Be afraid, very afraid. The EU is at it again, warning us this time that we need more action (code more laws, more powers to Brussels) because greedy people are consuming too much and damaging the sacred ‘biodiversity’. It’s all part of the same movement; the Royal Society, cheered on by Richard Black, wants to re-introduce rationing, the EU wants to lock us in a cycle of economic contraction and lights-out poverty that is a thinly-disguised return to the Nazi concept of a lost Aryan paradise. As usual, the blinkered thinking misses the key point that despite all the resources and subsidies thrown at them, the so-called green technologies such as solar panels don’t work. The BBC, of course, pushes the EU propaganda with all its might because it fervently endorses (without a scrap of critical reporting)every step we take towards an EU socialist-fascist superstate. The true nature of EU rule is spelled out by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard here. He outlines with masterly forensic skill how the EU and the euro project have forced Ireland into a servitude – if not enslavement – from which it is unlikely to escape anytime soon.

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This is getting very tedious, but I simply can’t let this go. I think Richard Black has been hit by that nice Cancun sun because yesterday afternoon, he filed a report detailing at length that “scientists believe” that, because we haven’t stamped down hard enough on CO2 emissions, we are facing almost inevitable temperature rises of four degrees centigrade and we had better get used to it. Such baloney does not deserve any effort of rebuttal, though I would mention this dose of inconvenient realism. His real agenda is not hard to find – he and his greenie chums in the Royal Society (who have been having orgasms over the prospect of those four degrees centigrade as their collective cash balances swell from climate change grants) want deliberate, systematic rationing of the kind imposed in the Second World War, with all the misery that it would entail. This ecofascist nonsense is beneath contempt.

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As we miserable lot in Blighty shiver and freeze, Richard Black is there at Cancun in the nice 79 degrees heat (no doubt in a luxury hotel) at our expense, complaining plaintively that the talks may be to no avail , but at the same time warning that – because CO2 levels are going to start rising again – we are all in dire danger because of our complacency. He (and/or the story sub)are also concerned to warn us that climate change has already done for the mangroves on the Cancun coast, though how they know that with certainty escapes me.

What Mr Black wilfully ignores is the rather more negative reports about Cancun that are impossible to avoid everywhere on the internet. This editorial, for example, from the Washington Times which says the talks are doomed quite simply because AGW was built on a tissue of lies and scientific twisting. I also spotted this, which nails the central Cancun-IPCC alarmist porkie that sea levels are rising faster than in the past. And finally, it escapes Mr Black that one of the core alarmist prediction of warmists/Met Office/UEA – that snow would become a thing of the past in the UK within a few years – has also rather convincingly been found to be hot air. One of my favourite ladies, Jo Nova nails the UK snow lie admirably.

Enjoy the Cancun sun, Richard, and never let inconvenient truth get in the way of your worldview.

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God And Man At The White House

During his entire Presidency, the BBC criticized, or gave plenty of unchallenged air time to critics of, George Bush’s religious faith. Sure, he wore it on his sleeve up to a point, but no more than many people in the US. For many people, this is an act of humility, an acknowledgment of a power greater than oneself. This kind of behavior is an anathema to most at the BBC, so it was always treated with disdain.

I’m sure everyone remembers Jeremy Paxman asking Tony Blair if his shared sense of faith with Bush bonded them, and giggled when asking if Blair had actually prayed with him. Most at the BBC never really understood Bush’s religious leanings, and in fact were quite frightened and concerned about the damage he did because of it. Justin Webb’s criticisms over his stopping federal funding for using embryos for stem-cell research come to mind.

In any case, the BBC was never shy about shining a harsh light on the religious faith of George Bush.

Now the current President also has a problem about public perception of His religious faith. We’ve all heard the BBC reminding us constantly that so many foolish United Statesians think He’s a Muslim. The fact is – and we learned this just recently on Today – that the President was now Christian because He went through a conversion.

With this in mind, one would think the astute producers in the BBC News division would leap at the chance to prove once and for all that these fools are wrong and that the President is really a Christian, and has just as much faith as George Bush. On Friday, the President gave an interview in which He stated that He prays “every night” and reads the Bible.

Praying and reading the Bible are part of his everyday life, President Obama said in a wide-ranging interview broadcast Friday.

Speaking with Barbara Walters, Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama also described how they involve their daughters in daily prayer.

“Michelle and I have not only benefited from our prayer life, but I think the girls have too,” the president told Walters. “We say grace before we eat dinner every night. We take turns.”

