Well, Vince is their hero again. After a few months of begrudging, the BBC has returned to sing fulsome praise to Saint Vince Cable. There’s nothing like a bit of bashing business, nothing like an attack on the free market, to get BBC types all excited. Naturally, Saint Vince was on Today this morning and was given a soft ride on his planned socialist rhetoric at the Lib-Dem conference today. The BBC is hammering the theme that recession has been caused by “unbridled” capitalism and the “murky” decisions made in those dark boardrooms (Naturally, Government had nothing to do with it, oh no) and so Cable’s  wittering is convenient and so his hero status is restored. At a time when EVEN BBC poster boy Castro is having to embrace the free market, the BBC and it’s empty headed mouth-pieces such as Cable seek to demolish these freedoms.
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  1. David Jones says:

    The Daily Mash have it right (as usual).


  2. George R says:

    OK, control the banks, and BBC-NUJ too:

    “NAO to scrutinise BBC accounts”


  3. Julio says:

    Vince is pushing the lie that the immigrant cap is ‘damaging British business’ and wants to see it scrapped, and he wants the UK to have the most liberal immigration laws possible. Cable is acting contrary to the wishes and interests of the majority of the British public. He’s a traitor.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      He’s also acting contrary to his own party platform on immigration during the election.  Cable has flipped more times than an MP’s second home.


    • Grant says:

      He is also a self-important prat.


  4. Umbongo says:

    Unusually at 8:10 on Today Lord Jones and Garry Wilson (where’d they dig him up?) gave Vince a good slapping despite Justin Webb’s efforts to stop them.  But it was back to normal as Robinson weighed in with his “analysis” to the effect that Cable is one of the good guys and, if you think about what Vince said, it all makes sense – to Robinson anyway.

    On Cable, it’s salutary to see how someone whose undistinguished career as an economist at Shell came to an abrupt end and who was an advisor to John Smith when Labour was in power in the 70s has been allowed to spread his malign Labour-inspired uselessness entirely through the accident of having a so-called Conservative Party miss the open goal of an election against Brown.  Of course he’s Mr Popular at the BBC.  He is, after all, the embodiment of everything the BBC loves in a financial “expert” (except for his apparent embrace of the “cuts” but, there again, as Jeff Randle reminded us in the Telegraphlast week

    the “cuts” are – in pre-1997 English – actually increases in expenditure).


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    Norman Smith was asked if St Vince was going to come up with some policies on how to stop this “unfetted capitalism” “I wish he would” replies Smith.  This is Smiths opinion – it is not unbiased reporting or analysis of the facts.    
    It was either on Radio 5 or Radio 4 he was on both stations (I was flicking through the channels on my way to work) I actually thought I had imagined it.


  6. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Vince Cable and Karl Marx: Separated at birth?”

    “Mr Cable said his comments were not “an outburst of Marxism”. Karl Marx said he was not a Marxist”

    Nothing like talking quotes out of context eh Richard Anderson.

    “Marx himself said, in response to so-called ‘marxists’ who supported reform instead of revolution, something to the effect of “if that is Marxism, then I am not a Marxist”.

    Hardly what this uneducated propgandist beeboid is trying to portray.
    As I have said before the BBC are a gutter press tabloid.  This is utter rubbish. Cable is certainly an idiot – but the BBC are worse.