Nice pro-Gypsy piece here. I love Justin Webb’s first question to mild mannered Government Minster Bob Neil  “So, you don’t like the travelling community?” I also like his snide dismissal of Daily Mail/Daily Express  readers. (Oh to be a sophisticated Guardian reader, eh Justin?)  Not sure why the BBC thinks that Government has a duty to provide sites for Gypsies, in fact I’m not sure how Bob Neil arrives at the conclusion that “Travellers” are an established part of “our” community but that was comment that the BBC did not challenge. The BBC is a firm advocate for Gypsies, romanticising them into something that is not the experience of people who have the misfortune to come across them. Wonder do Gypsies pay their TV licenses?

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18 Responses to JUST A TRAVELLING MAN…

  1. Natsman says:

    If they are “travellers”, why do they need permanent sites?  If they want to cease “travelling” and settle, they can join the housing waiting list like everyone else, and perhaps sell up their expensive vehicles, caravans and bling to contribute to the required deposit to buy their own houses.  Oh, and before you shut the gate on your way out, kindly clean up your mess, and return some of the stolen property to its rightful owners…


  2. fred bloggs says:

    We are supposed to be informed by the bBC.  Took me many years to get the answer, why have we been invaded by Irish travellers.  Then from some source came the answer 15-20 years ago, the Irish passed a law to make it a CRIMINAL act to invade land and start building.  So that’s when the came over here in numbers to do the same as we (especially if Labour are in power) are too stupid to pass such sane laws.  This aspect of the traveller problem is never raised by the bBC.  Thought their mandate was to inform the public, there I go dreaming again!


    • Buggy says:

      I think the Irish law change was more recent than that, poss. 2003 or 2004. Subsequent events just as you outline, anyway.

      And one reason the Traveller problem is never raised (and not just by the Beeb to be fair) is that somehow ‘Travellers’ and ‘Gypsies’ (Pikies, diddicois or hedge mopers to those of us who have the joy of their company) have been conflated with ‘Romanies’ (who don’t have much to do with concrete, tarmac, huge illegal camps, and general criminality and are thus welcome amonst us).

      Of course, this conflation allows any dislike of ‘Travellers’ to be equated with racism (Romanies being a distinct race ) which is is always the Holy Grail for any Lib-leftard trying to shut down an argument, as witness the Martin Brundle ‘Pikey’ incident a while back.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    Irish travellers who have places in Ireland, they come over in caravans pulled by high end 4x4s and they all take full advantage of the benefits system, bullying the staff until they get their way.
    Camps are built at great expense and then before they leave an area stripped bare of any theivable material they strip  the showers and wasrooms of copper piping and then smash whats left.
    These criminal gangs add nothing to the places they visit apart from misery and mess and heartbreak and anger.
    The Roma from Eastern Europe are on their way invited in where other nations turn them away, we are in for the mother of all crime waves, drugs and prostitution and petty crime and all paid for by the taxslaves.
    The BBC are creaming their panties at the thought of hundreds of thousands of the dregs of eurotrash land turning whole areas into wastelands of crime and you can bet the planning laws and greenbelt laws will not be enforced.
    The UK now the dustbin of eurotrash land!


  4. Martin says:

    Do pikies pay their TV licences? I doubt it. I wonder how often the BBC send the scum from TV licencing around to harass them?


    • Buggy says:

      Seriously, Martin, not even the ruddy police will approch most of these camps. Truly ’tis a wondrous country we inhabit. *DONT_KNOW*


  5. 1327 says:

    Do you suppose Justin has ever had a group of “travellers” turn up near his home let their dogs roam freely , steal anything that isn’t bolted down and sh*t everywhere ?

    I’m sure he would enjoy the vibrancy of the entire situation.


  6. Craig says:

    Breakfast had someone on to discuss this today called Dr Joanna Richardson, who they labeled a “housing expert”. Clive & Naga treated her like an oracle, not challenging anything she said – such as:  
    – that travellers are disliked because people are “scared of the unknown”  
    – that “they are opposing the sites just as a reaction rather than as something thought through”  
             (“So a knee-jerk reaction”, Clive Myrie echoed.)  
    – that “they are a very important part of the community”  
    – that “they are turned into folk-devils for a number of reasons”  

    – that “there are lessons to be learned from across gypsy and traveller communities, of family values, sustainable and environmental ways of living, and we could learn a lot from those communities.”  
    Some post-structural professors of public policy just don’t live in the real world (and I doubt many viewers would have been taken in by her)!  


    • Buggy says:

      Let’s take a few of (the doubtless living in London Dr Richardson’s points in order.

      1/ People are “scared of the unknown.”

      A: Nope, pikeys and their antics are very well known to us. That’s why we don’t particularly enjoy their company and would be happy for them to all move next door to Doctor Deluded here..

      2/ A “reaction rather than something thought through.”

      A: Reactions are generally based on previous experiences and are the way the brain speeds up the thought processes. Perhaps the good doctor needs to think through every single thing that happens in her life again and again ad infinitum before she makes a judgment, but I’d suggest she’s lying through her her teeth. Or takes four or five hours deciding how to brush them every morning.

