“Today” featured an item (7.50am) concerning Vince “My heart beats to the left” Cable. His arrogance and self-conceit have been wonderfully exposed by a couple of undercover Daily Telegraph journalists and so this poses a problem for the BBC. You see Saint Vince used to be a good  guy through the prism of the Beeb before he went and spoiled it all by joining the wicked Conservative coalition. But BBC hopes have been raised as Cable talks of using the “nuclear option” and resigning which would, apparently, be the cue to bring the Coalition down. Naturally he is “embarrassed” that he has been caught out but the BBC are keen to portray him as a noble hero fighting for what is decent amongst the “maoists” in the Conservative Party. I expect Cable will continue to get the hero treatment just so long as he represents a threat to the lawfully elected government of the UK.

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8 Responses to THAT CABLE GUY

  1. Will says:

    The beeboids are finding it more difficult to adore him. The other week in an interview with Dame Nikki over his voting dither on fees, the dame twice stated that the Saint was appearing “ludicrous”. A term chosen to be particularly hurtful to the extremely vain Vince.


  2. Timothy Montague-Mason says:

    ‘Waaaaah! Waaaaah! If you nasty wacists don’t let me flood Britain with 3rd world immigrants and cover every inch of countryside with concrete and windmills then I’ll scweeam and scweeam till I’m sick!’


  3. Millie Tant says:

    Does he remind you of anyone with a monstrous ego from a previous administration who stamped his foot and screamed and threatened for all of ten years to stop the government from getting on with its programme and reforms?


  4. Ron Decline says:

    I notice that St Vince has declared war on Rupert Murdoch! I’m sure that if Murdoch had been aware of this it would have been the most one-sided war possible. I’d like to see Vince eviscerated. I know you shouldn’t want to see old people suffer, but that chump needs to be exposed for the bullshitter he is.


  5. George R says:

    This story has taken another ominous political direction with BBC-NUJ.

    R. Bacon on Radio 5 about 30 minutes ago accused the ‘Daily Telegraph’ of ‘lying’ in its incomplete reporting on Vince Cable; apparently concurirng was guest, R. Peston (son of Labour Lord Peston). Between them, Bacon  and Peston  threw in some anti-B SkyB, and anti-Murdoch comments too.

    Perhaps Bacon-Peston have been given Director-General M. Thompson’s go-ahead to put out even more explicitly biased pollitical propaganda for Labour, giving BBC-NUJ a politically left-wing role to emulate the successful non left-wing role of privately-owned ‘Fox News’ in America (on Sky satellite channel 509 in UK), a role which Thompson referred to enviously last week.

    Of course, that would be the last nail in the BBC-NUJ  political coffin, as far as licencepayers are concerned.


    • George R says:

      This Bill O’Reilly ‘Fox News’ 10 min video interview (of 2 months ago) criticises National Public Radio (NPR), a public broadcasting outfit like BBC-NUJ, but which also gets finance from billionaire George Soros, to boost left-wing politics):


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Laura Kuenssberg was trying to make as much doom and gloom as possible out of the news that Cable won’t step down just yet.  It’s really bad for the LibDems, doesn’t look good for the Government, etc.

    Huw Edwards thanked her and said that it was now time for “a different perspective”, and introduced Ivor Gaber from City Univ.  Gaber’s perspective:  It’s really bad for the LibDems, doesn’t look good, etc.  The only actual difference was that he also criticized Cable for running his mouth the way he did.


    • Guest Who says:

      From the BBC talking head handover manual:

      If a party they like:

      “Just the usual robust cut & thrust of politics”

      ‘It’s simply X being X’

      ‘A very good negative point, Bob, Carol, Ted, Alice…’

      If any they don’t:

      ‘Just how bad this?’

      ‘Racist!!!!! Homophobe!!!!!’

      “Hard to imagine how he can survive..’

      ‘This is political opportunism, surely?’

      Back to the BBC studio…