George is looking forward to the weekend and hearing what you have to say about the Biased BBC.

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98 Responses to OPEN THREAD

  1. John Rattray says:

    Two things on the dreadful Breakfast programme this morning.

    As we were watching the pictures of the “earliest-for-17-years” snow causing chaos, pouting Suzi issued a disclaimer that (despite the evidence before your eyes) the Met Office say that 2010 is going to be the hottest year ever!

    Second piece of bias was an article about government inability to write cost-effective contracts. It heavily featured the carriers that are too expensive contractually to cancel. £5bn was mentioned as the get out cost. Who oversaw this contract? Gordon Brown. Who was featured in the footage? Why, George Osborne of course.


    • Timothy Montague-Mason says:

      Yes, the ‘negative warming’ is quite severe this morning.
      If only heating bills were higher!


  2. Tony_E says:

    Rare piece of insight this morning from Nicky Campbell interviewing Richard Taylor when Mr Taylor noted the levels of criminality in the West Indian community.

    ‘ But yu can ony say that becaue you’re black, if you were white you would instantly be accused of racism’!


    • NotaSheep says:

      Odly Nicky C was even musing about the possible sense behind Howard Fight’s comments.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I’ve heard very little of Nicky Campbell since I left Blighty’s shores 8 years ago, but always rated him very highly before I did – general leftyism notwithstanding – and this doesn’t surprise me at all.


    • Millie Tant says:

      Accused by the Beeboid Corporation, yes.  


  3. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) is very reluctant to report the persecution of Christian Copts in Egypt, whereas INBBC has a very partial political attitude to Muslim Arabs in Gaza.

    For INBBC:

    INBBC gets nowhere near to highlighting the violent ‘Christianophobia’ which is rife among Muslims of Egypt:

    “Police and Christians clash in Egypt over church”


  4. George R says:

    INBBC is politically at one with Labour-Lib Dems-Tories in the pro-Islamic policies of the three main political parties, both domestic and foreign, as illustrated in the following two articles:

    “British foreign policy to change reflecting Arab concerns on Middle East”

    “Islamists establish a bridgehead in Parliament”

    (Andrew Gilligan)


  5. Backwoodsman says:

    bbc particularly nauseating today, trying to make as much capital as they can about Flights’ common sense remarks and then pushing the ‘nearly warmest year ever’ story for all its worth.


  6. james1070 says:

    Hat tip to Guido Fawkes.

    The BBC can’t win an argument, therefore they stuff Childrens Question Time with bare faced liars.


    • Guest Who says:

      Isn’t that what market-rate talented, impartial, well-informed moderators are there to catch? Or is it just when folk from the ‘wrong’ viewpoints stray (Harriet, pass, the note telling him to pull the plug), as opposed to actual facts being trotted out at variance to actualitie?

      Anyway, maybe the poor love simply mis-spoke and committed a ‘gaffe’.

      Sure it will be all over twitter and hence the BBC main news very soon.

      No? One can only wonder why? OK, he’s not a Presidential hopeful to be sure, but he was considered worthy of a QT slot here in the UK, so it is worth asking.


      • Guest Who says:

        Ah, bless.

        Seems he… er.. ‘forgot’. 

        One also imagines a collective amnesia afflicting the comedy and ents reporting circuit on this one for a while.

        Because it’s ‘different’ or, in some quarters, ‘unique’ and OK to be a lying hypocrite, so long as you belong to the appropriate team.


        • Guest Who says:

          MrEdByrne Ed Byrne @ @davidjohnryan People have been very nice about it and I have been asked back
          One is sure… to be sure, to be sure…
          I mean, the BBC understands such things. It doesn’t pounce on bandwagons. It doesn’t join in and promote shrill choruses of ‘resign’ from quarters that it empathises with… does it?
          Maybe QT, and frankly the rest of the BBC’s output, especially live and un-stealth editted to a*se-cover for the Trust review, could do with a running ‘fact-check’, like a real-time C4 ‘fact-checker’?


  7. George R says:

    This INBBC item  avoids issue of profiling Islamic jihad suspects:

    “Airport security and the American soul”


    “Commander In Crotch”


  8. Guest Who says:

    Ah, Aunty in full priortity mode just now on BBC R2 ‘top of the hour’ main news summary…

    With all in the world going on that could be reported as news, we instead get statesman-in-waiting and Uk political superstar Miliband E’s notion that he was ‘seriously thinking’ of going out in the cold to have a word with those future Labour voting students with whom he so empathsises, tto show solidarity.

    Doubtless the conversatioon may not run (or if it does, get ‘reported’) to just whose outfit blew all the dosh that can’t be used now to help with their education as much as may be hoped.

    Oh, and the Met Office is ‘pretty confident’ that the global warming we are experiencing (yes I know today is weather) is down to the lack of adequate taxing of humans not uniquely funded by their fellows.


    • NotaSheep says:

      That phrase has been striking me a seriously odd all day. Why is it news that Ed Miliband thought of going out to talk to the protestors but didn’t? Anyone would think that the BBC just wanted to give him some publicity!


  9. Barry says:

    Now the BBC wants to move into computer games:

    I thought the Coalition was trying to clip their wings? Well, TBH, I didn’t believe it in the first place.


  10. George R says:

    Typical INBBC pro-Islamic, anti-Israel reporting of the ‘mosque’ that never was:

    “Israel razes West Bank ‘mosque'”

    Bowen and co censor this counter-information:

    Phyllis Chesler –


  11. james1070 says:

    The BBC rage over Howard Flight reminded me of this interview XD


  12. Guest Who says:

    As just about anything, especially facts, from the BBC, or its specially-invited proxy guests, is pretty much suspect, one does have to wonder what else we are expected to fund, uniquely. Beyond doubtless selectively deployed (World Cup pundits & studios, Chile miner emoters & Royal motorcade chasers not ‘relevant’ probably)carbon calculators of course.

    Well, one thing seems to be more moderators on the few outlets of interaction that the national broadcaster hosts, either to prevent impure thoughts making it to the viewing public or, now, to go back in history and take them out. Think a sort of updated, online May Day parade retouching regime.

    Can’t speak for all, but those of Nick Robinson, Andrew Neil and Richard ‘it’s hot, hot… hot’ Black are now graveyards slashed though by the censor’s pen, or simply closed after a few dozen posts or couple of hours in the glare of ordinary folk bettter informed and way smarter than a £3.6B media monolith and its highly paid teleprompter readers and well-pensioned editors, who seem unable to grasp that investments can go down as well as up, even theirs (and if ‘handled’ by their social engineering-obsessed board-level bosses in the wrong places) and seem curiously blind to keeping their own houses in order.

    The BBC is retiring to the comfort zone of the broadcast only bunker again, and doesn’t seem to have twigged that the more it tries to spin its unique editorial narrative, the more the internet can spot it, highlight it… and nail it. 

    One day even the masses mighht suss out the disconnect between what they are told (or prevnted from learning) via the BBC, and what is actually happening.

    And they may get vexed. Especially at £140+pa to be sold a pup hourly.

    I know the other are as bad… BUT I AM NOT FORCED TO PAY FOR THEM.


  13. Grant says:

    I may have misread your reference to Andrew Neil, but I think he is a Global Warming sceptic. I’m sure I shall be corrected if wrong !


    • Guest Who says:

      Different strokes.

      I agree that Mr. Neil, almost uniquely at the BBC, doesn’t seem quite so in thrall of the (A)GW agenda.

      However, as with other blogs I do follow, much as enviro’s Mr. Black, the Night of the Long Mods is killing his political blog as we speak.


      • Natsman says:

        As I recall, Andrew Neil was “slapped down” some time ago, as he was firmly of the belief that AGW was rubbish, and often said so in an outspoken way.  Then, suddenly, his attacks became severely muted.  One can only assume that someone “had a word”, as he wasn’t toeing the party line.  Shame.  Why the BBC should even HAVE a party line defeats me, as their raison d’être, I would have thought, was impartial broadcasting.  After all, “Bias is not in their genes”, apparently. Silly me! 


        • Martin says:

          Yes and tosspot Peter Allen on Radio 5 was trying to explain away how we know what CO2 levels were 150 years ago, “They take samples of the air trapped in ice in the Arctic” spouts Allen.  
          Yes but as Allen should know CO2 levels can vary across the planet so you have to be careful that you don’t compare values in the polar regions with the levels in built up areas today.  
          As I have often pointed out the CO2 levels and the good old hockey stick temp graph can’t be right as they show a large increase starting from around 1850 onwards, but there are problems with this. What caused that sudden rise?  
          1. There were no cars  
          2. There were no aircraft  
          3. Most ships were sail powered  
          4. Only a tiny proportion of the world was industrialised  
          5. The planets total population was about 500 million  
          6. There were no power stations of note  
          7. None of the rain forests had been cut down  
          8. The oceans and plant life would have been able to absorb any of the first increases in CO2  
          None of this man made global warming crap actually adds up.


        • hippiepooter says:

          He wasn’t following the BBC’s impartial coverage of global warming.  Quite how it has escaped the attention of how most of the BBC is biased from the other side is a mystery of course.  I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for it.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with Conservatives not being allowed to be biased on the BBC, only lefties.


  14. Pounce says:

    The bBC, how we are all Hezb-allah now. and debunking that Canadian expose on the Hariri assassination.  
    Lebanon tense as fingers point over Hariri killing  
    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a program about that UN inquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri here have a butchers:  
    Well it seems Hezb-allah’s propoganda arm The bBC aren’t happy so they have kind of rewritten the evidence presented and pointed the finger of blame at the…..Jews, I quote from the bBC hatefest:  

    Ironically, the CBC documentary, explosive as it seemed to be, might actually have the effect of reducing the impact of eventual indictments. For one thing, by the time indictments actually materialise, they might be seen as old hat.  The evidence produced by CBC also relied very heavily on the detailed analysis of mobile phone calls – something which is circumstantial rather than positive proof.  Over the past year, a number of Lebanese telecommunications employees have been arrested on charges of working for Israeli intelligence.  

    On Tuesday, shortly after the CBC documentary was aired, the Lebanese communications minister Sherbel Nahhas (a Christian allied to Hezbollah) gave a three-hour news conference at which he and other officials and experts showed detailed technical evidence which they said indicated Israel had complete penetration of Lebanese communications, to the extent of being able to plant parasite lines within existing lines.  


    Nice to see the bBC which has no problem blaming the UK,US,India for all th ills of the world continuing with its hate-fest against Israel.


    • Pounce says:

      Part 2

      Muir the author of the bBC excuse of a hezb-allah smokescreen does just that by pointing out that the telephone evidence used by CBC (And the central premise of the UN inquiry) has to be treated as circumstantial  and not fact. He then launches into how similar telephone evidence (not provided) by hezb-allah (Note how the bBC points out how the Lebanese communications minister is a Christian) proves without a doubt that Israel is the real culprit.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Compelling information from CBC.  The BBC are clearly working as terrorist shills for Hizbollah.


  15. Pounce says:

    The bBC and its usual OTT reporting on anything that may offend a muslim in the UK
    Muslims in shock over the burning of a Koran
    Well hours after the bBC reported how the unholy koran (I was taught it in the Uk where you were not only forced to read it, but you were beaten if you didn’t, kind of explains why I was expelled from the mosque) They report how Muslims are shocked by the burning of…a book. Strange how Muslims in the Uk are never shocked when a bomb goes off (they blame the UKs foreign policy) when somebody is arrested for terrorist crimes (they claim he was set up or not a Muslims) When poppies are burnt , when children are raped or even when Christmas is banned. But burn a f-ing book which is at the end of the day a bigots bible then the bBC as well as Muslims are ..Shocked.

    Well, here’s something from the bBCs article which should shock everybody. I quote:
    “It is understood that the group who published that version of the Koran have since been to the school to talk to pupils.”
    Can somebody please explain me to how Muslims are allowed to hand out Korans in British schools when if anybody tried to do the same with their holybook the bBC would be shouting out foulplay. Maybe the fact that the girl objected to have been given a koran led to her burning the Islamic book of hate.


  16. Martin says:

    Dame Nikki interviewed his favourite Red Ed this morning, Campbell allowed Red Ed endless opportunities to attack Cameron on his judgement about Flight, but guess what NEVER came up? Yep Phil Woolas. Why’s that Dame Nikki?  
    Radio 5 must have been upset when most of the callers and texts were supportive of Flight, even though the fat vile Polly Toynbee tried her best to spout her usual bollocks.  
    Flight NEVER said the poor shouldn’t breed, he said that attacking the middle classes would stop them breeding, totally different thing.  
    Also I did hear Dame Nikki interview Damilola Taylor’s father, of course when Dame Nikki pointed out that if a white Tory (note Tory was used) said what he said it would be seen as racist.  
    Who would call it racist? Why the BBC and their friends at the Guardian of course, and why a “white Tory”?


  17. Guest Who says:

    Run! A BBC Journalist is becoming self-aware!

    Just for fun, they are ‘allowing’ ‘selected’ comments.

    One bets.


  18. james1070 says:

    Not on BBC, Nigel Farage EU Parlament speech

    The Truth Hurts


  19. George R says:

    Perhaps INBBC’s Tehran’s correspondent. Mr Reynolds, will mention this?:
    Iran to execute Christian pastor, a former Muslim, for apostasy


    “Islamic apologists in the U.S. routinely deny that Islamic law mandates that apostates from Islam be murdered. Unfortunately for the apostates, the facts are otherwise.
    “Muhammad, the prophet of Islam and supreme example of conduct for the Muslim (cf. Qur’an 33:21), said: ‘Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.’ (Bukhari 9.84.57)”


  20. Pounce says:

    How the bBC reports sex crimes against children in the UK   
    White non-Islamic  
    Paedophile ring in Cornwall abused about 30 girls  
    Derby sex gang convicted of grooming and abusing girls


  21. Peter Parker says:

    Just caught the end of ‘Horrible Histories’ on BBC children’s TV. The had one of their potted histories – this time of the British Empire. This culminated in a song sung by Queen Victoria which said that the UK had contributed nothing to the world and all ‘British Things’ were stolen or the product of slavery and war.

    It pains me that we’re forced to pay for these traitorous communists to poison our childrens minds with guilt, self-loathing and hated of everything British. Filthy commy scum.


  22. Guest Who says:


    Tractor stats on stun (to mix a few Star Trekkian metaphors)


  23. Samantha Vickers says:

    There is some contradiction on the BBC website today over Ireland. This morning we get Stephanie “Floundering” Flanders giving us a sycophantic view of Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan calling him “a good man” in her title. I doubt whether the Irish think that after what his policies have done to them!

    Be that as it may Ms Flanders went on to tell us that the “good man” feels that senior bondholders in Irish banks are likely to be unaffected. A few hours later Robert Peston reports that the IMF and EU want to impose write downs on the same senior bond holders…

    The flounderer now looks both sycophantic and out of touch.


  24. Pounce says:

    The bBC, its biased reporting from the Middle-East and half the story.  
    Israel razes West Bank ‘mosque  

    The Israeli army has demolished a number of buildings in West Bank, including one that Israeli officials said the structures were temporary and built without permits in a military fire zone.Palestinian villagers said the mosque was built before 1967 when Israel occupied the West Bank.Palestinians said was a long-established mosque. 


    So according to the bBC version this mosque has always been there, that the UN doesn’t like how Israel prevents Muslims from living a normal life and the jews say “It wasn’t a mosqie’


    Well here  is the Al Jazzerra video report on the story. Have a look at how old that small pile of breeze blocks which used to be a so called mosque are? In fact have a look around the area as you can see its a hive of activity. which probably explains why the IDF use it as a shooting range note bBC defence experts a weapons range can be called:

    Shooting range

    30m range

    100 m range

    Electronic target range 

    Target gallery 

    Shooting gallery 

    But never a fire area, (what the f**k is a fire area?)

    Typical bBC excuse of a story.


  25. Martin says:

    I see Barry Obama had had to have a load of stitches in the mouth from an ‘incident’ playing Basketball.

    Clive Myrie and Anita McVey on News 24 looked like someone had shot their dog, funny that when George Bush choked on a Pretzel the BBC found it amusing, so comer on BBC give us some humour, perhaps Michelle chinned his one.


  26. Pounce says:

    The bBC how quick it is to report any Islamic story (I am a victim) and now the real story.

    UK blamed over Taliban impostor

    Duping of MI6 reveals Afghan coalition flaws

    The bBC which states it has a policy of holding the press until facts are verified (However as we all now that only applies to British,American or Israeli replies) hasn’t been able to hold back from reporting how inept the Brits are, how the taliban are runnung rings round us all and how there is only one god and his name is allah.

    But hang on, what this from the left-wing Guardian why its something the bBC hasn’t bothered its arse in reporting instead concentrating on making the UK look bad.

    US general McChrystal approved peace talks with fake Taliban leader

    Peace talks with an impostor posing as a Taliban leader, which led to a meeting with Hamid Karzai in Kabul and thousands of dollars in “goodwill payments”, were started by the Afghan government and approved by the former American commander, Stanley McChrystal, the Guardian has learned.This account sharply contradicts claims made by the Afghan presidency, which has put the entire blame on the British government, apparently supported privately by US officials.



    • Guest Who says:

      The bBC which states it has a policy of holding the press until facts are verified’

      As  you point out, ”watertight oversight” is somewhat variably applied… uniquely even.

      If it’s positive for those Aunty approves of, and/or negative to those it does not, then the press release just gets fed into the teleprompter.

      The other way around, and all of a sudden it can take days as the editorial team figure out how to ‘interpret events’, or simply kill it until it goes away.

      Still waiting for an answer from Ms. Boaden (my complaint having been escalated to her dustbin) on why they ran immediately with the highly damaging and inaccurate story on the aid worker kidnap/rescue death, and subsequent stealth editing of the BBC’s attempt at covering up their false propaganda.


  27. George R says:

    Somali Islamic jihadists who captured Chandlers, are living in UK.

    INBBC: ‘move along, nothing to report here. Leave those nice Somali Islamic jihad immigrants alone.’

    ‘Daily Mail’ has this:

    “Somali pirate gang who held Chandlers have families in Britain…. and one kidnapper’s wife is an asylum seeker”

    Read more:


  28. Pounce says:

    The bBC speaking out about free speech in the Middle-east and the irony.
    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood campaigns through clampdown
    By Yolande KnellBBC News, Jerusalem
    Only the bBC could publish an article about the right to free speech from Eygpt in defense of the Muslim Brotherhood who would if they got in power be 100 times worse than the present people in power. But what really put a smile on my face is how, the bBC has to report on this story from the evil nation state of Israel. 


  29. canon alberic says:

    Justin on fabulous form this week: countless examples of him CONFUSING the random enunciation OF words and WAFFLING aimlessly AROUND the subject [long pause] whilst TRYING to work out WHAT QUESTION hes going to ask and DISPLAYING the most egregious BIAS:

    1) As a former north America “correspondent” naturally he hates all things American except (breathe in) Obama. In this case a Canadian (but he thought he was American at first) mountaineer who had apparently eschewed traditional British self sacrifice at 10,000 feet clad only in tweed for the vulgar horrors of new sporting activities involving kevlar and a bit of fun. His hateful small minded racist sneering at the brave and spirited chap he was “interviewing” was a wonder of ignorant nastiness.

    2) He is deeply deeply caring (special sympathy voice) about official BBC “victims”. This time a truly ridiculous corporate (worked for a made up single purpose, ie employing spokespersons, Charity) homosexual who had somehow contracted HIV (probably from Rupert Murdoch or the Pope) but apparently was too afraid (because he lives in an a world of rampant homophobia – presumably Bethnal allah u akbar Green) to have any of the tests until he contracted Karposis Sarcoma. His uncritically attended beef for which he was given an open mike was that evil coalition cuts threatened to prevent vulnerable gay men pretending not to be gay whilst exercising their right secretly to have unprotected sex…or something; he wasnt interrogated at all in what was a shockingly irresponsible item.

    Finally, I’ve noticed that the various dim denizens of the London Art scene who have permanent jobs doing breathless interviews with the handful of BBC approved artists (more Grayson Perry please hes a genius with left wing opinions from the 1970’s and he wears a frock) round robin promoted on shit shows like Front Row and the Uncultured Show have all been instructed to ask their subjects to opine on how “coalition of evil” cuts would have deprived the world of their luminous talents – god bless Bryan Ferry who said hed spent his grant on a car. Nearly as enjoyable as Humphries monstering Ed “Bluebottle” Milliband.  


  30. George R says:


    BBC-EU on: leaving the Euro –

    “Leaving the euro: how would it work?”


    ‘Daily Express’: leaving the E.U.:


  31. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC has availed us all with yet another iteration (or should that be irritation) of just how offensive the burning of their holy book ‘The koran’ really was.  
    Sandwell school fears “bandwagon” over Koran burning  
    The irony being here that the bBC is itself guilty of fanning the flames of the Islamic  backlash it is speaking out agaisnt.  
    Talking of backlash MPACUK (You know the bBCs favorite friendly Islamic group) have aired a video of their own bit of community relations, with the expected backlash from nasty white racist people.

    NO doubt the bBC would call this a hate crime. Those two stupid bints can thank their lucky stars I don’t shop at Tescos.  



  32. George R says:

    INBBC-NUJ repeats its politically biased ‘reporting’ today on its English Defence League enemy at Preston demonstration, which is apparently about the ‘Islamification of Britain’.

    There is an official NUJ policy of opposing the EDL, and all INBBC-NUJ ‘reports’ reflect this. (It must be said that the same sort of political bias against the EDL extends to the rest of the British media which has a predominantly NUJ membership.)

    So, for instance, in this preview, anti-EDL ‘reporting’, INBBC-NUJ gives the the last word to its chums, Unite Against Fascism, (which always disrupts EDL demos) by allowing the UAF to call the EDL ‘fascist’.

    “Troublemakers warned over Preston rival protests”

    Watch out for later INBBC-NUJ ‘reports’ frm Preston today, where if true to its political form, INBBC-NUJ will attach the word ‘violent’ to EDL, but not to UAF, whatever the evidence.


  33. Techno Mystic says:

    Just bought the latest Radio Times and it has another cover celebrating womenhood, this time “How the women of weatherfield conquered the world”.

    I don’t mind the occasional one when it is deserved but this is getting silly now.

    I will have to keep a record from now on.  I’ve actually stopped reading the contents now except for the listings pages.


  34. 1327 says:


    I don’t know if I’m just late spotting it but has anyone else noticed the new BBC meme of the week (or end of it) which is that Ireland is in the mess it is because it made cuts to its public spending ? Over the last few days I have heard this two or three times on news programmes and it was repeated on the Now Show on Radio 4 last night.


    • NotaSheep says:

      Yes I heard that at about 8pm yesterday


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yes, the News Channel had some Irishman on this morning to say that any public spending cuts now would be disastrous.  All agreement in the studio, and even the Beeboid presenter helpfully explained that the crash in the construction industry was caused by nasty bankers, and was just one of the many industries who suffered because of the “trickle-down” effect from nasty bankers.

      Complete disconnect from reality, all approved by the BBC.


  35. 1327 says:

    Did anyone else catch “From Our Own Correspondent” on Radio 4 this morning ? We had a wonderful article on a football tournament in the Yemen. Apparently the rest of the world has Yemen all wrong as it is a wonderful peaceful country where both teams football fans can sit together in total harmony and then go out for a meal at 2am in safe streets. Our totally unbaised correspondent told us the only fault the Yemini people have is they don’t understand the hysteria and over reaction the west has about terror.

    Honestly you couldn’t make this sh*t up !


  36. james1070 says:

    Anyone watching American Dream? Typical Frankfurt School Critical theory. Trying to make out America is the worst country on the Planet the most racist and bigoted country.

    They interview a Japanese American who was interned, saying how racist America was. However they never mentioned the Germans and Italians who were also interned, because that would blow their theory of racism.

    And it is a bit rich for the BBC to mention this for the BBC still intern poor people who can’t afford to pay the TV Licence.

    Funny how the BBC are never as critical of other countries, eg their documentry on Eastern European Marxist regimes were heavily sanitised.

    And yet what country has ever been freer than America? For all it’s problems people have always wanted to emigrate there. I mean how many people ever wanted to emigrate to the BBC’s favorite country Castos’ Cuba? Last time I looked everyone has to be imprisoned to stop them leaving. And Cuba is a country with a large black population, yet even after 50 yrs all the Leaders are white, at least Batista was an indigenous Indian.


  37. dave s says:

    If you haven’t read it I urge you to read Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s speech made in Copenhagen today. You can find it on the New English Review website and probably elsewhere.
    Clearly and concisely she spells out the coming end to free speech in Europe at the hands of the Eu autocracy.
    Many of us here could face arrest and extradition to any offended European country that objected to our exercising our right to free speech if it in any way fell foul of the new European directives.
    The battle between the forces of liberal left totalitarianism and true liberalism is about to enter a more dangerous phase. We will have to decide which side we are on and act accordingly.
    What is the betting the BBC ignores her and her political trial in Austria. After all it chose it’s side long ago.


  38. beness says:

    The BBC, with its overwhelming power to set the agenda and ­influence values, bears a significant responsibility for driving our politicians into an iron cage of political correctness.
    Not merely its news coverage but the entire ethos of the BBC’s ­output reflects the values of the liberal establishment – the Rowan Williams view of life, if you like.
    The knowledge that BBC correspondents will treat any minister’s deviation from the PC path not as an error but a career-threatening gaffe goes far to explain why traditional rights of free speech are now so rarely exercised at Westminster.

    Read more:


  39. Guest Who says:

    Just scoped the BBC blog network, and most of it seems shut (Robinson, Neil, Black…)

    Which prompts me, as a forced unique funder, to wonder if there is a clear service delivery contract between licence fee extortees and the BBC?

    Even my loathsome telecom ‘provider’ has to share what it will do, and what will happen if it won’t. 

    Though the ‘OF’ overseeing that industry under the hands-off ‘not us, guv’ governments to date does not inspire either.


    • Craig says:

      This could be part of a wider strategy. They’ve just closed all the Radio 3 Messageboards for good.

      Many years of Radio 3 listeners endlessly slagging off the station (especially its ‘Breakfast Show’) for dumbing-down are at an end!

      The boards had been dying though for a couple of years, according to some recent comments. Also, most of the Radio 3 staff/presenters who used to contribute to it stopped doing so. (Were they told to do so?)

      The BBC seems to be shutting down all kinds of debate.


      • Millie Tant says:

        I expect they are all too busy being twits on Twitter. It’s less taxing to the Beeboidally challenged in the brain department.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        The BBC management will just claim that they’re forced to do this because of the swinging cuts by the nasty Tories.  Any complaint about poor service can be blamed on cost-cutting measures.


  40. George R says:

    This article seems to reflect the widespread political alienation of British people to the ‘political elite’ (BBC-NUJ included):

    “Voters feel angry, neglected, have traditional views and worry about immigration… so why will no politician speak up for them?”

    (by Tim Montgomerie).

    Read more:


  41. Natsman says:

    They’re girding their loins and preparing for the Fourth Reich.
    The new motto:  “And Europe shall speak doctrine across the world.  You will obey, or face the consequences of the little red button. That is all.””


  42. Martin says:

    Just watched ugly skinny female beeboid interview Red Ed in the South East. All through interview she nodded her head approvingly to everything Red Ed said.

    Then she gets ‘two’ guest speaks on to discuss what Red Ed said, one was a leftie from Demos and another was a leftie from the University of drugged up twats (Sussex to you and me)

    Every time female beeboid asked twat from Demos what Red Ed should be doing he simply went on  an attack on the Tories and she never once tried to get him to answer the question. University twat was also pro Red Ed. What was the point of two guests?

    Oh and then we find out that Brighton has the biggest number of homosexuals with Aids outside of London. Funny that Brighton is the shit hole that has the most Beeboids living in it outside of London.

    No one ever questions the rights of homosexual men to drug treatment even though their lifestyle is what puts them at risk, yet the BBC continually suggests smokers and fat people should be denied NHS treatment.


  43. deegee says:

    Could it be that no one in the BBC checks the pictures they buy?
    India’s Ambani hosts party for ‘world’s priciest home’

    Amidst all the gush we learn:
    It’s 27 storeys high;
    “the Taj Mahal of the 21st Century”;
    is said to have a cinema, swimming pools and a helicopter pad;
    would require 600 members of staff to maintain it;

    “There is a lot of marble, there is a lot of mother of pearl. There are areas and gardens and lotus pools and an absolutely beautiful Krishna temple. There is art, there’s sculpture, there is a huge bar, there is a swimming pool,
    going to be one of the wonders of modern India;

    Could this be the accompanying photograph?

    <img src=”” alt=”The 27-storey Antilia, the newly-built residence of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, is seen in Mumbai on October 19, 2010. “/>

    If it is they forgot to add, incredibly ugly and designed by a five year old with blocks.


  44. Martin says:

    Oh dear, the BBC are NOT happy with the Tories, some Liebour twat had Tweeted that people should “keep on rioting” and Baroness Warsi has demanded Red Ed sort him out. Basically ugly female beeboid said “Ed won’t take orders from the Tories and those Tories seem to be out to get Ed”

    Really? What and Red Ed and co along with the BBC are not out to get the Tories

    Stop bleating you ugly female beeboid hack.


  45. Martin says:

    When you see the snow and the experience the cold temperatures you do wonder how the BBC can possibly spin the lie about global warming.

    This weather we’ve had over the last few years reminds me of the winters we used to have in the 1960’s and 70’s, seems to me that things are naturally swinging back.

    Harrabin you really are a twat, your leftie bum chum mates who stated “children will never see snow again” make you and your mong mates look like total tits.


  46. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I love how this latest release of classified info from WikiHacks shows that all the allegedly peaceful Mohammedan countries who only want stability and aren’t to blame for anything have been yelling at the US to wipe out Iran for ages, yet the evil cowboy warmonger ChimpyMcBusHitler resisted.


