Same terrible story but two different angles…

First the BBC. “A four-year-old girl has been found dead at an address on an east London housing estate”. The child’s body was discovered at a property on Elderfield Road, Clapton, at about 1530 GMT on Thursday after reports of a knife incident. A woman, 36, believed to be the girl’s mother, has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after being arrested on suspicion of the girl’s murder. No formal cause of death was given after the post-mortem examination. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene, an address on the Chatsworth Estate. Police said next of kin had been informed but formal identification had yet to take place.

Then, The Mail…”‘Mother cuts out the heart of her daughter, four, as she listens to recording of Koran in ritual killing’

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  1. Pounce says:

    In the above story the bBC hides the pertinent facts regarding this sorry tale, which is ‘Islam.’ In fact the bBC goes out of its way in which to hide any negative stories which may point in a very different direction of their widely promoted stance that Islam is a religion of peace.  
    Now look at how the bbC reports on the current crisis in the Ivory coast.  
    Incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo has demanded that all foreign peacekeepers leave the country immediately, escalating a dispute over last month’s presidential election.His spokesperson accused UN and French troops of colluding with former rebels.The UN and major powers have recognised Mr Gbagbo’s rival, Alassane Ouattara, as the winner of the 28 November poll. Mr Gbagbo insists he has won.Mr Ouattara is currently under UN protection at a hotel in Abidjan.  


    • Pounce says:

      Part 2

      In a nutshell the current bloke in power is refusing to hand over power. Nothing new for Africa. But the bBC has this to say about the two main characters:
      Laurent Gbagbo (left)  
      Age: 65  
      Southerner, Christian  
      Former history teacher, president since 2000  
      Declared president by Constitutional Council  
      Backed by security forces  
      Alassane Ouattara (right)  
      Age: 68  
      Northerner, Muslim  
      Economist and former prime minister  
      Declared winner by Election Commission  
      Backed by former rebels, UN, African leaders and the West  


      • Pounce says:

        Part 3(Apologies for the multi posts but its the only way I can do so.)

        Notice how the so called now impartial bBC while refusing to mention religion when Islam is the guilty party, has no problem pointing out the religion when Islam is a victim.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    Forgive my language, but … Fucking muslims. All the bad things in our country emanate from islam. When will those who can do something about them recognise this truth and get rid of them? And if they can extirpate the bbc and all of its acolytes, then I would be a happy man indeed.


    • Dez says:

      “Fucking muslims. All the bad things in our country emanate from islam.”  
      Yes all murderers are muslims.

      All rapists are muslims.

      All burglars are muslims.

      All people who jump in the bus queue are muslims.

      All people who take the last chocolate biscuit off the plate are muslims.  
      Except that you are not a muslim; which instantly disproves your theory that all the bad things in our/my country emanate from islam.  
      When will those who can do something about fucking people like you recognise this truth and get rid of you?  
      Then I would be a happy man indeed…  
      Please forgive my language.  



      • matthew rowe says:

        “When will those who can do something about fucking people like you recognise this truth and get rid of you?”
        Oh dear I was with right up there  until the  bit where you became as bad as those you hate ! yep hate! as wanting those you don’t agree with to be dealt with?  is not a sign of a loving caring  disposition is it? !


        • Dez says:

          Matthew, I don’t actually hate John in Cheshire, I was quoting his own words back at him to try and make a point. Sorry if I didn’t make that obvious enough.


      • Millie Tant says:

        I may forgive the language, Des / Hillhunt but what I definitely won’t forgive is the full stop that does nothing but create unnecessary extra white space in your posts.


  3. Daniel Smith says:

    No mention of this story on the headlines at 10pm but they do find room to mention Amanda Knox…
    As ot happens I think this horrible story probably has more to do with mental health than Islam but how often would the BBC downgrade the murder of a 4 year old because it does not fit their agenda?


    • Martin says:

      Bet if a Muslim kid had been murdered by a nasty whitey the BBC would have found time to mention it.


    • Techno Mystic says:

      Islam causes bad mental health because of its relentless requirements for repression and submission.  It doesn’t surprise me that some people just snap under the pressure.


  4. Daniel Smith says:

    No mention at all on the BBC1 news but
    1. The snow.
    2. Amanda Knox, A long and sympathetic report about the murderess.
    3. ‘exclusive on Zimbabwe’ no mention that Mugabe is a socialist or Leftwinger but that ‘some consider him a hero’ and how he’s rebranding himself using rock bands.
    4. Ban on US gays lifted.
    5. Cricket.
    6. Kate Middleton!


