The Straw that Nearly Broke the Camel’s Back

Jack Straw was being fashionably outspoken, and the admirable Douglas Murray and Mohammed Shafiq all shouted at once in a Newsnight chaired by Stephanie “toss-tosterone” Flanders.
The best way they could deal with the question of Muslim racism against non-Muslims in a suitably non-racist way was to identify the practice of ‘men of Pakistani origin’ abusing vulnerable white girls, as a criminal rather that a culturally-motivated issue.
Someone proposed that the police unfairly target Asian men, and if they took the trouble to look they would find this crime equally rampant in any other community. Here is yet another manifestation of the contortions we go through so as not to be thought racist. We must insist that there are good Muslims and bad, or there are criminal Muslims and law-abiding Muslims, but never that there is a culturally based racism in Muslim communities that paints non muslims as inferior and unworthy of respect.

If criminal or bad Muslims are indeed a tiny minority, what is stopping the good majority doing their bit, wholeheartedly co-operating with the police, or condemning such behaviour loud and clear, or in their own ethnically cultural way, issuing a fatwa against it.

It’s only about fifty years since liberation from Victorian type stifling of human sexuality occurred in the West. Before the 1960s premarital and extramarital sex was considered shameful, and single mothers were put under enormous pressure to give up their babies, oh yes, and homosexuality was illegal.
When the revolution took place people were encouraged to throw off the shackles of shame, prudery and repression and love themselves and each other. Then, as is the way of things, the pendulum swung too far, and along came overt promiscuity and sexualisation of everything under the sun including children.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that chauvinistic male-centerd Muslim culture is entrenched in the distant past, and their fear and loathing of our debauchery, combined with their, dare I say it, racist insularity is what lies at the heart of what they call ‘Asian men’ grooming and abusing vulnerable, unloved white girls.
For heaven’s sake don’t let’s think we can or should reintroduce pre 1960s attitudes to sex, but we need to examine our own exploitative culture too.

If they really want to stop being marginalised, Muslim communities who live geographically in the west but emotionally in the east must revolutionise their attitude to sexual and male-female relationships, and liberate their young men from the sexual stifling and repression that causes this so-called “fizzing and popping with testosterone,” and make sure that the “outlet for that” doesn’t amount to abusing the non-Muslims they think of as ‘easy meat’.
Jack Straw was one of the bunch that orchestrated the Asian invasion. Now he’s surprised at the consequences.

The BBC is slowly but surely exposing this problem, albeit more tentitively than it should, but it’s hampered by an over-sensitive wariness of a backlash that might threaten ‘community cohesion’ if it’s discussed openly. They pretend this is a fear of a purely right wing BNP style reaction, but of course openness is also taboo in the Muslim world, and Mohammed Shafiq, the Muslim spokesman on Newsnight admitted that he has received threats from his own community “for speaking out”.

Here endeth the sermon. Come on BBC, let’s stop walking on eggshells and get down to the nitty gritty.

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34 Responses to The Straw that Nearly Broke the Camel’s Back

  1. London Calling says:

    I too struggle with the BBC’s asymetrical description of men of “Pakistani origin” and “white girls” One’s nationality the other’s skin colour, neither addresses the salient difference – the muslim religion and culture. They just can’t bring themselves to say it, or perhaps Jack Straw can’t. Testosterone doesn’t cause grooming, or else Brylcreem sales would be higher. You see first hand the BBC mission is promoting community cohesion not news reporting.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Excellent point about culture.  Exposes the BBC’s intellectual failure on the issue.


  2. Martin says:

    The leftists simply can’t see the real problem, this is NOT just a society thing, it’s cultural with MUSLIM males (from Pakistan) it’s not men from India who are Sikhs or Hindus (who have generally integrated into UK society far better than Muslims, as an example you will often find Sikhs or Hindu’s with western first names) doing this. So what is it about males from Pakistan? It’s Islam and it’s hatred of the west, it’s not Sikhs or Hindus blowing up trains in London, it’s Muslim males, why can’t the left see that is the problem?

    It’s NOT racial from our point of view, no one ever on this board for example has tried to blame ‘Asian men’ as we are well aware about how insulting that is to men from India who are not Muslim.

    We know who the trouble makers are.


