A B-BBC reader provided me with this excellent example of how the BBC seeks to sanitise. Same story, two variations.

This is the BBC version where the headline is “Dutch Police Question Two Men on Transatlantic Flight”, whereas this is the NYT version where it’s highlighted the men are from Yemen and the issue is “were detained by the Dutch police after landing on Monday in a bizarre episode that American officials feared might be a dry run for a terrorist plot.”

From NY Times, “carrying $7,000 in cash and that his luggage contained a cellphone taped to a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, three cellphones taped together and several watches taped together, a senior law enforcement official said.” 

BBC did not mention the cash, did not mention their ethnic origin, did not mention what it was that worried US security officials. Oddly, the BBC brings in the last sentance “A Nigerian man was detained in the US on Christmas Day, after flying from Amsterdam to Detroit, and charged with trying to detonate a bomb.” Why is it important that it was a Nigerian when this incident involves Yemani’s and not mentioned?

Now the New York Times is the doyen of liberal opinion States-side and it tells us plenty about the BBC that the Gray Lady seems quite robust and fearless when one compares their coverage of the same story!

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  1. hippiepooter says:

    I wonder if the Daily Mail might like to examine the case that the BBC is a treacherous, subversive organisation that deserves the attentions of MI5.  The DM is about one of the last hopes this country has.  How about it Mr Dacre?  Bring pressure to bear on HMG to send MI5 officers to certain BBC staff to explain to them the meaning of the laws of Treason?  It’s the very least our soldier’s lives are worth.


    • Backwoodsman says:

      Why don’t you copy the story & e-mail it to the mail news desk, with the compliments of biased bbc – suggest they really should ask the bbc to explain their motives in trying to deceive the public.


  2. John Anderson says:

    I forget where I saw this troubling story yesterday – I read 2 or 3 accounts on US blogsites – not the NYT.  All the reports mentioned that these Islamists appear to be continuing their planning to blow planes out of the sky.  And made it clear exactly who these guys were.

    Therefore the BBC news department MUST have known these details.  They have deliberately suppressed this information.  The question is – who among the BBC staff do this suppressing – which happens on a regular basis.  It must be Islamist fellow-travellers,  there is no journalistic reason to spike core elements of the story.


  3. Martin says:

    The BBC simply peddle the line that Muslims are good and non Muslims (especially right wing americans and Jews) are evil.

    Islam is simply the new politics that the lft have attached themselves to to annoy the right wing and whitey’s in particular.

    You can add to that list climate change and immigration.

    Camp men at the BBC who snort Cocaine need a new rallying flag, Communism failed, so what’s next?

    You only have to look at the scum that turn up at pro Muslim protests, it’s basically the same unwashed dross that turn up at any event where thee is a chance to stick it to the majority.

    The BBC’s coverage of Glenn Beck was a disgrace, I really do wish the Tories would deregulate broadcasting and allow news networks like Fox to open up here (of course left wing news outlets like the BBC could also open up but none of them would survive without the teat of public money) so that the people can here a different message.

    I’d personally like to see ITN news open up it’s 24 hour news channel again


  4. Pounce says:

    I’m not going to bother talking about how innocent peaceful muslims just can’t for the life in them manage to travel nowadays with the tools of the trade required in which to have the manderins at the bBC getting a hard on on hearing the immortal words “Allah ackba”. You know like how abu bowen gets a stiffy when he sees the bBC mullah bending over in front of him. Nah as the title of this thread is ‘COMPARE AND CONTRAST…  
    I’m going to bang on about how while the bBC reports how Iran is referring to the french first lady as a whore, they kind of leave out the full story which is that Kayhan the newspaper which makes that claim also states that Carla Bruni, deserves to die after she expressed solidarity with a woman sentenced to be stoned for adultery.  
    “The hardline daily Kayhan called Bruni a “prostitute” whose lifestyle meant she deserved a similar fate as the Iranian woman who was sentenced to death for adultery.”  
    But then if the bBC reported that, people may get the impression that Islam (during ramadan at that) may not be a religion of peace after all.

