It’s just one big leftie love-in with no pretence to balance views! I refer to Andrew Marr’s programme this morning. We have – in the studio – Charles Kennedy (lefty),  Rory Bremner (luvvie lefty), Suzanna Reid (Gorgeous and pouting lefty), plus Neil Kinnock (Has-been lefty) and Vince Cable.(Once much loved lefty but now hated since he joined the evil coalition) My, all that’s missing is Julian Assange and Moazzem Beggs and it’s the perfect balanced programme!.

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Oh, bless… irony of the year (there may be others yet, but the BBC is good at quoting ‘of the year’ stats in other areas when it suits, so I’m allowed)…

    Please someone capture the moment that Lord Hypocrite of EU, multi-millionaire Kinnock and ‘um, yes’ Marr agree totally that ‘the British media’ should not be allowed to be dominated by those with views they don’t hold.

    Only on the BBC. And unique. At least in getting the country to pay for their arrogant self-absorption.

    At least St. Vince has just managed to point out to Mr. Marr that the BBC/Labour axis double-dip has not happened this year as they were claiming.

    Why on earth is the BBC allowed to be the broadcast arm of the labour Party, especially given its proven disastrous record on behalf of the country over the last 13 years?


  2. Craig says:

    Duly captured! 😀

    Andrew Marr: “You had to cope, among other things, with the warm and cordial admiration of Rupert Murdoch, I recall, in the press…”
    Neil Kinnock (laughing): “One of my closest friends!”
    AM: “Indeed. And Ed Miliband is now again getting kicked around because he’s appointed an ex-Times man to be his new Alistair Campbell and son on. Does that remain one of the great dilemmas for an opposition leader, how you deal with the press, how you keep in with people who are not perhaps your natural allies?”
    NK: “Well, it shouldn’t necessarily BE a dilemma because, WITH a free and democratically-observant press, then THE idea shouldn’t be that that they SO dominate political decision-making that they can PULL the string and HAVE their own way. It’s unfortunate that in the last twenty years SECtions of the press, particularly the Murdoch press, have formed the impression of themSELVES that THEY are the great POWer-brokers. And I think the last election, whatEVer else it proved, proved that not to be the case. They gave slavish support to David Cameron and whatever else can be said about Mr Cameron he..DIDn’t..WIN..and neither did Mr Clegg…”
    AM: “No.”
    NK: “…and we weren’t liquidated, which was Murdoch’s ambition.”

    AM didn’t, of course, think to ask NK whether he was so outraged by the Murdoch press’s ‘slavish support’ for Labour in 1997, 2001 and 2005.


    • Guest Who says:

      Ta very much.

      WITH a free and democratically-observant press, then THE idea shouldn’t be that that they SO dominate political decision-making that they can PULL the strings and HAVE their own way.’

      Well, at least not with a £145.50 unique funding imposition to help ensure their skewed views go to every corner of the land 24/7 by scores of broadcast, print & online methods. Like some <laughs, if perhaps not completely with humour>


    • PacificRising says:

      There’s a very revealing exchange between NK and J.Naughtie on a sould clip on this blog post by Wrinkled Weasel. 


      • Craig says:

        Thanks for linking to that. That deserves a ‘Wow!’.

        Kinnock’s hysterical fury was jaw-dropping (and hilarious), but Naughtie’s abject submission (and grovelling) was the sign of things to come for him. “If we win the election” (to Ed Balls) indeed.


      • Guest Who says:


        ‘…. if you want to say more about the way they buggered up the economy… (the BBC stands ready to help. Here, I’ll tell you what you might like to say and i won’t quibble….‘.

        Uniquely so.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Strewth!  What year was that?  It sounded like when Kinnock was Opposition Leader? .. But then I seem to recall the name ‘Osborne’ being menioned?

        I didn’t see that much untoward in the way Naughtie handled the lava flow of Kinnock, but we all know that had a Tory Leader behaved in such a demented fashion it would have been all over the BBC airwaves and Naughtie would have exploited it for maximum propaganda impact for the Left.

        Was this an outtake though or did it go out?  At the end of the clip Naughtie said “You can say want you like as long as you dont say ‘f**k’.”


  3. RGH says:

    Off thread.

    What on earth is the BBC up to with this headline?

    Body of ‘US tourist’ found bound and stabbed in Israel

    Why the inverted commas?

    Names and details are available in press releases throughout the world, but the BBC?


    • sue says:

      Something tells me that comment would have been  relevant to the thread below. Pardon me while I link to it again there for a slightly different reason.
      This is sort of incident is not unique. It is one of the reasons Israelis need to be on their mettle as I said in my post.


    • A Jones says:

      I think this reflects the reflex BBC belief that you can’t be an ordinary “tourist” in Israel, just as you can’t be an ordinary person or citizen.

      You have to be a “settler”, a “nationalist”, a “Zionist” or (my personal favourite), a “Brooklyn (or Russian) Jew.

      You know, there just HAS to be something dodgy. Fully deserving of death at the hands of morally perfect Palestinians.


  4. Timothy Montague-Mason says:
  5. Johnny Norfolk says:

    This is the BBC version of ” balance”


  6. tinks says:

    I really fancy Suzanna Reid, is that bad?

    I can’t take Marr seriously at all. 


    • john says:


      Forget Suzanna, (which indeed is bad) and concentrate the mind on Sarah Palin’s feminine curvature.

      The antithesis of this vision would be Andrew “car crash face” Marr smooching with Polly Toynbeeb.


  7. JohnW says:

    Today’s Telegraph reports that veteran BBC lefty David Attenborough is calling for tv news to be more biased:

    Check out some of the lefty useful idiots’ comments – especially the reference to this site and the English Defence League!


    • matthew rowe says:

      ‘ confirming the departure of foreign citizens; licensing and inspection of foreign language schools; guidance for employers on hiring foreign workers; stronger anti-trafficking measures; a single border control authority; and stricter regulation of forced or sham marriages.’!
      ‘The current open-door policy and unrestricted, uncontrolled immigration is leading to higher crime rates, demand for more housing (driving prices out of the reach of young people), severe extra strain on the environment, traffic congestion, longer hospital waiting lists, lower educational standards, higher income taxes, lower wages, higher unemployment, loss of British identity, a breakdown in community spirit, more restrictive policing, higher council taxes, a shortage of council homes, higher levels of stress and unhappiness and a more atomised society.’

      Ok one is from Mr Attenbourghs pet project the optimum population thingy and the other is from the BNP election litrature anyone?


    • Sres says:

      If the BBC where to be allowed to be bias (lol) then I want the right to not pay for their propaganda, frankly the sooner the BBC lose their funding the better in my view.