[Apologies for a second blogpost on this subject but I was working on it when David Vance posted his one. Hope he and others don’t mind if I put it up anyway.]

[UPDATE. I mistakenly thought Finlo Rohrer was a female journalist (I used to know a girl called Finlo) but apparently that’s not the case. Have updated the blog accordingly.]

When BBC correspondent Finlo Rohrer reported on the Glenn Beck rally he made a point of mentioning the racial make-up of the crowd:

The audience at the rally was predominantly white, but there was the occasional African-American in the crowd, some Tea Party-aligned, others without symbols of affiliation.

Yesterday’s Rally To Restore Sanity was at least as white (if not more so) but Rohrer’s account of that event fails to say so. Here are some images of the crowd from the Stewart/Colbert smugfest. If you look carefully you can just about make out a couple of non-white faces in the centre of the top-right image: [Read More…]

(Click to enlarge. Pics from American Elephants and Small Dead Animals)

It serves no purpose for the BBC to highlight the overwhelmingly white nature of yesterday’s rally so the fact is simply ignored, airbrushed from the bigger picture. The only white narrative the BBC is interested in is the angry white conservative one. A rally of young white hipster liberals is just a rally. Agenda-driven bias from the BBC, pure and simple.

Rohrer’s account of the Glenn Beck event included this:

Activist Jeremy Batterson, manning a stall festooned with posters of President Obama sporting a Hitler-style toothbrush moustache, explained why he was so steadfastly against the nation’s leader.

His report on yesterday’s event mentions only funny slogans and placards. Here’s another side to the rally – isn’t it amazing that BBC journalists never see stuff like this at leftie events?

(Click to enlarge. Pics from Falling Panda and Don Surber)

One of those Hitler moustaches is on a Jewish congressman, btw. Once again it doesn’t fit the BBC narrative, therefore it is ignored.

From Rohrer’s account of the Stewart/Colbert rally:

What was going on was effectively a mixture of a stand-up comedy gig and a one-day rock festival featuring Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Bennett, Sheryl Crow and others.

Ah yes – “and others”. Rohrer sidesteps the controversy over the appearance at the event of Yusuf Islam, a man who wants Salman Rushdie dead just because he wrote a book. Quite an odd choice of guest when one claims to be “promoting sanity” as Jon Stewart is, but once again it’s not deemed worthy of mention by the BBC. Airbrushed and ignored.

Rohrer’s Glenn Beck article includes the following sidebar column:

Readers of Biased BBC won’t be surprised to learn that there is no equivalent criticism accompanying yesterday’s article (there is a link to a Mardell blogpost about an “all-white” Tea Party gathering, but no same-page critic.) The idea that there could be negative opinion of Saint Jon’s event probably didn’t even occur to him.

Update 3pm. The BBC online team is trying to drive as much traffic as possible to Rohrer’s article by making it the top item on the BBC home page:

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15 Responses to RALLY FOR SANITY (pt 2)

  1. John Anderson says:

    Good posts,  DB.  BBC acting entirely to its biased norms.

    All leading up to – Obama gets hammered on 2 November – but “mainly for racist reasons”.  

    I heard a BBC contributor yesterday saying that “sure the US economy is in a bad state and people are angry – but we should remember that Obama has done some good things – like the stimulus package and healthcare”.

    No-one who REALLY observes the US scene properly and fairly can fail to realise that it is precisely the debt mountains caused by “stimulus” packages and the ruthless actions in Congress on ObamaCare that drove and still drives the Tea Party movement – and indeed the desertion of so many independents from the Dem side.


  2. George R says:

    Alternative to BBC-Obama propaganda:

    The Stewart/Colbert Shark Jumping Contest


  3. Martin says:

    Yep as I posted in the general thread Rhod Sharp was in full fawning mode for the rally last night. He’s so thick that it never even occurred to him that all his vox pops appeared to be white middle class people, not an ethnic minority in sight it appeared.

    The BBC are really risible in this, their left wing fawning and RhodSharps ‘hopes’ that the Republicans won’t do as well as people think (they will Rhod they will) was just typical of the crap spouted by the BBC.

    Oh and will a beeboid stop raping his 12 year old rent boy for a minute and ask Mardell this please.

    Why is Guantanamo still open?


  4. Martin says:

    So when Sky News showed the clip of Barry at his rally in Chicago, they highlighted the protesters and how Barry got rattled, then I see the same piece on the BBC with fat turd Mardell, so guess WHAT wasn’t covered in his report?

    Yep the barracking of Barry.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    ACORN was a voter fraud group, not a Social Justice group.  They had so many integrity problems that they’re now defunct.   The Black Panthers are long past their sell-by date, and their attempt at voter intimidation during the last election has led to a major controversy at the Dept. of Justice.  Van Jones had to resign for being a Truther (the President appointed this far-Left activist as his “Green Czar” or whatever the position was called, while fully aware of Jones’ views).

    All of this has gone unreported by the BBC.  No wonder Rohrer had no trouble linking to such drivel:  he knows his audience is blissfully uninformed, so he can get away with promoting a smear.

    Come see the bias inherent in the system.


  6. deegee says:

    You have to wonder how associating Obama with a comedian and lots of ‘oh so clever’ placards will help Obama?


  7. D B says:

    Great rally vid from Reason TV. The left’s hypocrisy over Hitler images skewered, and stay tuned to the end for the doofus explaining how to get out of debt.

    (Hey – I logged in to comment via Google and it worked.)


  8. RGH says:

    Frances Rice, Chairwoman of the Black Republicans, said it best in her essay about Martin Luther King being  a Republican:

    In order to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote and free black Americans from the Democrat Party’s economic plantation, we must shed the light of truth on the Democrats. We must demonstrate that the Democrat Party policies of socialism and dependency on government handouts offer the pathway to poverty, while Republican Party principles of hard work, personal responsibility, getting a good education and ownership of homes and small businesses offer the pathway to prosperity.

    Democrats have tried it with Hispanics as well but the more properous Hispanics become and start their own business, the more they become Republican.

    The BBC school of thought is ultimately the true, divisive racism because it cannot comprehend that freedom is what suits all people best, freedom for whites, blacks and whatever. This mindset, intellectual Socialism, is at the very heart of the problem we have with the BBC and the ‘liberal’ intelligentsia elites trying to run our lives.


  9. D B says:

    Nick Cohen on Yusuf Islam’s appearance at the “sanity” rally. Scroll down for updates – one is a message from Rushdie himself.


  10. hippiepooter says:

    A great Contibution.  Stark evidence of just how bent the BBC is.