      3/ “They are a very important part of the community.”

      A: If she means that the communities that are parasitised by pikies are brought closer together by a mutual loathing of them, then I guess they do indeed serve an important role in village life.

      4/ “They are turned into folk-devils for a number of reasons.”

      A: “Folk Devils”, eh? I know that, to the average urban lefty, we out here are stuck sometime in the middle of the 16th Century, awash with incest and witch-burning etc, but this is absolutely terrific, isn’t it ? No “kneejerk reactions” from you, eh, Doc?

      (And anyway, since we lack a sufficiency of blacks and Asians out here in the sticks, who does she suggest we turn to in our ceaseless quest for the whiff of sulphur and brimstone? What about oor ‘ooman roights, eh, Missy ?)

      5/ “There are lessons to be learned from across gypsy and traveller communities , of family values, sustainable and environmental ways of living, and we could learn a lot from these communities.”

      A: Ohh, boy, she really is hogging the Kool-Aid, isn’t she ?

      Family values”: If she means “travel in packs, thieve and wreck in packs, attack anyone who crosses your extended clan and operate a policy of omerta” then she’s dead right.

      Sustainable and environmental ways of living.”

      “Sustainable” = The country pays for your existence and you save money by stealing whatever you need.


      Here’s a nice green field.

      Here are some pikies.

      Here’s a field covered in concrete.

      Yup, don’t get that one. Guess she’s doing the didicoi/pikey = Romany conflation I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

      We could learn a lot from these communities”:

      You certainly could, Doc, as you seem to have a very rosy and unrealistic picture of pikey-life as she is lived. For myself, I was taught early on that stealing was wrong and that nobody owed me a living. My parents are therefore to blame for my not having a vibrant and enviable lifestyle comme les gyppos.

      Roight, naow Oi’ve got that orf me chest, oi must git back to making moi wicker-man for the Michaelmas combined Diddy-burning and sister-shagging festival. Aaar!


  7. Natsman says:

    One has to wonder, too, if their vehicles are taxed, insured and possess MOTs where required.  Some niggling voice in the back of my head says “you’re having a laugh – insurance? Tax? get realll


  8. Cassandra King says:

    Some people can break the law and get away with it, some groups have immunity from the laws that most of us have to abide by.
    We are NOT equal before the law any longer, the law abiding are being squeezed and persecuted on an individual basis, those who do not or cannot fight back against the injustice are stamped on without mercy while those groups who can and do fight back are feared by the police and the courts.
    The police on the ground have instructions, direct orders to leave some groups to carry on their criminal activities and these orders come from the highest levels. There is no problem escorting and protecting the thug ballifs to smash down the door of an OAP who cannot pay the taxes due to the state, no rights and no concern for human rights there!
    The police will not follow car thieves into a pikey site, they will not search any caravan, they will not check any vehicle for tax/MOT/insurance as they enter and leave the site.
    The law is afraid of enforcing the law when people stand up and fight back, when they stand up and fight back against the bully boy thugs of the state then they run away and pick on others who cannot and will not fight back. The law has become an agent of the state, a political force to enforce the will of the state and to ensure the states coffers are filled and led by political stooges.
    The law has become like a pack of hyenas they prey on the weak and the pick on the defenceless, they work with the courts to allow the powerful to escape justice and they persecute the weakest and those least able or willing to stand up and say NO.
    The police are no longer force we remember, the law we thought was equal is no longer equal, the powerful laugh at it and the strong have no fear of it and so the law now bears down with greater weight on the divided and unconnected individuals.

    This is the tragedy of the UK, we are no longer equal before the law. The new labour legacy of the last fifteen years is a truly evil and poisonous one.


    • davejanfitz says:

      One of the best posts Cassandra,I agree 100%,the police are a joke in 18 ys living where i live I have seen police walking the beat twice…Its about time someone sued the police for not following the law and taking an easy way out on law breakers who are never touched.


  9. piggy kosher says:

    “sustainable and enviromental ways of living”
    Obviously “recycling” copper piping counts then.

    What a wonderful dialectic for stealing.

    This stuff is beyond parody.


  10. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Nobody likes pikeys. ‘So, you don’t like being kicked in the balls?’ No, and neither do you, you lying wretch.


  11. piggy kosher says:

    Just revisited your post Craig.

    Wow.. theres enough potential material there for any up- and -coming centre/right comedian to create a 1 hour act.

    The bbc is so asking for a good satirical kicking.


  12. ltwf1964 says:

    if I decide to nominate myself and my family as “travellers”,can we

    1.stop paying income tax?

    2.stop paying a tv licence?

    3. build a house absolutely anywhere I want-including green belt?

    4.jump appointment queues to see a doctor?

    where do I sign? 😀


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      You can get the bus to drop you off outside your stinking, filthy encampment, and not have to get on or off at regular stops like the regular hard-working saps either. At least that’s the case where I live.
      Also, you’ll never get any hassle off police or council workers either. Which comes in very useful when you want to trespass onto private property to cut branches down to burn by the side of the road, or cut holes in chainlink fences surrounding business parks to see if there’s anything worth stealing.