  5. Dez says:

    It’s pretty desperate, barrel scraping stuff, when you’re reduced to comparing something on the BBC to a headline from the “Daily Mail” as if it’s the arbiter of truth.

    A headline that actually appears ‘in quotes’…

    [Or in other words – that’s “apparently” what happened – according to somebody or other who just might possibly be making things up.]

    Already the headline has changed from:

    ‘Mother cuts out the heart of her daughter, four, as she listens to recording of Koran in ritual killing’


    Religious ritual believed to be behind death of girl…

    So who believes it to be? Ooh It doesn’t say. What a surprise.

    And so it follows:

    allegedly chanting verses…

    believed to be from Somalia…

    understood to have two teenage children…

    believed to be a Muslim…

    And this is the standard of reporting you aspire to?


    • Pounce says:

      Dez you are of course correct who in their normal mind would ever take anything written in the Daily Mail seriously. I’m sure the world would be a much better place if everybody bought the Guardian. (I do) used only the BBC for their news and drank ethical lattes made from soya milk.  
      On that note did you see the wonderful coverage from the BBC on how the Mullah from Luton Mosque was allowed to relate to the world via Newsnight how he had confronted the Swedish suicide bomber, how he had changed his mind with one talk and how the Mosques doesn’t stand for violence as they belong to a religion of peace. (I did like the bit where he states that he would never grass up another Muslim to the old Bill and that actually its the job of the police in which to chase down terrorist suspects.)
      The Daily Mail is running with a story about how after 1/2 milion quid has been spent on Luton ,mosques there haven’t handed over one name to the police.  
      The thing is the Guardian is now running with this story:  
      Stockholm bomber’s mosque website carries links to extremist preacher

      So Dez would you like to share your views on the above seeing as it comes from a real worthy newspaper?


      • Dez says:

        Shame. Why can’t you actually talk about the issue instead of resorting to lame “Guardianista-soya-sandal-wearing-liberal-elite” cliches; and then attempt to change the subject?


    • John Anderson says:


      You really are sick


  6. Pounce says:

    Actually I will, you see Dez whenever there is any news story concerning the religion of peace in a negative light then th bBC goes into silent mode. So why am I not surprised the bBC isn’t giving out much info When any story which concerns the religion of peace in a negative light is not only reported with the barest of facts, but is very quickly taken off the boil. Think I’m kidding tell me oh oracle of truth how the bBC reported on the murder of Kriss Donald, the attack on a Swindon school boy, what about the misguided criminals who blew up London, or even the many gangs who like very young girls. If the bBC has to report on a story it further blurs the story by transposing ‘Asian’ for Muslim. So back to this story. The mail gives the name of the woman, the husbands name and statements from the neighbors.
    The bBC gives us what? Now look at any incident regards somebody looking funny at a woman wearing a ninja outfit. It will be reported as a racist incident, as a hate crime and even when found out to be false the bbC will never offer a retraction, unlike the Guardian which does.
    Tell you what:
    If you tried to be smarter, I’ll try and be kinder.


    • Dez says:

      “Actually I will, you see Dez whenever there is any news story concerning the religion of peace in a negative light then th bBC goes into silent mode. So why am I not surprised the bBC isn’t giving out much info”

      Well, I was attempting to comment on this particular story, and whilst the BBC aren’t giving out much solid information – that seems to be because there isn’t any.

      The Mail on the other hand is speculating; “she might of been chanting verses”, “she might be from Somalia”, “her husband might be muslim”.

      “When any story which concerns the religion of peace… Kriss Donald… criminals who blew up London…”

      Again, you are trying to change the subject.

      “Tell you what:  
      If you tried to be smarter, I’ll try and be kinder.”

      I wish I could be smarter. It takes me  a good half hour just to form a sentence that I’m happy with; and then I have to go back to something I wrote three lines up because I’ve ended up using the same word twice.

      Please god don’t start being “kind” – that would be just no fun at all ;p



  7. ltwf1964 says:

    why do people keep throwing scraps to the ugly dweller under the bridge?

    stop feeding the troll!!!!


  8. Guest Who says:

    Well, I was attempting to comment on this particular story,’

    Pretty poorly. Take an extra 30 minutes next time, though I doubt even that will help such an entrenched contrarian, selective memory mindset less concerned with being persuasive as it is with making points.

    There was the potential for some valid commentary, which is to be welcomed on any blog, but as usual it was totally overwhelmed by an overwhelming desire to attack people more than anything else, using tired, snarky allusions to tribal media mindsets that seem to be inconceivable to some simply because they get told what to think from single sources.

