The BBC “Cuts” Orgasm…

The BBC is certainly maxing out on the evil coalition “cuts” with reverential softballs being thrown to strutting and strident trade union fatcats (all on £100,000+pa) and gut wrenching tales of woe from “randomly selected” families etc.

The mood music is clear, the narrative set in stone with helpful clues to remind of the last bloodthirsty regime which gleefully crushed the poor and the weak into the dust…..”…deepest cuts since the Thatcher years”

Mark Serwotka, leader of the Civil Service penpushers, poured scorn on the need to cut the deficit on BBC1 “Breakfast” this morning. He demanded an increase in government spending and when Simon Jack wondered where the money would come from Serwotka, economic genius, said we should borrow it. Mr Jack, instead of laughing in his face and giving him a pair of clown’s shoes, feebly accepted this cretinous nonsense.

It might seem odd to the average Martian that the Beeb should be helping to feed the egos of these latter day Savonarolas when it is having to face industrial action from it’s own Luddites over downsizing but remember that the BBC, like the Papacy, is always interested in the long term. So soon, just after the first reports of children and old people starving to death because of Osborne’s cuts, expect a full blown crusade, spearheaded by Stephen Fry and assorted Dimblebys and Attenboroughs, showing how the masses are suffering cultural starvation through the freezing of the BBC Poll Tax.

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20 Responses to The BBC “Cuts” Orgasm…

  1. impaledround says:

    Watch your apostrophes

    from it’s own Luddites


  2. Martin says:

    Bring it on BBC. The Tories deserve this kicking off the BBC, keep it up. Sooner or later even the reatrd Tory party will work out that the BBC want to screw them up the bum.


    • Grant says:

      Don’t be so sure. I think most Tories secretly enjoy being screwed by the BBC. Either that or they really are too dim to realise what is happening.


  3. George R says:

    Cuba socialista!

    BBC-NUJ branch: to support THESE cuts –

    “Cuba to cut one million public sector jobs”


    • Ed (ex RSA) says:

      One million public sector jobs to go in a country of only nine million people! Admittedly almost all working Cubans officially work for the state, but even so that is a vast number.

      Obviously the older Castro wasn’t misquoted when he said that “the Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore”.

      I wonder what the BBC will make of it all. Probably they’ll soon be reminiscing about the days of full employment and job security in Cuba.


      • AndyUk06 says:

        My thoughts exactly in wondering how the hell the BBC will spin “the Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore”.  Probably they will barely mention it, if at all.

        Could it be that deep down the BBC know the game is up, and that this endless coalition-bashing is the BBCs last dying gasp.  I certainly don’t yet see much evidence of much support for their forthcoming strike, from luvvies or otherwise.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Well at least, as indicated by the previous post, we can be assured that the employees of the national broadcaster will maintain professional objectivity throughout…

    The amount of airtime being given publicity-hungry, rabble-rousing, sharp-suited, perma-tanned union (and the majority of the discredited Labour regime that caused most of this with its ineffectual profligacy) officials who seem to think that they are all ‘special’ (possibly in the Ralph Wiggum sense, intellectually) and the way to deal with vast debt is to borrow and spend more on folk who don’t create anything (and have been given vast pension concessions to siphon yet more off when they cease to ‘work”)…. is resible.

    Or, in the case of their PR agency, unique.


  5. Rueful Red says:

    Dangerous game, striking.  People might not miss the Beeboids output at all.  Sky News and all that.  Might even become less inclined to keep the Beeboids in the style to which they’ve become accustomed


  6. 1327 says:

    Come on folks things are bad out there ! Even the Daily Mash is covering it ..,-say-outreach-workers-201009143085/


  7. George R says:

    “‘Cut Government spending and cute kittens like this will die!’ says hard-hitting unbiased BBC ‘report'”

    (James Delingpole)


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC’s little propaganda tool is really dishonest.  This is just cutting spending in a sector, full stop, and doesn’t mention waste.  This really is pure ideology on display at the BBC.  The public is being let down in a big way.


  8. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ branch at ‘Newsnight’ avoids subject of political parties and trade unions tonight lest we notice its obvious ‘left’ political preferences, at this sensitive time.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Robert Peston is explaining how horrible budget cuts are going to destory Liverpool.  A dedicated über-Keynsian, he completely spins and misrepresents the ability of the private sector to create jobs.  He also displays his Leftoid tendencies by focusing exclusively on manufacturing, which is hardly the only private sector industry in the country.  Yet he pretends that this is the only thing going.  Without providing the proper context of what the private sector actually is, Peston can easily show that it’s going to be nearly impossible in the current economic climate for manufacturers in Liverpool to provide enough jobs to make up for public sector losses.  So already the audience is misinformed, and led down a blind alley.  
    Peston continues his policy lecture by explaining that, while Liverpool has seen a slightly greater job growth over the last several years, 40% of jobs are in the public sector.  The BBC business editor and Gordon Brown biographer does not go on to explain how this is ultimately unsustainable in that more money is going out in supporting the bloated public sector than will be coming in from tax revenue.  Of course he’s not going to say that, becuase he’s a Brownite and Corporatist (his biography of Mr. Brown and a large percentage of his musings on his blog will testify to this) and so thinks the government should really be squeezing the financial industry and wealthy businessmen to pay for the vast public sector he likes to see.  
    This is purely ideological, and Peston avoids any details which might call his position into question.  Instead, he finds someone to say how awful things will be, and how the public sector is really the best way to employ people.  He even gives us a sob story from a university which will have to reduce its programs because of budget cuts.  That’s not really hiring in the short term when the city needs it most at all, but is actually about providing a long-term liberal arts education.  It’s a red herring, a distraction.  Now we’re thinking about how budget cuts will hurt education as opposed to wondering about how to keep people employed in today’s circumstances.  Message successfully transmitted.  
    Peston really needs to be put out to pasture so he can go off and be an economics advisor for some Labour figure and stop misleading the public to promote his ideology.


    • Martin says:

      David, notice how the BBC never bring up the interest we pay on our deficit (about 30 billion a year or about the same as the defence budget) not the ever increasing national debt.

      I was watching Glenn Beck last night who stated that the US national debt is now far in excess of ALL the money in the world, be it cash, gold, bonds you name it combined.

      The US can’t continue to rack up that debt and neither can we in the UK, at least our Government gets that, but the wet BBC so called ‘economic experts’ don’t.

      How can we continue to sell our debt to fund the bloated public sector?

      I’m no economics expert, but I do know that once in a hole, you really should stop digging. Can I get a job at the BBC do you think?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Martin, now you see why the BBC kept pointing to the US President for guidance into handling the economic situation and working towards recovery, and that Germany was wrong.  As I keep asking, who is in the sh!t now, and who isn’t, BBC?  All you get is an endless stream of propaganda for Labour policies.

        At least the BBC can’t call you a racist for objecting.  Not until Diane Abbott becomes Labour leader, anyway.


    • Grant says:

      Budget cuts destroy Liverpool.  Bring it on  !!!!


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s an example from the US of a politician standing up to unions (in this case, the teacher’s union) while still retaining the moral high ground.  Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has been the greatest thing to happen to the East Coast in years, in my opinion.  New Jersey has long been a corrupt and very Democrat-ridden state, with a disastrous budget and lots of areas that are violent nightmares after Goldman Sachs maven and Obamessiah supporter Jon Corzine got done with it.

    This guy ran as a fiscal conservative, and that’s why people voted for him, in spite of endless jibes about his weight from his opponents and the media.

    I’ve seen a few videos of his appearances, and this is very typical.  Much of what he says here could be applied to the situation in Britain.  A few UK politicians could learn a thing or to from Gov. Christie.

    Who’s really to blame