21 Responses to KILLED? NO. MURDERED.

  1. john in cheshire says:

    I heard this report, too. And like you, I thought the bbc were, as usual, understating what has been done to Israelis by palestinian muslims. muslims kill people; that’s their raison d’etre. They hate Jews and will never come to an accommodation with them. They hate Christians. They hate atheists, and any other religion or belief system that is not theirs. When the West gets this into their thick heads, then perhaps we can deal with the real problem; ie. the war with islam.


    • dave s says:

      Murder is just too blunt a word for the delicate sensibilities of a beeboid.It is a war and casualties are inevitable- this is probably the BBC directive on how to report the murder of a pregnant woman. The website reported the Hamas statement as if it is the last word on the matter. Which ,given the way the BBC views things, it probably is.


  2. Paul says:

    9pm Sky news lead with the murder of the 4 Israeli’s by Hamas – and rightly so as it was clearly the most important news story.

    However, I was also watching the BBC News 24 9pm news – and on here it was the LAST item – after a overlong & boing followup report on the cricket and 2 other totally inconsequential items I can’t even remember (maybe some crap about staff cuts at the Treasury FFS).

    Clearly the beeboids think 4 murdered Israeli’s hardly warrants a mention – even on a slow news day.

    And to add insult to injury they referred to the murders as killings and the murderers as ‘Hamas extremists’ – as if they were in someway separate from Hamas in general.  Not to mention the report was peppered with biased use of the words ‘occupied’ and ‘settlements’.


  3. DP111 says:

    Another news was that an elderly American was murdered by two Israeli youths. This news was broadcast by the usual Lefty media in Israel, leading to a lot of anger by the readers against who they thought were Jewish youths.

    When bloggers revealed that the ‘Israeli’ youths were actually Israeli Arabs, the articles were stealth edited.

    Later readers of the same article are quite naturally confused why some of the readers are so angry at Jewish youths.  

    Leftists are not just destroyers of any democratic society they live in, but are actually fifth columnist traitors. 


  4. Pounce says:

    I’ve just watched the news headlines on bBC news 24. This story carried only enough weight to come after;  
    Tony Blair  
    But what damns the bBC here is settlers or not the fact of the matter was 4 people have been murdered in which to try and derail the peace talks, Hamas is openly calling abbas (You know that bloke the bBC informed us a rabbi wanted dead the otherday) a traitor and thus should be killed and yet the bBC fails to mention that. But they do spend a lot of time and effort informing Joe Public that this was a heroic act, that celebrations where held in Gaza.

    So instead of stating why Hamas would want these peace talks to fail , the bBC blunts the serious implications of these targeted murders by leaving out such questions, why in their haste to promote Hamas as only victims they keep very quiet on how 2 of those 4 people were women one of which was pregnant. Now before any of allah’s little helpers comes on board in which to try and defend the bBCs reporting here is another bBc article from Mexico where 8 people were killed;  
    Six women and two men have been killed in an attack on a bar in the Mexican resort city of Cancun”  
    Now if the bBC can report factually from Mexico why can’t they from Israel? Could it be it is not in their interest to do so? 

    Not to mention that during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan Muslims are to refrain from sex, evil thoughts and peace to all mandkind.


  5. George R says:


    “Jihadists murder four Israeli civilians”



  6. Barbara says:

    What makes me so very angry is that if these had been Arabs killed by Jews they would mention everyone’s name, talk about their families, and have pictures of them, if possible.  They would also follow up for days afterward, and you know they are not going to mention this again if they can avoid it.

    They dehumanize these murder victims because to them Jewish lives are worthless.


  7. Biodegradable says:

    This story is completely absent from any of the BBC news RSS feeds and the top Middle East stories on the front page are:

    Israel academics shun settlements

    Rabbi calls for Abbas to ‘vanish’


    • familyjaffa says:

      If anything convinces  me of the BBC’s vicious anti-Israel bias it is this. The 4 murdered (anonymous as far as the BBC is concerned, and now not even newsworthy) Israelis have less significance than the other so-called ‘newsworthy’ stories in the BBC’s upside down view of the Middle East and the world in general.

      And I pay for it!!!!!


  8. David vance says:


    So true. Loathsome media double standard. Where are the “humanitarians” now? Dead Jews = non people in BBC world. Dead Arabs = Atrocity. 


  9. ltwf1964 says:

    Wyre Davis on dhimminews on sky 503 reporting from Judaea and Samaria (aka BEST WANK in dhimmis speak) had a slip of the tongue this morning-

    “the murder….(quick correction)…. “killing” of 4 jooz in the best wank”

    dhimmi tosspots


  10. DP111 says:

    A source just sent the TT the following: “A couple and 2 hitch hikers-murdered, not killed, murdered-executed-the terrorist calmly walked to the car and put a bullet in each person’s head


    For Islamic terrorists, putting a bullet into a pregnant woman’s head, is civilised behaviour- compared to what they did in Beslan or Mumbai, definitely civilised behaviour.

    Photo of the day: Hamas supporter distributes sweets in celebration of the shooting attack that killed 4 Israeli civilians

    If an Israeli Jew, and it has to be a Jew, soldier or civilian, had calmly walked up to an unarmed pregnant Palestinian Arab woman, and finished her off with a bullet to the head, the screams of outrage from the BBC would have continued 24 hours a day for the next 3 months at the least.


    • John Anderson says:

      What foul, evil bastards.

      And it is evil for BBC reporters and editors to sanitise these murders.


  11. DP111 says:

    On the other hand, why do we expect anything different from the BBC. We seem to be operating under the premise, that the BBC is an honourable Western institution, committed to the truth. 

    If we start to view the BBC as an enemy of the West, its culture and its historic Christian faith that is at the root of Western civilisation, then we no longer will be surprised at the behaviour of the BBC. We will accept it as the normal activity of an enemy that is a parasite on us, and start to think of ways of killing the parasite.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I see that the BBC was just waiting 24 hours before attacking the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.  Just saw a nice aerial shot, with the Beeboid in the helicopter pointing out that one can tell the Jewish settlements from the “swimming pools and tennis courts”.  Nothing like a little class warfare to highlight oppression, eh, BBC?

    What’s stopping the Palestinians from building swimming pools and tennis courts, BBC?  Answers on a postcard – all entries must bear a postmark from the “occupied” West Bank.

    Of course, the BBC can’t find any Jews who want peace, and “decades of occupation” has made the Palestinians less than trusting, thus excusing the Palestinians from any obligations to work for peace.

    And so the pantomime continues.


  13. ltwf1964 says:

    let’s all stop with this “west bank” crap

    that’s the language of the dhimmi,the jew hater and and the lefty

    it’s Judaea and Samaria

    I refuse to acquiesce to the language of the beeboid


  14. Dr Andrew James says:

    It’s not just the Jew-hatred of the stinking BBC that is so objectionable. What’s even worse is the way they deliberately skew debate in favour of Muslims. Twice today (once by the airhead Montagu and the other by the bigot Bowen)  I heard them pompously enunciate the 3 “conditions” for peace. These are: 1) Jerusalem, 2) final borders of Palestine and 3) the “Right of Return” for diaspora Palestinians. Doesn’t it occur to these venal Beeboids that there is another issue, just as important: the right of Israelis to live without the fear of terror?

    Of course not. Only Muslims have rights. Jews are… well… just Jews, and should take what Beeboid ubermenschen grant them.


    • John Anderson says:

      They were doing it again this morning on the Today programme – always pitching in about Israel making concessions on settlements etc – no mention of the Palestinians making concessions on right-of-return or on the basic security of Israel.

      Utterly one-sided coverage by the BBC.  As usual.


  15. DP111 says:


    Children and Teachers recount their days in Hell in BESLAN. 


    Several YouTubes. Must watch series. Pass it on.


  16. Pounce says:

    Interesting how the bBC has removed any sign of the above shooting from its Middle Eastern News web site yet still retains the article about how a Rabbi calls for Abbas to ‘vanish’


  17. Craig says:

    …and that other three-day old article Israel academics shun settlements is still there too – as the fifth most important ME story!!!

    The BBC’s strange and disturbing priorities are plain for all to see here.