US Mid-Term Elections Live-Blog 2nd Nov

Tonight we’ll be live-blogging the US mid-term elections. The BBC and the left-leaning media are already trotting out the excuses, the blame game is beginning and the spinning on all sides has been going for days. But the polls are only just closing and careers can still be won and lost in the next few hours.

We’ll have the live-chat going at midnight UK time, which will be two hours after the polls close in the eastern states and just as the BBC start their live coverage.

The chat session is spread across five blogs (in alphabetical order) A Tangled Web, All Seeing Eye, Barking Spider, Biased-BBC and GrumpyOldTwat so a chance to see familiar faces and meet new ones. We hope you can join us, even if only for a short while.

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38 Responses to US Mid-Term Elections Live-Blog 2nd Nov

  1. TheGeneral says:

    Be interesting to watch the demeanor of the Presenters on the Beeb as the results come in.


  2. Phillip Law says:

    As Cameron said to the BBC on another subject, this will be delicious. Oh, and i’ve just solved the control order issue. Kill them.


  3. Martin says:

    Love to join in, but I have to be up at some god forsaken time tomorrow.


  4. George R says:

    For those with access to ‘FOX NEWS’ (Sky channel 509 in UK) *, it might be interesting to compare its coverage with BBC-Democrats.

    (* No doubt, ‘SKY NEWS’ will use ‘FOX NEWS’ heavily throughout the night.)


  5. D B says:

    The Salman Rushdie/Jon Stewart/Yusuf Islam story is picking up steam. Told you it was newsworthy.


  6. D B says:

    PJ O’Rourke on Newsnight tonight. Could be good value.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just caught Mardell’s first report tonight on BBC News.  Now that it seems that the Republicans will take the House, the Narrative is that they will not compromise on anything, which will lead to gridlock and economic disaster.  The only economist he found to comment was, of course, a doomsayer, who said that the Tea Party people would cause a worst-case scenario.  Mardell is pushing this Narrative now, and you can expect this to be spread across the spectrum of BBC broadcasting by tomorrow morning.  Even though there’s no editorial agenda or anything, right, BBC?


    • Clameur de Haro says:

      Hi David

      Surely you don’t mean to imply that our glorious Ministry Of Truth, sorry I do of course mean the Biased Broadcasting Collective, might have an “agenda”?

      Impartiality – its in their genes.    


  8. D B says:

    Angry violent white teabaggers? Er…


  9. D B says:

    Three mentions of Christine O’Donnell in Peter Marshall’s report for Newsnight just now. Drink. Drink. Drink.


  10. Martin says:

    Emily Titless on Newsnight wetting her knickers talking to Howard Dean and swooning over when Barry won in 2008.

    Think old tart, stupid enough to believe that Obama was anything other than a windbag.


  11. Mailman says:

    Had the misfortune to read an article in todays Mirror by the former BBC moron who used to report from North America (I know…I was waiting for a haircut!).

    Anyway, it was a big editorial about how shit the tea baggers were and how they have got a witch, a guy who believes bicycle lanes in denver are the work of the UN and some other loon.

    Nice to see how intrepid BBC reporters are out there taking the time to work for other news outlets…why it even labeled him as a BBC reporter in his byline!



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I wonder if ol’ Justin would insult a British candidate for Parliament if they were a self-proclaimed Wiccan or something.

      Actually, I don’t wonder at all.  I know he’ll keep his bigotry to himself in that case.


      • Demon1001 says:

        Whether Justin would attack a British candidate would only depend on which party they stood for.  If a self-proclaimed witch ran for congress, there would be no problem, for Justin, if he/she was on a Democrat ticket.


  12. John Anderson says:

    Here’s another link for Fox News,  now live :


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Katty Kay displayed her far-Left bias just now.  Ted Koppel was explaining that the US tends to have a pendulum motion with its political trends.  The country will swing too far to the right, then back to the center, then swing too far to the left, and so on.  
    Katty Kay said, “So you’re saying that the country is swinging too far to the right now….”  
    Wrong.  This is a movement from the far Left back to the center.  It only seems like a move too far to the right if you’re sitting on the far Left, like Katty Kay and the BBC.


    • Span Ows says:

      Did they correct her?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        No, Koppel is as much of a Democrat as the rest of them.  He just doesn’t reveal his own bias so blatantly. He did hint at his own opinion a couple of times, like with Sarah Palin.  But he did at least correct Matty and Katty’s misunderstandings about political points a couple of times.

        I got the impressin that he didn’t feel like it was his place to shut her up.  Maybe afterwards somebody said something, but I kind of doubt it.


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Emily Maitlis:  “The Tea Party movement, which seemed to come from nowhere…”

    Sure, if you get your news from the BBC.  We knew about it here two months before the BBC even mentioned it.


  15. Beeboidal says:

    John Pinhead sounded really down in the mouth just now as he gave the news that Dan Coats (R) is projected to win the Indiana Senate race.


  16. D B says:

    It’s a disaster for the Republicans!

