Tea Party-hating BBC Brazil correspondent Lucas Mendes opens his latest column with a word of thanks:

The Republican tsunami could have been worse for the Democrats. Thank you very much, Latino brothers.

They saved the Democratic Party leader, Harry Reid, Senate candidate for the State of Nevada, threatened by Sharon Angle, one of the most radical and least prepared candidate’s Tea Party. Latinos have left home and 90% voted for Harry Reid.

So here we have a US-based BBC journalist thanking his fellow Latinos for voting Democrat and saving Harry Reid.

I drew attention to Mendes’ Daily Kos-style rubbish last month, but it’s clear from this latest offering that BBC editors are happy with his highly partisan output. I doubt they would be so relaxed with: “Well done, white brethren, Obama’s old seat fell to the Republicans!”

It’s not as if the BBC Latin America services can claim ignorance of BBC editorial guidelines. BBC Mundo, the Spanish language section, even reproduced a blogpost by David Jordan, Director of Editorial Policy, when the new guidelines were published in October. If the BBC’s defence is that Mendes is employed to provide opinion rather than objective journalism then the question is “Why?” followed by “Where’s the alternative view?” – queries that shouldn’t need to be made of an impartial broadcaster.

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10 Responses to IMPARCIALIDADE (pt2)

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Mark Thompson, if you are reading these blogs, why are you employing people like Lucas Mendes?


    • D B says:

      It is astonishing, isn’t it? The BBC denying accusations of bias is like Patricia Hewitt claiming the “best year ever” for the NHS or Comical Ali ignoring the fall of Baghdad. Professional liars.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Good catch.


  3. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    It’s in their jeans. 


  4. john says:

    Oh good !
    I was wondering where Lucas had gone.
    Thank heaven the BBC gave him the opportunity to enlighten us ignorant non-latino’s who live under the illusion that the United States of America is a democracy yet vote the wrong way around.
    Go, Lucas, Go ! (please).


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Typical anti-Cuban racism from a Brazilian.  Marco Rubio, Flordia’s newest Senator, is a Republican and Tea Party friendly.  Who voted for him, then?  The Jews?


    • deegee says:

      Florida has a substantial Jewish population, third, as a proportion of the total Jewish population, behind New York and New Jersey. I haven’t seem state-by-state figures for this election but the overall 31% vote for the Republicans was a G.O.P high. Plus the Florida population is largely made up of Northern retirees and conservatism increases with age.

      BTW nationwide Latinos voted Democrat/Republican in slightly less by percentage as Jews.


  6. NotaSheep says:

    To the BBC, Florida = Rich, old Jews.


  7. Guest Who says:

    BBC Mundo, the Spanish language section, even reproduced a blogpost by David Jordan, Director of Editorial Policy, when the new guidelines were published in October. 

    Might be worth sharing this (and Mr. Mackenzie’s subsequent Twittercide post) with Mr. Jordan:

    As to whether you’ll get a reply, or it even being read….