I know this is not a political blog as such, since it is BBC  bias we oppose, but I didn’t want the 9th anniversary of the Islamist attack on the USA to go without comment. You see not only is it nine years ago since that dreadful day, but B-BBC readers will remember that just a few days later, BBC Question Time reached a new LOW with the baiting of the clearly upset US Ambassador Philip Lader. Just as we do not forget what Islam did on 9/11, neither do we forget how the BBC behaved 48 hours later, as the dead still lay where they fell. Greg Dyke said he “regretted” it – I was revolted by it. Even then, as the rubble of the Towers burned, the BBC put the boot in. Is it any surprise that nine years on, they lead their rotten news with the idea that Islamophobia is at an all time high in the States and that a foolish Pastor from Florida is the biggest threat to global safety? The BBC surrendered to Islam years ago. Never forget that. It explains why garbage like the 7.49am item on Today gets broadcast.

Not all British Institutions failed to honour the fallen on 9/11, and the following short video makes the point well.

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