What a sickening display of religiosity, eh? I’m sure all the comedians on various BBC shows will be taking notes. And it gets worse:

When asked if he prays himself, the president said: “I do. Every night.”

Oh dear, oh dear. I await the howls of laughter echoing through the halls of Broadcasting House.

Why isn’t the BBC reporting this? Why isn’t the BBC making a fuss about His faith? Could it be that they don’t like such low behavior and don’t wish to call attention to it? Does this make the President less appealing to them and their fellow travelers? As they censor nearly every other bit of news which might cause consternation at the right kind of dinner parties, I won’t hold my breath on this one.

But wait, there’s more new proof on offer that the President is not a Muslim. It’s Haj time in the Mohammedan world, and the President’s grandmother has been caught lamenting that He needs to come back to the fold:

Grandma prays for Obama to embrace Islam

The Kenyan grandmother of US President Barack Obama who was on Haj pilgrimage to Makkah has said that she prayed for the American leader to convert to Islam, a newspaper said on Thursday.

“I prayed for my grandson Barack to convert to Islam,” said Haja Sarah Omar, 88, in an interview with Al-Watan daily held in Jeddah after she had performed Haj.

The paper said that Haja Omar was in Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage along with her son, Obama’s uncle Saeed Hussein Obama, and four of her grandchildren as guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

And there you have it: Incontrovertible proof that the President is not a Muslim. Plus, there’s new proof that the President prays every night, reads the Bible, and seems to be as comfortable with His faith as Bush.

BBC: ZZzzzzzzzz

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Shock horror and diddums! The BBC New Yorks studios – along with most of the NY UN rat palace – have an infestation of bed bugs. I’ll refrain from the cheapest gibes, but this makes news, of course, only because it’s the usual BBC self-obsession. But actually, bed bugs are a growing problem across the whole of New York. And what you won’t read or hear on the BBC is that many believe that the real cause is America’s obsession with environmentalism. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the pesticide DDT in 1972 after Rachel Carson’s book Since Silent Spring falsely claimed it was too dangerous to use. DDT is the most effective weapon against the pesky bedbugs. So cleaners can no longer eradicate them effectively when they are found, and now, after years of gradually building up numbers, they are spreading like wildfire. A good account of the saga is here.

What you won’t also read on the BBC is that DDT is still the most effective treatment against malaria. The greenies have hampered its use in many developing countries and the consequence is millions of deaths. Rachel Carson, the EPA, the tranzis – and the BBC for failing to speak the truth – all have blood on their hands. I won’t say I’m pleased that they are suffering bed bug bites but sometimes I think there is a God.

Update: There are those say that bedbugs miraculously “developed resistance” to DDT before Rachel Carson (econuts have an answer to everything). But if you read this post and its responses, you will see why that’s a load of baloney, too.

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David Vance has blogged before about the BBC’s Horrible History of the British Empire, but after seeing in the comments that it was repeated today (hat tip Peter Parker) I located the Queen Victoria song on the programme’s YouTube account.

Open your mouths, children, while we ram big spoonfuls of guilt down your throats because your country is evil and its achievements non-existent. (*)

(*) Does not apply to children of recent immigrants. See relevant handout for details.

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Compare and Contrast: BBC North Korea Edition

We hear all the time that Fox News is a Right-wing propaganda outlet, the publicity arm of the Republican Party. Therefore, we’re expected to think, one should expect Fox News to report on any given issue from a Right-wing perspective.

With this in mind, I invite you to compare and contrast this Fox News report on China’s attempt to deal with the current crisis with North Korea:

China Raises ‘Concern’ Over U.S. Plan to Hold Joint Military Exercises With South Korea

…with this BBC piece on the same story:

China works to ease North-South Korea tension

The Fox News piece opens with this:

China made its first official protest over plans by the U.S. and South Korea to hold joint military exercises involving the aircraft carrier USS George Washington in the Yellow Sea on Sunday.

But Beijing’s protest, in a statement from the Foreign Ministry Friday, was noticeably more restrained than when the U.S. announced similar plans, involving the same aircraft carrier, in July.

The statement also appeared to offer all sides a face-saving compromise, by implying China did not oppose exercises outside its “exclusive economic zone,” a term of international maritime law that generally extends 200 nautical miles from a country’s coast.

Here, China is portrayed as ceding ground to the US and South Korea’s flexing muscle as a warning to North Korea. It goes on to say that Hu Jintao is coming to Washington in January, and doesn’t want this distraction, which means that China is more concerned about focusing for the time being on its own economic goals regarding the financial problems of the US.