  3. dave s says:

    The dominant liberal consensus cannot bear to face reality over this or anything else.. To have to admit to yourself that the world you wish for is not the world as it is . Evasion and misreporting of events naturally follows.
    True conservative thought has been marginalised by 50 years of the utopian dreams of a Western intellectual class that took control of our society in order to remake it in a vain attempt to create the perfect world of their imaginations.
    Anyone with any knowledge of human nature and the past could have told them that to allow unrestricted immigration by peoples from an entirely different culture and mindset into an ancient settled culture such as ours was unwise and in the interests of all to be avoided.
    It has never worked out well. Never at any time or place. We should have known this from our imperial past.
    Europe has taken leave of it’s senses and allowed the deluded elites to indulge in acts which could lead to the devastation of our culture.
    But the pendulum always swings and my fear is that when it does it will not be as anyone expects.
    Wise and truly conservative leaders would have never allowed this to happen.


  4. DP111 says:

    Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration

    Sam Solomon & Elias Al Maqdisi

    Most immigrants from Islamic countries do not come to the West in order to transform free Western countries into semblances of the autocracies or theocracies they have fled from. They seek better living conditions, employment, a better future – but they do so without the intention to change their religion, and this is where things get complicated. 

    Retaining faith in Islam and Islamic scholars will lead the immigrants to tacitly support the subversive aims of Islamists who have also come to the West, initially as a relatively small fraction of millions of Islamic immigrants. These Islamic leaders and scholars use the Islamic teachings to destroy confidence in Western democracies, and they are astonishingly effective in achieving that aim.

    Explaining how this seemingly irrational development can take place requires some history. This first and foremost means the life and conduct of Muhammad, the perfect example for the pious Muslim even today. The authority of Muhammad is absolute in Islam, be it in form of Quranic commands or the examples of conduct recorded in hadith collections, known in Islam as the ‘Sunna’. Hijra, immigration, was a key element in Muhammads takeover of Yathrib, today known as Medina. 

    Unfortunately, the concept of Hijra is not limited in time or space to 7th century Arabia. The command as given is absolute, and remains an obligation on Muslims. One of many hadith quotes Muhammad for this:
    I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah.

    Thus, immigration is step four out of a five step plan. Sam Solomon elaborates:
    So Hijra or migration is binding on all Muslims for numerous reasons; the most important being that migration is preparatory to jihad with an aim and objective of securing victory for Islam and Muslims either in another country or generally as a community.


    • DP111 says:

      the most important being that migration is preparatory to jihad with an aim and objective of securing victory for Islam and Muslims either in another country or generally as a community.  

      Muslims, despite being a tiny minority in Britain or Europe, are now the dominant community. First part of the quest is already complete. The second, dominance of the nation, is a foregone conclusion unless we srart the the process of Reconquista.


  5. Adam says:

    If it had been a Tory the nightly news would not be so conciliatory as its about to be


  6. TheGeneral says:

    Why did someone not point out that rape, gang rape and sex with under age girls is endemic in Pakistan, and these men are just replicating in this country the actions men in their country.
    Straw’s comment that they are ‘testosterone charged’ with no outlet is ridiculous. Was he was using that as some sort of justification to lessen the offence or was he suggesting it was only natural  for these men to abuse white English girls as their own were “off limits” to them?
     The facts are that Muslim men, be it here or their own countries, treat women as chattels and sex objects for their gratification and this fact should be specifically addressed by “community Leaders” (how I hate and resent reference to that status within OUR country.)
    The BBC this morning constantly referred to a “White and Asian” gang even though the composition was 50 Muslims and 6 White scum.
    How would they report it if it were 50 White men and 6 Muslims abusing Muslim girls?


  7. piggy kosher says:

    Pakistan should never have been created in the first place.
    A failed state of epic proportiions, with nukes. Great.
    I just hope the U.S has contingency plans to take over Pakistani nuclear weapons, when the enevitable pro- Taliban coup occurs.


  8. Lynn Grace-Corbin says:

    why am I not surprised at how the bbc have framed the response to Jack “the English are not worth saving as a race” Straw’s comments on HYS?


  9. sue says:

    Why does the BBC turn to odious sleaze-monger Keith Vaz for his comments on this case?
    “Jack is wrong to say this is cultural.”
    “The judge says there’s no racial element to this.”
    Vaz wants an investigation, but he thinks linking these crimes to Pakistan is a leap too far.


