BBC Brazil’s Lucas Mendes has had another go at the Republican Party in his latest column, this time over attempts to strip National Public Radio of public funding.

Here’s how Google translates his description of NPR:

“produced by and starring a brilliant liberal majority, a voice a little left of center and a program that reminds of the BBC.”

A left of centre broadcaster dominated by liberal lefties convinced of their own brilliance. Why yes, that “reminds of the BBC” very much. The sense of entitlement to public funds “reminds of the BBC” too.

Evidently Mendes has forgotten that the BBC doesn’t like its employees telling the truth about where it sits politically, but when you’ve been churning out left of centre commentary for the Corporation for as long as he has you probably don’t see the need to hide the obvious.

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3 Responses to IMPARCIALIDADE (pt3)

  1. George R says:

    A reminder:
    “Bill O’Reilly, Juan Williams Slam NPR On The Factor”

    BBC-Democrat Party was very quiet about all that; no doubt because BBC-Democrat Party will not criticise its fellow ‘public service broadcaster’ and politicial leftist, NPR, nor NPR’s political financier, Geroge Soros.


    • D B says:

      Good point about Soros, George. Mendes says, “While the press cut domestic and international correspondents, NPR grow and hire more journalists” but neglects to mention that billionaire Soros is funding those extra journalists. Strange that he should be so reluctant to point that out given that he never fails to portray Republicans and the Tea Party as the tools of vested interests.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    That quote should join the pantheon in the sidebar.