The BBC, on the other hand, starts with this:

China’s Foreign Ministry has begun working to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, holding a series of talks with Washington, Seoul and Pyongyang.

Officials said their priority was to avoid a recurrence of Tuesday’s violence, which saw North Korea fire artillery shells at a southern island.

The South responded by announcing that joint military exercises with US forces would begin on Sunday.

Pyongyang said the drills were pushing the region to “the brink of war”.

The US and other powers have repeatedly urged Beijing – Pyongyang’s only ally – to use its influence to defuse the crisis.

This makes it seem as if China is the voice of reason, while South Korea is trying to drag the US into escalating tensions. There is no mention in the entire piece of Hu Jintao’s upcoming trip to Washington. However, the BBC does see fit to make a sexy set of graphics depicting the relative sizes of the armed forces of the North and South.

I’ve said many times that China doesn’t want war to break out, because the inevitable result of that will be a total collapse into chaos, during which hundreds of thousands of half-starved, half-mad North Koreans will flood into China. There’s already too much civic unrest in many parts of China, and this is the last thing they want. Not that the BBC’s audience would know much about this, as this concern is almost never mentioned. Instead, it’s just a vague “stability in the region” kind of deal. But that’s why China has been propping up the mad North Korean regime for so long. They could have helped to put the squeeze on the leadership any time they wished, and had they done so, the regime would have collapsed by now. Instead, they work to maintain the horror show status quo, ensuring that millions of North Koreans are kept in darkness, poverty, and near-starvation. Not that the BBC would ever blame them for it.

If this did happen, however, I would suggest to China that they’ve got plenty of available empty housing for far more than the entire population of North Korea, thanks to their phony construction boom. BBC audiences will be forgiven for not knowing this, as the BBC has censored any news of China’s looming real estate bubble. Next time you see yet another BBC piece enthusing over China’s building schemes, remember this.

But back to the comparing and contrasting. Clearly these two reports approach the story from nearly opposite angles. Therefore, if Fox News is by default Right-wing, then the BBC must be approaching the story from the Left. One has it that China is backing off trying to stop the US and South Korea from a little saber rattling, while the other portrays China as a calming influence against South Korean and US aggression.

The BBC, then, approaches the story from the perspective that China is the good guy here. No mention that China is trying to maintain the status quo for their own benefit, and that this crisis has continued largely because of them. If Fox News has a Right-wing perspective, then an opposite view must be from the Left.

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BBC Brazil’s Lucas Mendes has had another go at the Republican Party in his latest column, this time over attempts to strip National Public Radio of public funding.

Here’s how Google translates his description of NPR:

“produced by and starring a brilliant liberal majority, a voice a little left of center and a program that reminds of the BBC.”

A left of centre broadcaster dominated by liberal lefties convinced of their own brilliance. Why yes, that “reminds of the BBC” very much. The sense of entitlement to public funds “reminds of the BBC” too.

Evidently Mendes has forgotten that the BBC doesn’t like its employees telling the truth about where it sits politically, but when you’ve been churning out left of centre commentary for the Corporation for as long as he has you probably don’t see the need to hide the obvious.

[Previous blogposts on Mendes]

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The central part of BBC reporting of climate change is an unquestioning acceptance of the tenets of the green religion. Here David Shukman – enlarging his size nine BBC carbon footprint with a nice trip to Texas in advance of Cancun – admiringly tells us that there are more wind turbines in the southern state than almost anywhere else. Breathlessly, too, he trots out their output as if, without a doubt, these monstrosities are going to be a replacement for the nasty coal and oil and gas. True, he talks to a few of those who oppose both the turbines and the concept of climate change; but his condescending tone implies strongly that these are right-wing Republican nutters.

I note, too, that Mr Shukman omits key issues which I would have regarded as important in a longer-form background story of this kind. He has not a scintilla of curiosity about whether wind farms are actually efficient, or whether they are – as T.Bone Pickens clearly believes – “green”. Matt Ridley (writer of the book The Rational Optimist) posted on this very issue yesterday, and Mr Shukman, had he been at all objective, could have dug it out. What he says is devastating:

Every wind turbine has a magnet made of a metal called neodymium. There are 2.5 tonnes of it in each of the behemoths that have just gone up to spoil my view in Northumberland. The mining and refining of neodymium is so dirty (involving repeated boiling in acid, with radioactive thorium as a waste product), that only one country does it: China. This year it flexed its trade muscles and briefly stopped exporting neodymium from its inner Mongolian mines. How’s that for dangerous reliance on a volatile foreign supply?

Besides, wind does nothing to reduce carbon emissions. As Robert Bryce shows in his book Power Hungry, even Denmark, which can switch off imported Norwegian hydro power when the wind spins its many turbines, has failed to save any significant net carbon emissions through wind. The intermittent nature of the wind means that fossil-fuel power stations have to be kept going, or inefficiently powered up and down. Besides, the total power produced from even the biggest wind farms is so small that, as a strategy for reducing carbon emissions significantly, wind power is a failure


This lack of inclusion of such key facts is deliberate bias by omission and shows this story up for what it really is – yet another part of the BBC’s endless no-expense-spared green crusade.

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With impeccable timing (cold weather is never “climate” to the BBC, only hot spells are), Roger Harrabin rushes to tell us about the alarmists’ pronouncement that 2010 is on course to be the hottest year ever, ever, ever, in the known history of the universe or anything. In usual lapdog fashion, he recycles the claptrap of the Met Office. Shame he did not pause for a second to look at this alternative view of the stats , or to register that – like everything else from the East Anglia econuts – their presentations are as reliable as a three-card trick huckster. They are so desperate to scare us that any old tosh will do – as this item on Met Office re-writing of statistics also shows (the point here is that the measurements were fine when they supported warmism; a re-write is going on now to make sure they do so again). Mr Harrabin, I note, does mention that sceptics don’t accept the Met Office spin, but the main thrust of the subbing leaves no doubt that the BBC wants us to believe that this is AGW in all its awfulness. The Met Office predictions were in yesterday’s Guardian, and I was half hoping that – for once – he would refrain from his usual alarmist Pavlovian response. I should have known better. And this is his lament that Copenhagen did not reach new binding targets on CO2 emissions.

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The BBC And Palin – Her Riposte..

Naturally the BBC went orgasmic over Sarah Palin’s “gaffe”

Former Alaskan governor and potential 2012 presidential contender Sarah Palin has made a gaffe on a radio show by saying North Korea is a US ally.
Answering questions from host Glenn Beck she said, “Obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.”

Notice the weasel wording. Even though during the rest of the interview she had been talking of the need to support South Korea what was clearly a slip of the tongue has been twisted to give the impression she doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea.
The Beeb, of course, was, as usual, following the lead of its left/liberal partners in the US media, who as one jumped onto this story with glee. But Palin always fights back – something the media on both sides of the pond find quite shocking because she does it via Facebook and therefore avoids the filters of the media monopolists.

A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States

My fellow Americans in all 57 states, the time has changed for come. With our country founded more than 20 centuries ago, we have much to celebrate – from the FBI’s 100 days to the reforms that bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system. We know that countries like Europe are willing to stand with us in our fight to halt the rise of privacy, and Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. And let’s face it, everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma and they end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early, and they got some treatment, and ah, a breathalyzer, or an inhalator. I mean, not a breathalyzer, ah, I don’t know what the term is in Austrian for that…

And the beauty of that rather confusing riposte? It consists entirely of mangled word salad from Barack Obama, each one backed up with Youtube clips…

Read the rest here and realise how Palin is playing completely out of the box…..

cross posted at The Aged P

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Question Time LiveBlog 25th November 2010

Question Time tonight comes from Maidstone in Kent, once the parliamentary seat of Disraeli, location of the largest paper recycling factory in Europe and birthplace of the bloke who plays “Barry” in Eastenders.

On the panel tonight we have Ken Clarke MP, ex-GMTV sofa-bunny Gloria de Piero MP, Nigel Farage MEP (presumably the token right-winger) “Lord” Ashdown, and someone called Kate Mosse….who has written a novel….about France. Maybe they tried to book the supermodel and it all went horribly wrong.

For those playing the Buzzword Bingo we’ll be using the Insulting Johnny Foreigner Rules, meaning that Godfrey Bloom makes an unexpected entry on tonight’s cards. Bonus points for Führer, Nazis and fascists; and the insult cranks and gadflies is also in play. References to the student riots and tuition fees will only count if the BBC narrative of LibDem betrayal is included. Same sentence only will count, and the adjudicator’s decision is final. Repeated over-use for years means that unfortunately Thatcher and Ashcroft are temporarily off the table.

The LiveBlog will also cover the awful This Week with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and a random socialist windbag – all joined by some deranged F-List wannabe-celebs.

Your dynamic Moderation team of David Vance, TheEye and David Mosque will be prowling the perimeter suspiciously here from 10:30pm.

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