  47. Pounce says:

    The bBC, power to the people and those damn Swiss racists.  
    Swiss voters ‘back expulsion of foreign criminals  

    So the swiss have voted in which to deport foreign criminals and how does the bBC report on the story? Well for 80% of it they send the message that the Swiss can only be  racists for doing so. I mean what happens if somebody is deported (without an appeal) to a country where he may get tortured? Logic dictates to me that should serve as a stance in which to keep crime down. But not according to the bBC where the rights of criminals take precedence. Meanwhile in the UK the cold blooded murderer of  Philip Lawrence has been allowed to remain in the Uk to carry on with a life of violent crime because of his human rights.  

    Strange how the leftwing driven bBC which stands for anything to with people power; Be it rioting students/Anti-war protesters or even people protesting against Israel in the Uk, is totally against the people of a European country doing likewise and expressing their wishes.    


  48. George R says:


    It will be interesting to see how BBC-NUJ puts its political spin on the leaked documents. It’s early days, but Mr Bowen doesn’t seem to have found anything much about Obama, but the ‘Telegraph’ has:


    “Wikileaks: US referred to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as ‘Hitler'”

    BBC report:

    “Wikileaks release of embassy cables reveals US concerns”


  49. Craig says:

    The left-wing-student-politics worldview of Radio 4’s Broadcasting House was on display again today.

    Very unusually for the programme, it tried a bit of Watchdog-style investigative journalism. Its ostensible target was wicked loan companies, specifically those offering ‘payday loans’ to “the poor”. Its real target was wicked bankers – a regular target for the programme and its presenter Paddy O’Connell.
    His initial report contained a number of anti-banker digs. Along the way, Paddy spoke to Sarah Brooks from Customer Focus, who – in Paddy’s words – argued that “it was time for restrictions to be made” against the loan companies. Though she specifically said that the typical customers of these companies were “not the people on the lowest incomes”, that didn’t stop Paddy, in the following interview, from asking the CEO of a new internet-based loan company “how much have you loaned to the poor?”
    After the CEO replied that he lent to employed people, not the poor, and that 70% had already repaid his company, Paddy pressed him on how much profit (boo!!!) he had made since starting up in February. Nothing yet, was the answer, given the start-up costs. Paddy interrupted to say “Yep, but you’re not a charity, you want to make money from the p…from those in debt” (he was clearly going to say “make money from the poor…” but stopped himself just in time.) Yes, hopefully in a couple of years the company will be profitable, said the entrepreneur, adding “and there’s nothing wrong with that of course.”

    Paddy conceded that “many of our listeners are businesspeople” and “you’re very welcome here”, but “many of them would want to know how you can go from 400% to 2000% and if frankly that’s moral”. “Well, if it was true it wouldn’t be moral..,” replied the CEO, which brought in a protesting Paddy “But…well it is true and here’s Sam Oddie, a listener of ours” to say so as ‘proof’. The CEO replied by describing how it really is.
    After all this business-bashing, my ears pricked up hopefully when Paddy next said “And on the other side of this argument. I heard from a very happy customer on the street, I should point out…” Hurray? Hardly! “…that banks are immoral. They clobber people for unauthorised overdraft fees almost more than you.”

    Paddy thanked him awkwardly and said of the interview, as his guest must have been anxiously reaching for his drink, “the experience has done you in”. Having been given such a rough ride, for no decent reason, the man’s discomfort was understandable.


    • Craig says:

      Later on Broadcasting House, Hugh Sykes reported from “Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories”, following author Michael Morpurgo to a “mixed village” Neve Shalom/Wahat as-Salam (Oasis of Peace), an idyllic place founded by Israeli Arabs and Jews, where Arab and Jewish children live together, love each other and release kites.

      We heard from one of its co-founders, Bob Mark, who said, when a released kite got tangled up in a tree, “that was the epitome of the peace process. It starts to fly. It looks like it’s getting up there then it smashes against a tree, it smashes against a Republican Congress. It smashes against the Jewish Lobby.”


      • Craig says:

        At least, very surprisingly, Richard D. North was one of the guests on the paper review, along with historian Bettany Hughes and ex-Python and left-wing historian Terry Jones. Both the latter have produced strongly pro-Islamic programmes, and Terry Jones began today by attacking the Sunday Times for being “obsessed with the Islamic threat”.

        Paddy O’Connell introduced Richard North as a “free-marketeer”, immediately asking him “Is this a tough time to be a free-marketeer, because the banners in Ireland blame the free market for destroying the land?”


  50. Martin says:

    Just watched Peston on the BBC news with Emily Titless. How pathetic Peston is now he’s been cut off from the Downing Street food chain.

    He really did spout an utter load of crap on the news just now. No more ‘exclusives’ then Peston? 🙂