Be afraid, very afraid. The EU is at it again, warning us this time that we need more action (code more laws, more powers to Brussels) because greedy people are consuming too much and damaging the sacred ‘biodiversity’. It’s all part of the same movement; the Royal Society, cheered on by Richard Black, wants to re-introduce rationing, the EU wants to lock us in a cycle of economic contraction and lights-out poverty that is a thinly-disguised return to the Nazi concept of a lost Aryan paradise. As usual, the blinkered thinking misses the key point that despite all the resources and subsidies thrown at them, the so-called green technologies such as solar panels don’t work. The BBC, of course, pushes the EU propaganda with all its might because it fervently endorses (without a scrap of critical reporting)every step we take towards an EU socialist-fascist superstate. The true nature of EU rule is spelled out by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard here. He outlines with masterly forensic skill how the EU and the euro project have forced Ireland into a servitude – if not enslavement – from which it is unlikely to escape anytime soon.

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14 Responses to ENSLAVEMENT

  1. Lloyd says:

    Biodiversity is the new global warming. The aims remain the same i.e centalization/government control, but now their using a different mechanism to get us there – they know the AGW train has gone off the rails.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    So Ireland are complaining that they are being ruled by Brussels, well tough. If they hadn’t changed their collective minds (twice) they could have helped us all to be slightly more in charge over our own destinies. Did they really think that joining the Euro zone and signing the Lisbon treaty was going to make them independant?

    It always amazes me how an electorate can change its mind twice. Maybe the Irish are afraid of running their own affairs.


    • Stuart says:

      I believe responsibility does not rest purely with the Irish. They were bullied into ratifiying the Lisbon Treaty after saying no during the first referendum. After saying no, they received a huge amount of pressure and an imposed outlook of doom if they didn’t join. Lots of misinformation…rather like the green propaganda. So they ran the referendum again – if you don’t like the result then keep running the elections until you get a result you’re comfortable with. Or even better, just ignore the referendum results altogether. Or finally, don’t bother to have a referendum at all, then you don’t need to ignore the results. The EU commisioners will do anything to prevent EU failure and will make up any nonsense to protect the growth of the empire. It is truely dreadful, very dangerous, and these sort of mistakes are littered throughout history.


      • john says:

        However and on a slightly more humorous note, Brian Cowen coming to the fore in front of the media to explain where all the money has gone, isn’t going to help one bit.
        Why ?
        Because he has an uncanny resemblence to Mike Bassett  – England Manager.
        If you’ve seen the film, then expect poor old Brian to trade Benson and Hedges to Lisbon anytime soon.
        Otherwise only poetry will be left ! (And the debt of course).


    • MarkE says:


      I was working in Ireland last year and the response from my colleagues at least (professional office in Dublin, which may not be representative) was that, since their “no” votes had been ignored and another “no” would only result in a third (and fourth, fifth etc) attempt, they may as well stay at home in teh warm rather than turn out to waste a vote.  Such defeatism is certainly frustrating, but it can be understood.


  3. David Jones says:

    I suppose the awful Richard Black would agree with this. After all he and the bBC censor opposing views every day.


    • Guest Who says:

      Inasmuch as asking questions is now grounds across the BBc to head for the bunker and close up shop, especially on Mr. Black’s blog, one suspects you are correct.


  4. George R says:

    ‘Daily Mail’s Mary Ellen Synon makes a point of clarification to describe the political direction of travel of the E.U. a point which BBC-Brussels avoids:

    Where the EU intends to go: not federal power, centralised power


  5. Phil says:

    If energy rationing comes in what’ll happen to TV factories mass manufacturing stuff like Eastenders, Casualty, Doctors and Holby City?

    Or those jumbo jets full of BBC staff which seem to be required at every distant event? 

    Most probably nothing. They’ll carry on as normal despite any alleged eco-apocalypse.

    The affluent BBC will behave like nearly all affluent greens. It’ll continue with its ‘do as we say, not as we do’ policy.


  6. John Horne Tooke says:

    Its happened again. How many times before it becomes climate?


  7. George R says:

    Today, BBC-Brussels has an article by S. Flanders:

    “If Germany left the Eurozone”


    Will BBC-Brussels have an even more relevant article next week?:

    ‘When Britain leaves the European Union.’

    [See ‘Daily Express’, not BBC-Brussels for more information on that.]


    Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/215112/Europe-crusade-Euro-bail-out-costs-UK-households-800-a-yearEurope-crusade-Euro-bail-out-costs-UK-households-800-a-year#ixzz173EGA5cx


  8. Billy Blofeld says:



    Just wanted to bring your attention to this program before it disappears from iPlayer.


    Although nominally the program isn’t about Climate Change, it doesn’t take long to see this is exactly where they are ultimately heading.


    This was a classic BBC attempt to put a populist face and reasoning on it’s refusal to report any sceptical climate news.