    • George R says:

      Yes; just as in the INBBC ‘Newsnight’ programme last night there was no one on from the Tory Party to comment, so now, INBBC only turns to its Labour Party chums for soundbites – not analyses; none of these Labour practitioners of mass immigration of Muslims into Britain refer to the many and systematic denunciations of we kafirs in the tenets of Islam.

      Just as these Islamophiacs deny the relevance of Islam as a motivating force of  9/11 and all the other murderous Islamic jihad attacks, so too these same deniers avoid implicating Islam in a motivation of Muslim sex gang rapes of white English girls.


  10. Timothy Montague-Mason says:

    As Jack Straw was a cabinet member in 2001 you’d think he’d be happy that all these poor young girls have had their ‘noses rubbed in diversity’ . . . . 


  11. inexion says:

    The machine is broken but who to fix it?

    Certainly not our Judges if this tale indicates.

    “But there is a specific problem which involves Pakistani heritage men … who target vulnerable young white girls.”…….

    “Pakistani heritage girls are off-limits and they are expected to marry a Pakistani girl from Pakistan, ……So they then seek other avenues and they see these young women, white girls who are vulnerable, some of them in care who they think are easy meat.”

    And yet ….

    ‘The judge said he did not believe the crimes were “racially aggravated”.

    This is blatant and stubbornly blind refusal of the truth. And the public knows it.

    The story is carried on the AOL Newsboard with around 350 reader comments up to now. Those comments are akin to mini polls and probably actually more realistic and representative of public thought than a skewed Q and A could ever be.

    These AOL readers are not fooled, rather they express an indicative anger, not necessarily towards the ‘Asians’ involved, but at the institutional bias which infects our establishment. And lets be honest, is now rotting the cohesive fabric of our nation.

    Had this been a case of white rapists systemically and specifically attacking, or grossly abusing Pakistani or Bangladeshi descended girls we all know how it would end up.

    Macpherson taught us that lesson in identity politics all too well, and we are now witnessing the result of his muddleheaded conclusions which have infected judicial outcomes ever since that travesty of an inquiry.

    Creating an eternaly guilty label and placing it squarely upon the majority indiginous population is becoming a slow fuse to mass unrest as those reader reactions now clearly indicate.

    The gap is widening and as Britain faces a period of austerity a ‘rage against the machine’ is developing. Slower to anger and with less capability to organise than the politicised students who recently wreaked havoc upon our capital, their voice is blatantly ignored and continues to be so.

    A few patronising soundbites will not suffice, politics and by extention, the law is in a gutter only straight talk and more crucially, real action will redeem.

    The expenses scandal has not gone away. It’s dirty stain of corruption and greed opened the pandoras box of the gulf of acceptability between us and them. This is yet another example of the ivory towered class, lording over and lying with impunity at a perceived bovine public. That that ‘bovine public’ is now lifting the collective grazing head should flag up the red alerts but the odds are that it won’t.

    The grievances are coalescing to form the perfect storm. As a previous expert on rousing the masses once asked, ‘what is to be done’?


    • dave s says:

      The only thing that any power structure is good at is self preservation. especially when reality and events threaten it .Expect repressive “laws” aimed at stifling dissent and free speech. All with our( their)  best interests at heart of course.
      There is a poem by G.K.Chesterton that may give us all pause for thought. Not the “Secret People” often quoted but “An Alliance” .
      I better not quote it .You never know who is listening but go and look it up.


  12. mike_s says:

    I wonder how many muslims have testified against these criminals? If it is true that several hundred girls were affected by these individuals than surely inside the muslim community this must have been known. If no persons out of this community come forward to testify against these criminals the conclusion must be that the muslim community condones this kind behavior.

    In Holland Maroccans were the perpetraders of similar crimes.


  13. john says:

    The Pakistani community in Britain are only to well aware of what is going on.
    My thoughts about the “complicity” of young white girls could not possibly be posted here.
    Yet the Pakistani’s, and let’s get this right, the Pakistani’s, are being smothered with excuses from the State Broadcaster.
    The irony being that the BBC is doing a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” job that will only perpetuate the problem.


  14. Dez says:

    A few days ago you posted the following:  
    “The media must be recaptured and put to work for the home team. It must inform the misinformed, re-educate the ill-educated,”  
    Yet here you are saying:  
    “Someone proposed that the police unfairly target Asian men, and if they took the trouble to look they would find this crime equally rampant in any other community. Here is yet another manifestation of the contortions we go through so as not to be thought racist.”  
    The ‘someone’ was Helen Brayley, part of a team who had actually done some research on the issue. Are their findings valid? Are they flawed in some way?  
    Apparently you don’t care and just dismiss it with a flick of the wrist.  
    So much for “informing the misinformed”


    • sue says:

      “But Helen Brayley, from University College London’s Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, said people should not draw hasty conclusions.

      Ms Brayley, who wrote the first independent academic analysis of child sex trafficking, said: “When you jump in with thinking about race too quickly, you can miss a whole load of other things that are happening in other areas.

      “So by racially stereotyping this early on without a national scoping project…we don’t know what the situation is in other areas around the country, that you might be leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy of if people are looking for Asian offenders, they will only find Asian offenders.”

      Is this the Helen Brayley, the UCL Helen Brayley that was also on the Newsnight I mentioned, the Helen Brayley I overlooked because I suspected she might be doing the aforementioned contortions?

       I do know something about UCL’s provost Malcolm Grant who was unable to make the connection between his college’s gigantic islamic society and the radicalisation of the Christmas day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Remarkably blind, I’d say, but you would disagree. So I would be inclined to take Ms Brayley’s academic research with a slight pinch of blinkers if you see what I mean.
      Thanks for reading my articles so thoroughly.  I realise you were only doing so to pick holes, but what the hell. But this was no hole., and I mean that most sincerely.


  15. deegee says:

    Specialist unit investigates grooming of teenage girls
    Muslim, shmoolim. This has to be the most misleading headline (many will read no more) of the year. Will Vidal Sasson and 
    Patrick Ales head the task force?  🙂


  16. Anonymous says:

    Breakfast’s Louise Mincham interviewed head of Association of Community Police Officers this morning. He stated catgeorically that there have been numerous cases involving young Muslim men (50 of 53 since 2000) and an investigation into this needs to identify how wide spread this is.
    Mincham was horrified that he could impune the Muslim community like this and spent some time trying to bully him into retracting Muslim and substituting Asian because such statements could anger the Muslim community. He was adamant and refused to retract. The glum face of Mincham was a picture.
    The tenor moved then to the implication that perhaps these white girls were “sluts” and the white community should be doing more to keep them off the streets so this wouldn’t happen.


  17. Darren Washbrook says:

    Of course there is a massive elephant in the room the BBC and almost all other media outlets are trying to ignore…….the political party that had the balls to talk about these crimes to begin with. They risked imprisonment for the crime of telling the truth.

    It’s all very well congratulating those who NOW decide to bring these crimes to the attention they deserve, but is there any chance someone could show some very real bravery and praise the BNP ?

    I won’t hold my breath.


    • hippiepooter says:

      An absolutely superb piece by Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph on Pakistani child rape gangs.  One interesting aspect is according to him, the two white men convicted in Blackburn were members of the BNP.


      • sue says:

        I wrote this as a postscript to my reply to Dez, but as you brought it up I’m posting it here.

        I see that Andrew Gilligan, a journalist who most assiduously flags up cases of Islamic extremism has written an article in today’s Telegraph. He concludes that we must start talking openly about this issue, but in one respect he seems to agree with, of all people Keith Vaz. He sees it as a criminal rather than a racially stereotypable issue.

          He has sought, and  cites in his article, statistics which show that Asians convicted of sex crimes are under, not over represented in prison. White sex criminals are more numerous, even in proportion to the population ratio.

        In doing this, one has to wonder if the statisticians have lumped all sex crimes together and treated them as one and the same, or as Muslims always say, ‘tarred them with the same brush’?
        ‘White’ sex offenders are not particularly known to operate in a the way as Asian gangs do, i.e. targeting vulnerable white girls on the street, pretending they love them, abusing, raping and sharing them with their mates. Most sex crimes are rooted in a fundamental hatred disregard for or disrespect of their victims.
        So if we’re addressing this whole issue, that’s the aspect I’d like to examine.


  18. Craig says:

    This morning’s Broadcasting House discussed the issue with some of the usual suspects – Lord Adebowale, advisor to the now-defunct Commission for Racial Equality, and former BBC community affairs reporter Barnie Choudhury, who has previously raged against the BBC for not being sensitive enough to ethnic minorities.

    They both agreed with presenter Paddy O’Connell that we shouldn’t walk on eggshells over these sorts of issue. All three of them then walked on eggshells for the rest of the interview.


    • sue says:

      Exactly. I noticed that too. It was hilarious.


    • John Anderson says:

      By contrast,  LBC had the usual Andrew Pierce Sunday morning programme and the whole issue was discussed for 2 hours- with several Asian callers – Pakistani and non-Pakistani – spelling out clearly that this is predominantly a Pakistani problem – because the Pakistani community keeps itself so separate from British life.  A Muslim woman from Tower Hamlets said she would be treated badly if she spoke openly in her community about this – when an earlier grooming case had been reported,  her husband and her brother both admitted similar behaviour – or rather,  they both said it with bravado,  regarded it as fairly normal behaviour.

      What the BBC is shying away from,  having mostly avoided this issue for so long,  is that the Pakistani grooming gangs are far more widespread than we yet realise.  Even when policemen or social workers warn that there is an endemic,  the BBC tries to minimise things – and then tries to confuse the issue by saying it is “Asian” men who are involved,  when they know damn well who the culprits really are,  and that the problem is most definitely cultural.

      I see this Pakistani scorn for all non-Pakistani girls as being similar to the prevalence of support in the Pakistani community for suicide bombings,  for terrorism.   We have amongst us many many people who despise us,  hate our views of life,  who seldom pursue educational improvement,  who show hugely disproportionate rates of unemployment/reliance on state handouts.   But for years the BBC has endeavoured to cover this up,  to cloud the issues,  endless moral equivocation,  endless PC rubbish,  endless bias.


      • sue says:

        It’s interesting that people justify their reluctance to discuss this openly by pleading that it would be playing into the hands of the BNP. Discussing the whole immigration issue is taboo for similar reasons.

        I’ll never forget the way BBC spokesperson who used the moniker John Reith responded to one of my observations about Jihad etc. “You’re not helping”  was what he came out with. Mustn’t stir things up, in other words. Pandora’s box is open; it’s a bit late for pretending it aint.


  19. Darren Washbrook says:

    “One interesting aspect is according to him, the two white men convicted in Blackburn were members of the BNP.”

    Whoop ! Whoop ! Whoop ! Whoop ! Whoop !

    Excuse me while I turn off the propaganda alarm. Thank you.

    C’mon, what are the odds of the only two white rapists among a gang of muslim rapists belonging to a political party with hardly any members ?

    Who knew gang members involved in drugging young girls  and running a protitution empire would have such a grasp on the politics of minority partys ?

    Of course those odds plummet when a member of the NUJ is involved, eh ? They would never indulge in anti-BNP propaganda, oh no sir !


  20. Martin says:

    Actually, there is more than a grain of truth in that particular criticism. For this is certainly not a racial issue. Indeed, one of the many red herrings in this debate is that – if cultural characteristics are discussed at all -the gangs tend to be described as ‘Asian’.

    But this is to besmirch Sikhs, Hindus, ­Chinese and other Asians. For these ­particular gang members are overwhelmingly Muslim men. And the common ­characteristic is not ethnicity, but religion.

    This has been commented on here for years.


  21. George R says:

    And Leo McKinstry has this (‘Daily Express’):


    “But the sheer scale of the problem” [of Asian sex gangs] “means that the establishment can no longer keep it a dirty secret. It is absurd to pretend that this has nothing to do with Islam. Only the politically blinkered refuse to see that Muslim culture promotes aggressive misogyny against women, who are often treated as little more than chattels.

    “Muslim men’s attitude towards women outside the faith can be even more contemptuous since they are regarded as
    infidels devoid of any morality.

    “One white woman from Bradford who was repeatedly raped by a Muslim pimp recalled: “He told me I was making him do it because I was sinful, not a true believer, that he would not do it if I was a Muslim.”

    “It is a tragedy that the cultural values of Pakistan, one of most hellish societies on earth, should have been imported wholesale into our nation.”

    Read more:


  22. General Robbespiere says:

    “’s (ie the BBC is) hampered by an over-sensitive wariness of a backlash that might threaten ‘community cohesion’

    Sorry but that kite won’t fly, will it, unless you mean the threat comes from naming the behaviour exactly for what it is.  Why should it not be published?

    The true threat to community cohesion comes from the culturally-driven attitude to women on the part of the Muslim/Asian communities in the UK, their own failure to address that attitude and our government’s failure to force them to do so.