Anyone else catch Mark Mardell’s paean to Obama masquerading as a news item here?  It’s entertaining to listen to Mardell dream on about The One and how things might yet work out for him. What is truly remarkable is that whoever the BBC sends to the USA they all become drooling fans of the Democrat Party. It’s almost as if they had a predisposition to a left of centre politica agenda, which is impossible because as we all know, impartiality is in the DNA.

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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is proof positive of everything I’ve been saying about Mardell and the BBC regarding their partisanship and tragic misunderstanding of the US.  Mardell says that the Constitution is “to them, a sacred document”.

    His deliberate choice of words gives the game away.  Yes, obviously I’m feeling a little insulted as well considering my post from yesterday about the Constitution, but clearly Mardell’s statement shows that I was 100% correct about the Left’s appraisal of the document.  Mardell uses “sacred” as a pejoritive.  As I predicted, he views these “fresh” new Congressmen who have been “steeped” in the Tea Party movement as a threat to his beloved Obamessiah.

    And then the BBC’s North America editor tells an outright lie when he describes ObamaCare as “near universal health care”.  We all know from the BBC’s own description of it which I highlighted yesterday that this complete BS.  Yet Mardell continues to lie.  The Today producers allowed this lie, which tells me that the Beeboids all believe it in spite of the facts which they themselves have reported.

    I’m not going to listen to the rest of it now.  I wondered yesterday how the BBC was going to handle the reading of the Constitution in the House of Representatives, and now we know.  They hate it.

    And how delightful that I can use their own defense tactic (e.g. with Lisbon or ObamaCare itself back when they were promoting it) against them here:  they hate it because they simply don’t understand.

    I’ll let James May say the rest for me:


    • Craig says:

      “Sacred” wasn’t the only word drawn from religion that Mardell used about the Tea Party. He also used “mission” and “belief” (and meant them just as pejoratively), as well as “fervour” , to reinforce the Democrats’ charge of “naive passion”.

      Mardell went on to paint a gloomy picture for the Republicans because, as they now control the House of Representatives, they are the government now. (Really!? What about the Senate and the President?) They will, therefore, be blamed for any economic woes. The political tides have been swinging wildly from election to election, so there’s nothing special about Obama’s shellacking. They also face a “sobered” Obama, while they are still drunk on the “potent brew” of tea. If these newly-elected car, pizza and spectacle salesmen foolishly attempt to repeal what they “scornfully” call ‘Obamacare’, they will look bad. Democrat strategists are “already salivating” at the Republicans’ first steps and some more Democrats “are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of being the opposition”.

      Mardell gave plenty of Democrat views, very few Republican ones. All classic Huffington Post stuff.

      He also began with mockery of the new House leader’s habit of crying. This is not new. Beeboids were mocking him for that on their election special, on their website’s live election blog, and on twitter (the now reticent Katie Connolly included). Mardell is a true beeboid.


    • dave s says:

      I can imagine Mardell and the felllow travellers cheering the burning of the US Constitution and especially cheering the burning of the first ten amendments.
      If we had such a document we would have no need of human rights acts or any handed down European rubbish.
      In Europe the state is sovereign in the US it is the people. Mardell and his like are the enemies of freedom.


  2. Grant says:

    Is the Lisbon Treaty a “sacred document”  ?
    How dare Mardell insult the Constitution of the USA ? Who the hell is
    he ? Just some third rate Beeboid journalist.
    David P is right to feel insulted. I feel insulted and I am not even American !


  3. Martin says:

    Mardell is such a twat. Also insulting (to my intelligence) is the BBC calling Shuckman their ‘science correspondent’, so does a CSE in Chemistry really entitle you to such a title at the BBC?

    Susan Watts must be really pissed off.


    • Natsman says:

      The BBC is a breeding ground for twats.  If you have a qualification in twatism before you are eventually employed by them, all well and good.  But if you haven’t, no matter, there is plenty of scope for a rapid twatism education from within the hallowed walls.  After all, twatism (and bias) is in their genes


  4. DP111 says:

    This is OT  but important

    Obama under the Glare of WikiLeaks
    By Janet Levy

    For example, the WikiLeaks cables reveal Obama administration duplicity in its prerequisite that an Arab-Palestinian state be established before a solution could be brokered with Gulf Arabs over the Iranian nuclear threat.  Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have long maintained the charade that action on Iran was contingent upon Israeli cooperation and concessions to Arab-Palestinians as confidence-building gestures.  These demands included the scaling back of security measures such as roadblocks and checkpoints (that previously saved Israeli lives and stopped terrorist attacks), the release of large numbers of Arab-Palestinians terrorists from Israeli jails, the free flow of materials into Gaza (which have included military supplies and weapons for Hamas), and the relinquishing of key West Bank cities which Israel obtained after being attacked in the 1967 Six-Day War.

    Much more in the link above.


  5. Timothy Montague-Mason says:

    Did you see how enraged they were on the News at 10 last night, that these Republicans were entering Congress and, in George Alagiah’s words, wanted to ‘Roll back Obama’s achievements’!?
    They were quite disgusted that some came from working-class stock. One even ran a Pizza restaurant don’t you know!
    How dare these pieces of filthy working/lower-middle class scum become democratically elected and interfere with Obama’s plans! 


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I did notice that.  Anything He did which might be reversed by those damned Tea Partiers was not “legislation”, not “controversial”, but “achievement”.


    • Grant says:

      Er…. What “achievements”  ?  But, seriously, what has he actually done since he became President ?


  6. TheGeneral says:

    It has been the BBC’s line for many years that all Republican Presidents are/were, bumbling idiots apart from Nixon who was. in their view, pure evil. They hold however that the pathetically inadequate Jimmy Carter, the extremely dodgy, self serving, lying, cheatjng Clinton and the totally ineffective, rhetoric spouting Obama, are all to be revered.


    • Grant says:

      But , surely, the important point is that Democrat Presidents have nicer smiles than Republican Presidents ?


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        But Republican Presidents seem to have a better sense of humour than the dry, unfunny socialists.


        • TheGeneral says:

          Quite right but the Lefties are worse here. I have always refered to the ‘unsmiling face of socialism.’