    “1950: BBC contributing analyst Ted Koppel says: This is going to be a huge win for the Republicans tonight and they will come to regret it in a few years. The problem with winning is that you become responsible for policy.”


  17. mkpoosh says:

    I’m watching Sky News… the last 6 guests / “experts” have all been Dems/Libs … what the hell is going on !!! Did someone put some beeb-juice in the water at Sky HQ !?


  18. 1327 says:

    The 6am Radio 4 news did grudgingly tell us little people that the Republicans had won but explained they would have won even more seats if it weren’t for the candidates the Tea Party had forced on them !

    They aren’t going to let go of the narrative are they !  


  19. George R says:

    And tomorrow, we the BBC licencepayers will be paying to fly the trans-Atlantic Beeboid Democrat commuters back to Britain, just in time for them to join the BBC-NUJ strike picket-line on Friday.

    By the way, will BBC licencepayers get reductions in the licence-fee for every day of BBC-NUJ strikes? We should.


    • George R says:

      Some new relevant lyrics for ‘Oklahoma’? (from commenter at ‘Jihadwatch’ entry):

      Isabellathecrusader | November 2, 2010 10:21 PM | Reply

      “O-O-OKLAHOMA, Where officials seem to have some brains,
      Where Islamaphobes, Don’t wear no robes,
      And where girls don’t die from being blamed!
      Oklahoma, cancelled Sharia before it spread,
      Where it’s fine to talk, and people balk,
      If you tell them do this or you’re dead!
      We know Muslims don’t belong here,
      Cuz we ain’t gonna give up our beer!
      And when we say
      Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!
      We’re only sayin’
      You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma!
      Oklahoma O.K.”


  20. Martin says:

    So I awake halfway through the night to get to work to hear Jonny Dymond read about him here

    sounding like someone had shot his cat. Talking about Barry losing the House he stated “President Obama has been backed into a corner I’m afraid”. Why would that bother YOU Jonny? Your job is to report the news, why are you so sad?

    They I hear Socialist Andy Verity trying to slag off the Tories and Republicans for not believing in Barry’s huge borrowing (despite it not working).

    Then of course the Tea Party gets both barrels from Dame Nikki, funnily enough the only people they want to talk about is evil Sarah Palin and the witch.

    So I heard the Teap Arty called ‘insurgents’, ‘nutters’ ‘right wingers’ and ‘extremists’ so far this morning.

    Just a point does anyone have any links or clips of the original BBC comments about the Tea Party? Remember how the BBC spun the Nancy Pelosi/Huffington Post lies that they were fake and not for real? Would be great if David or someone could add a couple of them to the site somewhere. The BBC world’s crappest media outlet.

    The BBC make our job so easy here


  21. Martin says:

    The odious Keith Vaz was on Radio 5 this morning attacking the Tories over their immigration cap. Vaz stated with a straight face and no challenge from the camp mincer one on Radio 5 that “we do need ot end the large scale immigration”

    Well just who allowed that mess to be created Vaz? Yet another Liebour turd that has to be cleaned up by the coalition.


  22. Martin says:

    I noticed looking back on the very funny web chat last night (wish I could have joined in) that someone asked what other achievements Barry has done.  
    1. With a sweep of his pen guantanamo was closed…. well OK it wasn’t but he did sweep his pen  
    2. He’s got Iran to scrap it’s nukes…. well OK he hasn’t but he’s told them that they really should be good boys, so that will work.  
    3. He’s put North Korea in their place, no more nonsense from them… what they sunk a warship? Isn’t that an act of war?  
    4. He’s got unemployment under control…. well OK he hasn’t did he did create a job somewhere, I think  
    5. The BBC love him… can’t fault that one.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC and St. Jon Stewart believe that we should sing of His deeds such as ObamaCare, the auto-workers pension bailout…er…I mean auto-industry bailout, the Stimulus Bill which created a few temporary jobs but mostly went to bail out state public sector pensions in states which stayed Democrat (California and Illinois are prime examples), and the draconian bank taxes which pleased Robert Peston.

      Those are considered life-saving achievements.


  23. Martin says:

    Richard Schiff was interviewed on Radio 5 this morning, he of course played Toby ziegler in The West Wing and is a staunch Democrat.

    I’m sure Radio 5 were expecting him to say the things they’d like to say but officially can’t of course (that Palin and the Tea Party are nutters) but he didn’t. In fact Schiff said he sympathised with the Tea Party and their aims and that he felt he wanted to engage in dialogue for them.

    You could almost hear a pin drop in the 5 live studio.


  24. hippiepooter says:

    This is the news I was hoping for:-


  25. Chuffer says:

    Tuned into Radio 2 at seven o’clock, to get the latest on the Mid Terms. But wht’s this? The most important news story of the morning is ‘Eeeeevil Tories bumping up University fees’!

    Republican triumph bumped to second! 


  26. james1070 says:

    I was listening to the BBC in the radio last night and they kept slagging off Christine O’Donnell. But they failed to give equal coverage to  this guy. a Dem…….