank you kind Hezbollah, for not  murdering these unIslamic, Christian, wine-producing infidels.


  6. RGH says:

    Commented already on Open Thread.

    The BBC account is frozen in time…no updates but anodyne.

    Jon Leyne still opines that ‘there was no way the policeman boarding the train (with his service revolver) would have known that Christians would be aboard.

    This is what the BBC knows but chooses not to develop:

    “Six Copts were shot by an off-duty policeman on a train between Assiut and Cairo on Tuesday. One Copt was killed and five remain in critical condition. The gunman, identified as Amer Ashour Abdel-Zaher, was on his way to work in Beni Mazar police station when he boarded the train at approximately 17.00 hours in the town of Samalout in Egypt’s Minya province, roughly 260 km south of Cairo. He shot the six Copts after chanting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great) then attempted to flee but was apprehended by passengers.
    Fathy Ghattas, a 71-year-old Coptic Christian, died immediately. His wife Emily Hanna underwent an operation to remove her left kidney and spleen. She is in intensive care. Another Coptic woman, Sabah Saniod, 54, underwent an operation on her liver. Three of the injured Copts, Marianne, Maggie and Ashraf, were flown by helicopter to Kasr-el-Aina teaching hospital in Cairo for further treatment.
    The communique issued by the Egyptian interior Mministry said the gunman shot randomly at the train passengers, while according to the Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm the assailant had checked passengers for the green cross traditionally tattooed on the wrists of Coptic Christians in Egypt. After identifying several Copts, the gunman shot at them.
    The Ministry of Interior later said that the assailant was “mentally unstable” and had been undergoing medical treatment for some time. The Governor of Minya denied any sectarian motives behind the incident and said that the assailant is unstable and shot indiscriminately at passengers.
    The Coptic Diocese of Minya said that the perpetrator went up and down the train compartment before shooting at the Copts while chanting Islamic chants.
    Dr.Naguib Ghabrial, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organizations, described the incident as a premeditated “sectarian” attack, aimed at the Copts, since they sat together and sang Christian hymns, and the assailant shouted Allahu Akbar three times before shooting.”

    The BBC sees nothing sectarian, Islamist -inspired in this atrocity. A disrespect to the victims and a disservice to impartiality.

    Why report it at all, BBC.? 

    Sorry, you didn’t. You produced a narrative. That is not news it is propaganda.


    • RGH says:

      After thought!

      If the policeman was ‘unstable’, how come he still had his weapon and was on his way to work?


  7. Grant says:

    Personally, I blame Sarah Palin.

    I was just going to post the same point when I saw yours !


    • RGH says:

      The Beeboid has now (19:30 UK time) removed the Jon Leyne observation that the gunman couldn’t have known that Christians would be on that train.

      They have not adjusted date or time on the report which still reads 11th January.

      That statement demonstrated that the narrative had been wheeled in plus an uncritical reliance on ‘Ministry’ sources desperate to remove sectarianism from the discourse.  Evidenced by the irritated criticism of the Vatican intervention demanding better protection and social rights for Copts (including the Catholic Copts who are in communion with Rome and give the Vatican the right and duty to make diplomatic representation).


  8. George R says:

    When it comes to the issue of ‘Muslim sex crime gangs’. INBBC’s default political position is pro-Islam.

    INBBC invariably self-censors the words, ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ automatically from any analysis, as though these words are not relevant to understanding why so many white British girls are the subject of so many such sex attacks.

    Instead, and often using its ‘multiculturalist’ slogan, INBBC filters such reports via Islamic apologists.

    “Police chief: ‘We couldn’t speak out on Asian sex gangs for fear of appearing institutionally racist'”

    Read more:


  9. George R says:

    1.) ‘Daily Mail’ report:
    “Imam ‘raped boy, 12, as he attended mosque for religious lessons'”

    Read more:

    2.) INBBC report:

    “Stoke-on-Trent Imam ‘assaulted boy, 12, in classroom'”


  10. George R says:

    INBBC: is desperate to get all its Islamic propagandists to say that Islam did not motivate Taseer murder.

    -Courtesy of British licencepayer/taxpayer  funded ‘BBC URDU service’:

    “Mumtaz Qadri: Pakistan governor’s bodyguard and killer”

    ‘Jihadwatch’ on Taseer, and jihad in Pakistan: