I am someone who hates new laws unless they can be shown to be really necessary, and I despair as our lunatic politicians – of whatever stripe – see the solution to every issue to be yet more legislation. We are now surrounded by an army of bureaucrats who measure and regulate every aspect of our behaviour, from disposing of refuse to breathing, and it’s my bet that, despite big Dave’s promise to slash quangos, more will be in place when he leaves office than when he arrived.

One such useless body is the Energy Savings Trust, a veritable army of jack-booted public servants whose job is to force us to use less of the power that makes our lives so comfortable, and think instead – guiltily and with alarm – about living in green communities, worrying about climate change, and above all, worshipping at the altar of the lesser carbon footprint. The BBC, of course, reports their every word with religious reverence. Mark Kinver (one of the BBC website’s leading eco-warriors) gives us a sleep-inducing sermon on the marvels of the heat-pump, all clothed in the self-righteous alarmist language that is the default mode used to lecture us. The BBC – if it were a true journalistic operation – would be asking searching questions about why we need to spend billions (that’s what the climate change section of public service costs) on such flatulent outpourings when the real message is that if you design a better heat pump, you save a bit of cash. And you don’t need the fascists of the Energy Saving Trust to tell you that.

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4 Responses to PUMPING AWAY…..

  1. Andrew Mars says:

    I think we can be certain that there will be a lot more quangos by the time Dave and Nick have finished with us.
    I had to laugh at Clegg in The Commons yesterday when he was boasting about how many people had made cost-cutting suggestions on their website.
    I added a comment to the page which had been set up to suggest that the EHRC, run by black racist and Lenin worshipper, Trevor Phillips, be disbanded or at least reined in a bit to stop them wasting millions of £’s of tax payers money on political persecution and false accusations of ‘racism’ or any number of ‘phobias’.
    When I visited the page again the next day, it’d been removed!
    Of course you’re listening to us!? 


  2. Natsman says:

    Maybe the word “Trust” in the title should be replaced by the word “Scam”.  It would be far more appropriate, after all, there is no trust, and we all know of the CAGW scam…


  3. Umbongo says:


    Even the Telegraph, in the person of Gillian Reynolds, gives MMGW and that inveterate propagandist Harrabin a boost here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturecritics/gillianreynolds/7987775/The-Blitz-and-Uncertain-Climate-radio-review.html .  AFAIAA Gillian has never mentioned any possibility that the BBC might be a teeny bit biased concerning MMGW, immigration, the coalition etc etc.  No, everything is perfect in Gillian’s BBC.  She obviously spends her coffee breaks with, among others, the Telegraph’s climate loony-in-chief, Geoffrey Lean and resident Guardianista Mary Riddell (BTW when is the Guardian going to return the favour and give Simon Heffer a regular column?).  Maybe time spent with other colleagues eg Christopher Booker, might prove too much of a strain.


  4. Guest Who says:

    A badly-designed, and hence less than efficient and poorly running anything will deliver a dire result for more money.

    Hence the Government, quangos… and the BBC… are explained.