Serious or Satire?

Which producer had the idea of bringing Rupert Wingfield- Hays’s outrageous report about a five month old story to us today? I thought I was hearing a skit from Caroline Glick’s satirical show Latma.
He even managed to include a donkey in his pathetic report.
Wingfield- Hays resurrected the incident which has been spinned every which way to show either a) the brutality of Israeli
settlersillegalunderinternationallawthoughIsraeldisputesthis, or b) the deliberate and callous exploitation of Palestinian children and a prearranged, orchestrated publicity stunt.
If anyone doesn’t know what happened in Silwan, it’s here.
Rupert set out the incident in the emotive partisan way we’ve learned to expect, then turns to a child for pathos, to Micky Rosenfield for balance, and for the last word, to a spokeswoman from the generation of antiestablishment human rights activists who take for granted their freedom to criticise their country, having forgotten altogether the struggle that their forebears endured, the very thing that enables them to express it.

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22 Responses to Serious or Satire?

  1. TrueToo says:

    Palestinian stone-throwers of Silwan – this reminds me of The bird man of Alcatraz. It has a similar, heroic ring to it. As usual, the BBC aligns itself with the Arab Resistance against the Jews and I agree that this is a particular vile example of its propaganda.

    No interview, it’s worth noting, was granted to the settlers. The crumbs to Mickey Rosenfeld from the BBC table were no doubt considered more than generous.

    I recall that at the time the BBC did not show the video of those two kids getting hit by the car but chose instead to show photos that do not reveal the fact that the kids were set up by journalists, who were waiting like vultures for the action. How did the BBC put it at the time? Something like The incident was caught on camera by journalists who were in the area in case of disturbances after Friday prayers.

    Crap, of course, and serious flushing is required.


  2. Biodegradable says:


    At least the piece does report that its common for these kids to go out throwing rocks at Jews. The kid’s father claims it’s because they have nothing else to do. Why aren’t they at school?

    The same kid’s father claimed immediately following the incident that his son was on his way back from the mosque and was run down for no reason. He obviously hadn’t seen the video at that time.

    The naivety of these Israeli “activists” is mind boggling – they believe everything the Arabs tell them.

    Top story on the Middle East News RSS feed is EU Delays recognising Palestine, as if there shouldn’t be any delay at all and the EU is wrong, no quotes either around “Delays” or “Palestine”.

    The actual article has this title:
    EU to recognise Palestinian state ‘when appropriate’

    Brazil and Argentina recently joined the growing number of countries to recognise Palestine.
    More than 100 states around the world recognise Palestine, their mission at the United Nations says.

    Netanyahu himself has stated on more than one occasion that the Israeli government will accept an independent Palestinian state, so what’s new?



    • sue says:

      Robin Shepherd has tackled this. He’s counting as a blessing the fact that the Eu has so far refrained from backing a unilateral declaration by the Palestinians, without which such a thing would be difficult.
      He does however note some glaring absenses in their statement:

      ** The word “Hamas” does not appear once in the statement.
      ** The word “terrorism” does not appear once in the statement.
      ** While referring to the need for a “comprehensive” peace in the Middle East, the word “Iran” does not appear once in the statement.
      ** The number of references to Palestinian rejectionism at both the popular and the institutional level is zero.
      ** References to Palestinian Authority incitement, including the glorification of suicide bombers by naming streets and squares after them, are also entirely absent.
      ** There is no criticism whatsoever of the Palestinian Authority, while Israel is routinely criticised over settlements (the only issue specifically referred to as an “obstacle to peace”) and for not moving quickly or decisively enough to ease the situation over Gaza.
      ** The statement calls for “an agreed, just, fair and realistic solution to the refugee question” in a manner which indicates that the signatories believe the only refugee question is the Palestinian one showing they are oblivious to the one million Jewish refugees driven out of Arab countries after the inception of the State of Israel.”

      “And with Catherine Ashton (former treasurer to the pro-Soviet Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) at the helm of EU foreign policy making, a volte face on unilateralism at some point next year could only be ruled out by the irretrievably naive.”


      • Biodegradable says:

        The spin that the BBC has put on this EU story is unbelievable. It’s clear they want the world to recognise a Palestinian state, ie: an imposed settlement, and their use of the word “delay” gives it away.

        Once again they’ve censored any mention of Gilad Shalit, although the EU calls for his release in their statement.


      • Biodegradable says:

        Melanie Phillips has blogged on the EU story too:

        The Europeans move in for the kill She ends with the question I’ve been asking a lot:

        “Oh – and did anyone mention Gaza?”


  3. TrueToo says:

    The parents of those kids are no doubt happy for them to be “resisting” the Jews while the parents stay in the background. I can imagine what “religious instruction” they got in the mosque before going out to attack the Jews.


  4. La Cumparsita says:

    I was incensed by this biased report. Listen to the nuances: Jewish “settlers” – Jews are not settlers in their own capital city. Also “children”  – not “youths” or “teenagers”. Clearly the producers of Today feel that the Radio 4 audiences need their daily Five Minute Hate. mind you, call me heartless but I found the fact that these yobs suffer from post traumatic stress brought on by the consequences of own actions,  rather comical. Has the BBC ever reported on the fact that over 75% of the children in Sderot suffer trauma due to incessant random rocket attacks from Gaza?


