John Simpson is in good US-bashing form here. The click through heading is “Shrunken Superpower” and the item is entitled “Assessing America’s “imperial adventure in Iraq” Honestly, Homer Simpson would have more insight…..

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    I’m afraid that in my opinion, the only good muslim, and the only good socialist, is a dead one. Now, who am I paraphrasing, I wonder.


  2. Daniel4321 says:

    I find it highly amusing that he uses some random quote as a reference point to sum up ALL of the aims of the U.S.A in Iraq. As if this was the one and only reason given for America’s actions.


  3. Craig says:

    There’s one American the BBC aren’t ‘anti’: Mark Mardell is feeling sorry for President Obama again:

    Ending the Iraq war is no small accomplishment.
    Yet it is another achievement for which President Obama will probably get little credit.

    All together now…”Awww!”


    • hippiepooter says:

      The Iraq War ended in 2003, just a few weeks after it began.  A while later a counter-terrorist war began.  That war has not ended.  Obama is leading a precipitous withdrawal in the face of Iraqi objection.  The BBC is still making stirling efforts on the propaganda front on behalf of the enemy.  Treason is free in our country.


  4. Paul says:

    Yes – I’m heartily sick of John Simpson’s anti-American, anti-British reporting from Iraq. On tonight’s news he featured a short comment from a Sunni Politician (presumerably an ex-ruling Baath Party member) saying things were much worse now than under Sadaam. To report anything positive about Iraq’s future would go against the narrative which he and the BBC have been carefully building.

    I do so object to being forced to pay for that fat propagandist’s salary and bloated pension.


    • Guest Who says:

      things were much worse now than under Sadaam’

      A bit Mandy Rice Davies, and one might hazard that it rather depends on for whom.

      Overweight, yellow, selfish, disfunctional, unaware of his own limitations, oddly over-supported by those around him…

      And as for Homer…


  5. john says:

    What I can’t believe is that American liberal broadcasters haven’t packed up, gone home, and “left” it to the BBC to denigrate their own country in a passion they would be secretly be proud of.
    There is a problem however, no one in the US is tuning into “lefty TV”.
    So, staggeringly, the BBC who don’t live in the real world, let alone a commercial one, are now the new voice of wisdom in their own eyes regarding the United States, apart from the fact no-one is watching or believes them.

    It’s about time for 300 million Americans to start chipping in with a few hundred Dollars a year to the BBC so that they may continue to be enlightened.
    Why not ? We all love doing that here in the UK.

    I wont, and dont !  —– “Come and get me Beeb”  —– Ha-ha !


  6. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    You’d’ve thought this pudgy simpleton would be grateful for the opportunity to’ve liberated (his words, not mine) an Afghan city dressed as a woman. I mean, that’s every Beeboids wet dream. Thousands of adoring Muslims showering you with praise whilst you’re…wearing a dress.
    But no, apparently that counts for naught. Maybe he took being blown up by the US Military personally. What a fag. I mean you can hardly blame them for thinking he was the enemy. If it walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…


  7. Martin says:

    Not a mention of the surge, not one. What a twat.


  8. david.steinberg says:

    the only imperialists in JS,s book are non islamic states. He cannot see the creeping imperialism of Islam throughout our planet!
    an imperialism which travelled the world for 1400 years from its birthplace in medina which itself was built and established by Jews!


  9. DP111 says:

    Here is a good analysis of why and how the media whitewashes the crimes of Muslims, including mass murder and genocide in southern Sudan, at the same time following the Islamic narrative, which lead directly to the USA and the UK attacking a fellow Christian country in Europe, Serbia, which had been and is even now, at the receiving end of a most brutal Jihad for over 300 years.


  10. mike_s says:

    Just look at his predictions for 2008 for laughs.

    He thought that an election in Iran would be fair.

    And for some more twisted logic;
    “True, it has only brought the level of killings and explosions down to that of two or three years ago, and it’s likely to make the eventual civil war in Iraq fiercer than ever.”

    So Petreas is succesfull, but that will make the eventual civil war only fiercier. Better to let them slaughter each other. With implication that they are barbarians. Rather racist.