Sometimes, the BBC bias is not just overt but also mired in deceit. Such is the case with this story.

As I see it, what we have here is BBC Religious Affairs Correspondent, Robert Pigott, using his bully pulpit to back those liberals pushing for reform of the Roman Catholic Church, disguising his campaign as genuine canvassing of the beliefs of ordinary Catholics as part of the BBC poll of Catholics in the UK ahead of the Pope’s visit, and then lying in the process.

It’s no wonder that Parishioner Barbara O’Driscoll has felt motivated to write a letter of complaint to Mark Thompson. In many regards she may as well write to Santa since I am sure Thompson will simply dismiss her concerns about the atrocious behaviour of Pigott. However it’s a great example of how the BBC is an active protagonist rather than an impartial reporter of important events. In this case, it is all about advancing a liberal agenda aimed at subverting Catholic opinion.

What say you?

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18 Responses to HEAVENS ABOVE…

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Isn’t the lesson from this incident that no one should cooperate with the bbc on any issue. Would that be the advice of this blog? I think it should be.


  2. Paddytoplad says:

    Also young mr Pigmuck claimed on the news at ten that Cardinal Newmans beatification was nothing more than a publicity stunt. whether you believe in catholicism or like many here think it’s mumbo jumbo you can still see how profoundly insulting this is to a Catholic believer. Insensitive and rude and consistent with at least 2/3 of the BBC papal visit output. He had no grounds for saying this only his prejudices. Would he be allowed to be so cynical about other minority groups? Would he be allowed to say on a main news bulletin that Obama was elected precisely because he’s black? Many have thought this but it would be wrong in a peak time news show to postulate this as it would be incredibly insensitive and in the end only a matter of opinion. Better discussed on a political comment show like newsnight etc. Using the same measure Pighead could have discussed his theory on one of the blanket coverage op/Ed shows about the visit but no he takes a primetime main broadcast to offer his warped embittered and biased viewpoint causing maximum upset to a very large proportion of the viewing public


    • TrueToo says:

      Pigheaded Piggot has even more of an agenda than I thought. I look forward to him approaching Islam with the same prejudice.

      Thanks for posting this David Vance.


  3. Alfred Burke says:

    Its a good job you asked us to keep the swearing down when posting, or I might have blotted my copybook severely after reading the article; disgraceful BBC, quite disgraceful.


  4. Dr A says:

    Typically slimy Beeboid “journalism”.

    Piggot knew what his angle was (anti Pope, natch) and abused the trust, hospitality and decency of ordinary people (who pay his no doubt inflated wages) to get it.

    Dishonest, shoddy, mendacious and insincere. The stinking BBC in a nutshell. 


  5. Marky says:

    Christians, Jews, Libertarians, Nationalists, Conservitives, right-wingers… need to learn that the BBC is not thier friend and should have nothing to do with this biased corporation. Let them struggle to find people to abuse and malign.


  6. Rueful Red says:

    The best coverage of the Papal visit was on Sky, didn’t go near the Beeb product.  Looks like I made the right decision.


  7. Tallfish Bob says:

    As Piggot committed this deception on consecrated ground during Holy Mass I feel he has a much more formidable interviewee waiting for him in the other place. 


  8. Pierre says:

    Remember, the bbc provides balance across its output. Therefore this recent bout of anti-religious catholic bashing is balanced out by its gushing praise for the wonderful Religion of Peace.

    Bias rebutted. Halal steaks all round at the bbc canteen!


    • Grant says:

      Speaking of which, there have been several reports of halal meat being served in schools and other places without the consumers being informed. A total scandal. Anyone know if the BBC has reported this ?


  9. Dazzler says:

    I’ve had experience of similar myself. I was hired to gather some fishermen for an interview about the possiblity of the fish dock in Holyhead closing. The piece turned out to be a slagging off about the amount of fish being killed by these smally hariy arsed tramps who live by the sea. I’m still apologising to my friends who thought i was i on it. BBC WALES is a law unto itself. In addition to the squillions squanderd on new kit(£2,000 on coats) for a jaunt to africa to speak to the only welsh speaker outside wales, the welsh channel, S4C is costing us 100million per year. For what? No-one watches the shit. Farms, sheep, farmers, welsh choirs, more farms, and a cow. The suggestion from me to send out videos instead of having the channel fell on deaf ears. As an end note, i phoned in to a discussion today about a smoking ban in childrens parks. I mentioned that surely the 400 fly pasts per day by jet fighters from Williams base is worse than having a fag whilst watching your kids play. I waited half an hour…………no mention. It’s not like they’ re busy on the phone. Have a listen,  you’ll have a right laugh.


    • Grant says:

      I thought there were still Welsh speakers in Patagonia but, for heaven’s sake , don’t tell the BBC.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    The Beeb turned turtle after the great people of Scotland made the Pope welcome.
    Channel 4 and the Guardian continued to projectile vomit to no-ones interest and are now fatally compromised. They now speak for no-one and hold no-one to account anymore. They ARE the news as far as they are concerned-that we the little people continue to be ungrateful or refuse to rally to their vacuous and shallow non-causes is  proof that Snow, Paxo and the other well padded no-brainers are just beyond their remit now and will have to go.
    The Pope dwarfed these moral and intellectual pigmies and poltroons-we all saw it and know it.
    No doubt Piggott will get a recall to a wedding in Kashmir before too long to get the party line on the religion of peace. The rest of us will know now to tune to the Vatican if we want any intellectual rigour from now on!


  11. DP111 says:

    Police stop people from burning a page of Koran while American and UK flags burn all around

    Demonstrations against the Pope in London

    Over one hundred members of Muslims Against the Crusades, led by Anjem Choudary gathered on Duke of Wellington Place to protest against the Pope as he traveled through Wellington Arch to a vigil in Hyde Park. London, United Kingdom, 18/09/2010.


    It is getting ugly.



  12. TrueToo says:

    Story gets more interesting:

    Apparently Penelope, the activist from Catholic Voices for Reform, was also lied to by Piggot and thought that the parish had agreed to her presence there:


    So he played a really cunning double game to push his agenda.

    But this doesn’t quite ring true:

    The Co-ordinators of Catholic Voices for Reform believe it absolutely essential to respect the Mass and the community gathered to celebrate it. While they might be filmed outside a Church or inside at the express invitation of the Parish Priest, they would totally reject any disruption of the sacred liturgy. The parishioners of St John Vianney’s parish appear to have been used, without being given an opportunity to express their own views, and this cannot be condoned.

    Why would your average parish priest go out of his way to invite the group and the media to his church if he were not himself an activist for reform? And if he were, why would he need the group as he would no doubt have enough members of his congregation who shared his views?

    Anyway, looks like the complainant is on a mission: she’s put up a thread on POV:


    Best of luck to her.