    • sue says:

      Yes, and what was the point? 
      A caption below the website link says:

      “An Israeli human rights group is claiming that Israeli police are breaking their own law by detaining Palestinian children.
      Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports on the conflict between Palestinian children and Jewish settlers in the East Jerusalem.

      Some people might find parts of his report distressing. “
      Yes, they certainly might, but not for the reasons you think.

      The whole thing seemed a very feeble excuse to resurrect something that was over and done with, and had already been spun bone dry. They probably thought they hadn’t squeezed quite enough melodramatic Israel-bashing out of it the first time round.
      So off they went to B’Tselem to stir it up a bit more.

      But it was so clumsy, especially the bit with the donkey!  They omitted the olive tree this time. You almost had to laugh.


    • Biodegradable says:

      The bias is on show with the reporter saying that the “settler”, having “thrown the boy high in the air quickly drove off” (I’m quoting from memory) when in fact the video clearly shows the car stopping, and only when it becomes clear that the occupants were about to be lynched or kidnapped then driving off under a rain of rocks. The video shows the rear window smashed by one such rock.

      What would have happened had the driver stopped and got out of his car, do you think?


  5. John S says:

    This is unbelievable. This was OBVIOUSLY another Palestinian propaganda trick and it beggars belief that the stinking BBC should fall for it weeks after is exposure.

    Just what is wrong with these people. Do they hate joos so much that they simply cannot contain themselves??? I’m actually beginning to think so.


  6. Buggy says:

    Curiously this topic was tackled on GMT yesterday lunchtime, but with the unexpected twist that we not only had a woman putting the Israeli (or non-stone thrower) case, but that she was actually allowed to put her points over without interruption and was able to respond to the interviewer’s ‘Devil’s Advocate’ points about ‘psychological damage’ etc etc after they’d been advanced.

    Bloody great surprise, that, to say the least, so I’m guessing that the sirens went off somewhere within the Death Star and that Rupert’s piece has now been put up in the interests of that famous (yuk! yuk! ) ‘BBC Balance.’


  7. Moise Pippic says:

    So according to this BBC reporter all Jewish Israelis whether they live in east or west Jerusalem, or are simply visiting Jerusalem, are settlers.


  8. Cassandra King says:

    So what really happened?

    The children were supposed to block the car, just out of shot and not mentioned by the BBC for some strange reason are the ‘snatch squad’ of men hiding down the back streets. The reasons for the on site photographers is not mentioned
    Children throw stones and block the way of the Jewish drivers, if the car runs over the children the on site photographers get their wonderful propaganda shots, if the car stops and the Jew is foolish enough to get out the car then the mob gets its dead Jew battered to death or stabbed or dragged off and killed in front of a video cam.

    The very young children are being used by the ‘Palestinian’ adults, they hide behind them like the cowards they are and they use them like the uncivilised thugish scum they are. The BBC will never tell us the greater picture and the real resons for the event. Just what kind of human being would use young children in this way?
    The beeboid incredibl tries to paint the Jew baiters as poor victims suffering from the modern disease of PTSD, oooh dear poor things eh? Look how these children suffer and all because of the Jews.

    So is there any difference between the brown shirt Jew baiters acting with Der Sturmer and the ‘Palestinian Jew baiters acting with the BBC?
    So one day a Jew willl be dragged out of a car and brutally murdered or taken away for a grissly end in front of a video cam and where will the BBC be then?
    No in depth look at the killers and no coverage of the events and reasons just a couple fo seconds of ‘a Jew was was killed in Silwan(oh dear never mind, the Jew fully deserved it). The BBC is there to hide the facts and blur the truth to aid its islamist allies, if they didnt then the BBC would dare not ed its reporters to cover the conflict.


  9. Pounce says:

    The bBC reporting from Gaza and half the story.  
    Hamas anniversary: Ismail Haniya addresses Gaza rally  
    Hamas leader Ismail Haniya says the Islamist movement is committed to Palestinian national reconciliation in order to fight the Israeli occupation.  
    and here is how Al Jaljazeera reports the same story:  
     Hamas holds massive Gaza rally   
     Resistance group throws 23rd anniversary rally, as tight Israeli siege makes Gaza’s Hamas rulers increasingly unpopular. 
    In a message distributed to media on Tuesday morning, Hamas said it remains committed to destroying Israel, bringing back Palestinian refugees and seizing control of Jerusalem’s holy sites.“Anyone who gives up these rights is a traitor,” it said – an apparent dig at Hamas’s rival, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who favours a peace agreement with Israel.  
    Waning popularity  
    Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston, reporting from Gaza, said that people she talked to there say Hamas is becoming deeply unpopular with many residents as the siege drags on.  
    How strange that a news agency in the region reports the news as it stands while a white liberal so called news agency based in London tells a story designed for liberal western public consumption .  
    And we wonder why anti-antisemitism is on the rise in the UK.


  10. deegee says:

    We are used to charges that photographs are tampered with, commonly by selective cropping but this is the first time that I’ve caught audio so being used. The sound of the boy being hit, or more accurately colliding with a car swerving to avoid the stone throwers on the right is cut right at the spot Rupert Wingfield-Hays describes the car speeding off. The sound editor has cropped out out the clear sounds of rocks hitting the car after the collision.

    Wingfield-Hays’s description of the boys running, stones held high in their hands, suggests they are not throwing them but the audio clearly shows that stones were hitting the car before the accident.

    Listen to the original video with your eyes closed and it will be clear. 


  11. TrueToo says: