It appears that some Wikileaks are more equal than others.

As we all know, the BBC has spent the past few weeks regaling us with all sorts of “insights” care of Mr Assange. The more embarrassing for the USA the greater the space afforded to the leaks but I note that there is one that came out overnight that the BBC is curiously silent about. You see it transpires that Irish PM Bertie Ahern knew that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness were senior IRA terrorists who had advance knowledge about the £26,5m Northern Bank robbery. (It goes without saying that they would also have known about every bombing, every murder, every abduction)

Yet when I visit the main BBC UK news portal, not a mention of this. You have to go to the BBC Northern Ireland page to read about it and the BBC is careful to provide Adams with the chance to lie again and deny it. True to form, Today managed to avoid the issue as well.

That’s another part of the BBC problem, it carefully omits things that it does not want you to know and so whilst “Wikileaks = good” in BBC speak, “WikileakA that confirm the murderous and criminal pedigree of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness = bad” and are to be ignored.

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  1. Tony_E says:

    So once again, wikileaks regales us with information that any right minded person of a certain age always knew.

    Selective reporting has always  been the methodology of BBC and other indoctrinist state organisations.


  2. Guest Who says:

    From the outset, it has been unsurprisingly predictable that those shouting the freedom of speech/expression mantras around this from the off have studiously avoided acknowledging the grotesque skews imposed by filters imposed at every stage, from the internal editorial agendas of Wikileaks to those of the Graun (and ‘selected’ others) to what the BBC decides to sample. Or not.


  3. Martin says:

    The BBC never once reported the negative comments about the one eyed mong from the yanks, yet happily highlighted the comments from the yanks and the Governor of the Bank of England about Cameron and Osborne.