    Oh and just for the info around 858 people have been murdered so far during ramadan (You know when Muslims are not to have any bad thoughts


  5. Anonymous says:

    Dutch Police Question Two Men on Transatlantic Flight


    Dutch Police Question Two people on Transatlantic Flight

    Could cast monogamous  relationships in a bad light!

    Dutch Police Question people on Transatlantic Flight

    Misanthopic reporting!

    Hey, BBC if you can’t be arsed to report the saliant facts don’t report at all. Time has value and censoring of news reports involving your preferred groups is worth less than nothing, it is actively unproductive. For the economic future of Britain it would be best for you to close down you news operations entirely.


    • Backwoodsman says:

      Dear Guest, its not that the bbc can’t be arsed to report the story correctly, the worrying thing is that they deliberately distort any story to conform to beeboid values. They have thus been misleading the british public for the last 20 – 25 years , principaly over the manifest failings of the nulab govt, which they glossed over and also the insidious effect of mass muslim immigration on British society.


  6. sue says:

    They did say “US media reports say the men were of Yemeni origin
    but it came across as though they were trying to apologise for mentioning it. “It was US! not us!. Please don’t blame the messenger

    I think this article is a good example of how the BBC talks down to us. As well as selecting only the most acceptable elements of the story, as opposed to, say, this from Turkishpress of all places, the BBC report seems to be aimed at half-wits. Which is how the BBC thinks of us. People often project their own shortcomings onto others.

    Most of the other reports on this, (hundreds) quote a cousin saying the guy is innocent, and  anyway taping stuff together is part of their culture. What luck that tape was invented!

    The BBC does sanitise everything. There’s a couple of good articles by Daniel Greenfield / Sultan Knish. The Liberal Islamist Alliance, and if you’re interested in US media The Media Loses Readers and Viewers to its Own Radicalism. The BBC is mentioned.


  7. Span Ows says:

    This is the BBC onlines most common propaganda ploy. For years I posted examples on the BBC radio 5 Live news message boards befor ethey were closed. Some were downright scandalous and usually involving Islam/muslims (not mentioned) or a crimnial that was black (no mention of colour unless he’s white). It happened so often as to be clearly an unwritten policy but I do believe the BBC online is very different from the TV/Radio versions (although all have similarities on the same agenda) Another ploy was putting the important info, or the info they didn’t want to trumpet, near the bottom and certainly ‘off screen’, i.e. you had to scroll down to get the juciy bits and could easily not spot them…this seems to have improved somewhat with the new web designs.


  8. Beeboidal says:

    They did say “US media reports say the men were of Yemeni origin” 

    Sue, the duty Beeboid monitoring this website may have struck again. The original BBC piece contained no such line.


    • sue says:

      Newssniffer is greatly missed


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Newssniffer seems to be partially active again.  Nothing about this article, but there seem to be some fresh updates of others for the moment.  Don’t know how long this will last.


        • Techno Mystic says:

          The developer seems to be working on it according to the blog.

          By the way, I know that the media in this country are very scared of being sued under our ridiculous libel laws which might explain some of the sanitising we see.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The News Channel just showed the Dutch police spokesman relating all the salient details, including the men’s Yemeni origin and the facts of the suspicious items.  So no more dancing around the truth for the Beeboids.

    I noticed that the Dutch did not call the men “Dutch”.  Imagine that.  I blame Geert Wilders.  Or Sarah Palin.  Take your pick.


  10. Bob says:

    Funny – the first word now seems to be Yemenis, with ‘terror’ thrown in soon after

    Now, were they waiting for confirmation, or have they bowed to your pressure, if they have, it’s a pretty weak narrative theyve got going


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Waiting for confirmation, my arse.  The Dutch had already released news about it even before that press conference, long before the BBC got around to dropping the kid gloves.