    And a better metaphor for BBC behaviour could not be hoped for in posing screeds of questions and demanding answers and then lobbing toys out of the pram when challenged to clarify or answer a few of your own, especially those that highlight rampant hypocrisy. This is a site about the BBC. That they can opine with the worst of ’em when it suits, but then go into watertight oversight when it doesn’t is a massive double standard of concern.

    Ad homs. Silly Daily Mailist comparisons. To fully become a mirror of a content free ‘only the worthy can CiF’ post it needs just one last, sad thing… Sigh.


    • Dez says:

      Guest Who; “Ad homs”.

      I’m not aware of making any any ad-hom arguments (apart from, I suppose, John in Cheshire which was meant to be ironic given the context).

      Bit of a strange accusation to make seeing as your post makes no reference to the subject at the top of this thread but instead is all about me.

      “Silly Daily Mailist comparisons”.

      The original post was a comparison between the Daily Mail and the BBC, and yes it was “silly”; that’s hardly my fault ;p


  9. Natsman says:

    Wandering a bit off topic, perhaps it’s just that we’re not allowed to hear the nasty details about anything any more, in case we are upset and complain, or harm, or top ourselves, or something.  
    I was flicking channels yesterday evening, as you do, trying to find something worth watching (without much success).  I caught the opening sequences on ITV4 of some “western” about the Alamo, and in red print was a warning that there were “scenes of depictions of hangings, and other violent actions which may cause offence”  
    This film was made in the early 1950’s, and pretty harmless – we weren’t easily offended in those days.  Here we are, almost in 2011 and we have to be warned that we may be frightened by a “western”, for Christ’s sake!.  
    The daftest thing, was that in the advertising breaks there are trailers for films and videos filled with nothing but guns, bombs, exploding vehicles, villains, terrorists and dreadful things happening.  That’s OK, then, is it?  What a fuckin’ mad world we live in.  I think I shall be relieved when I no longer have to


    • Buggy says:

      If you look at the small print on the TV ads for “Burlesque” there’s a warning that the film contains Violence AND MODERATE INNUENDO.”

      Phew ! Narrow escape there !


  10. London Calling says:

    Back to the comparative reporting of this story. The issue is whether the fact someone is a muslim is relevant to the story. Plenty of occasions it wouldn’t be, but there does on the face of it appear to be a “religious” dimension, notwithstanding a mental health question. If it was some rightwing fundementalist childkiller listening to scriptures while killing, that might be material too.

    It looks to me that the BBC has deliberately sanitised the story, stripping it of any context, in effect to make the judgement on our behalf, that religion is not relevant to the story. Well from the alternative report, I’d say it could be relevant, so BBC guilty as charged: falsifying news, bias by ommission.


  11. John Anderson says:


    I said I thought you were sick – because you insist on denying the blatantly obvious,  trying to say that the Mail is untrustworthy in its account of the child-killing story.

    If you had checked – you would have found that other newspapers also reported the apparent link to Islam.  OK,  they may use the word “alleged” – but what is wrong with that,  it at least tries to give background to the gruesome story.   But of course the BBC sanitises it.   In your book,  everyone is out of step except the BBC.

    If your views about the BBC forever covering for the Religion of Peace were not so sick – you would have shut up on this one.

    Meanwhile the BBC is reporting the arrest of 12 terrorism suspects today but somehow missing out the obvious presumption that this is yet another Islamic threat.


    • Millie Tant says:

      The BBC is also sick:  hoarding all that information about Muslims which it deems too toxic to disclose to us is not healthy for the Beeboid Broadcaster. How long can it last before the body becomes overwhelmed by the dark poisonous secrets it harbours?


    • Dez says:

      John, what you call “denying the blatantly obvious”, i call “not jumping to conclusions” based on nothing more than speculation:

      “Religious ritual believed to be behind death of girl…”

      See what the headline implies:

      That “the cause of the girl’s death was a religious ritual”.

      Absolutely zero evidence for that being the case – apart from she was “was allegedly chanting verses” and supposedly listening to the Koran when the police found her.

      You think if she’d been reciting the Lords Prayer the headline would of been: “Religious ritual believed to be behind death of girl…”

      Somehow I doubt it. What do you think?

      “Meanwhile the BBC is reporting the arrest of 12 terrorism suspects today but somehow missing out the obvious presumption that this is yet another Islamic threat.”

      Here’s a story from the BBC about the arrest of three terror suspects in Ireland a few weeks ago (allegedly members of ‘Real IRA’):

      Somehow missing out the obvious presumption that this is yet another Christian threat.

      Do you have a problem with that, or is religion only worth mentioning when it’s Islam?