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  1. prpw says:

    Spot on, David


  2. Cassandra King says:

    The foot stamping childish hissy fits of Abbas and fatah shine through,who do they think they are that they can dicate terms and demand that Israel gives in and rolls over?
    Aha, thats the BBCs role, to portray the opposite of reality, to twist reality to show the Israelis in the worst possible light.


    • deegee says:

      The box Obstacles to Peace accompanying the article illustrates the BBC mindset.

      It’s illustrated by a photograph designed to produce sympathy for the Palestinians. A soldier, (actually a Border Guard, a unit of the Police) hinders Arab women. The Border Guard could be a Muslim as many Bedouin and Circassians serve in this unit or a Druze. He may be doing nothing other than inspecting permits.

      However, even if we ignore the photograph the ‘obstacles’ are important. Jerusalem, borders and settlements, refugees and water. What may be the biggest obstacle is totally ignored. Half the Palestinians, loyal to Hamas, don’t want a peace next to Israel. They want to destroy Israel.

      Abbas has not legal right or power or credibility to enforce any compromises on the second half even if they wanted peace.

      Why isn’t Arab rivalry, corruption, pig-headedness and weakness listed as an obstacle to peace? It most certainly is one.


  3. sue says:

    Middle East peace talks: Where they stand. And where Paul Reynolds stands. Five Core issues, defined for you by Paul R, from three POVs. (Israel’s, the Palestinians’ and America’s.)
    The Israeli Government is UNWILLING to divide Jerusalem.   Jews want it because of some religious mumbo jumbo in inverted commas.

    The Palis deserve East Jerusalem (which was captured, yes, Captured) because their holy al-Aqsa mosque is there, and the Dome of the Rock from which the prophet Mohammad PBUH is said to have visited heaven on his winged steed Byrak; being neither mubmo nor Jumbo, it’s a fact and you’d better believe it.

    The Us = sides with the Palis.

    Israel must withdraw from parts of the West Bank (which was captured, yes CAPTURED) Shhh. Don’t tell Paul Reynolds who initiated the 67 war, he might look silly.

    The Palis want to go back before 67 please, because they didn’t really mean it, they weren’t ready, and they said ‘pax’.

    The US =sides with the Palis.

    The Israeli government INSISTS on keeping some of them! Typical.

    The Palis would like them all to be abandoned, like in Gaza, so that they can dismantle them and erect some nice rocket launching equipment. If they don’t get their own way they’ll walk out.

    The US says= something about international legitmacy.
    Israel rejects the RoR for Palis. They say this is a device to destroy it by demography. For that reason (racism) Israel demands to be recognised as a Jewish apartheid state.

    The Palis want the RoR (or the money)

    The US says= give ‘em the money.

    The Israelis want security, because of something called Hamas.

    The Palis say=  give us what we want before Hamas gets hold of it.

    The US says= it’s a tough one.
    The BBC: informs, educates and entertains.


  4. George R says:

    A non-INBBC analysis:

    “The Nonsense About ‘Settlements'”


    “It is not the ‘settlements’ that are at stake, but whether or not Israel will control the small sliver of territory, the ‘West Bank,’ without which the Jordan Valley, and the historic invasion route from the east, cannot be controlled. For if Jewish settlements are stopped, if the decision is taken out of Israel’s hands, and if its claims are de-legitimized, it is just part of a deliberate, unending, and most cunning attempt by Muslim Arabs to push Israel back, so as to whittle away at it, and step by step to weaken Israel and demoralize its population. This has been written about and spoken about so much in the Arab media that it is inexcusable for those who make policy to continue to have failed to notice.”



  5. Mailman says:

    Its rather strange that an organisation with a near £4BILLION budget cannot see the elephant in the room in regards to the negotiations. Namely that the Pali’s chose September because they had an easy get out at the end of the month, the settlement building restarting.

    If they werent getting their way they just have to hold out until the end of the the month when they knew Jews would start building in their neighbourhoods and then blame that on the talks failing.

    There was never going to be any chance of anything happening in September, not as long as the Pali’s dont see any reason for anything to happen.