I was stunned by the BBC coverage of Islamic history here. Could it be MORE anti-Christian and slavishly pro-Islam.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When Muslims tell me that e.g. the Jews are occupying their land I ask, “So are you telling me it’s wrong to go to another country and take it? And that those who do should leave it?” I give them time to decide which horn of this dilemma they should impale themselves on.

    I then point out that Jerusalem was attacked in 643AD (if memory serves) by invading Islamic/Arab forces. (We could add North Africa, Spain, Iran, Mesopotamia, France etc.)

    The BBC just accepts the (Islamic) ahistorical lie that they can take land as they like but any defence is illegitimate.

    I even had a Muslim tell me, with a straight face, that the invasion of Spain in the 7th C. was by invitation. I nearly choked on my bacon sandwich.


  2. deegee says:

    It is a basic and mainstream interpretation of Islam that the world consists of two parts: Dir al Islam (lit. House of Islam), that was conquered by the Muslims and Sharia Law instituted and Dir al Hab (lit. House of War) that will be a target for Islamic invasion until conquered. Anything that was once Dir al Islam remaims part of the Waqf i.e. Islamic property. This is one of the major reasons why Hamas will never accept a Jewish state of Israel.

    Add another reason. Israel was conquered by Caliph Umar considered together with the first three caliphs as perfect only second to Mohammed. To criticise the conquest is to criticise Umar and that is blasphemy.


  3. Span Ows says:

    That is clearly a children’s programme but which one and when? It is indeed pure propaganda (lies) and it is nothing less than stunning if this was broadcast – a contender for serious complaints/national media coverage.


    • Bigland says:

      It’s Horrible Histories, based on the book series.  Currently showing on BBC1 on Tuesdays after 4pm (time varies).


  4. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) is, of course, very actively engaged in the Islamisation of Britain. 
     It recognises the importance of re-writing history for adults and children to fit with Islamic lies and propaganda about the Crusades, and censorship on 1,300 years of Islamic imperialism.
     INBBC has given over several TV series on INBBC television to presenters who have put pro-Islamic, anti-Western propagandist versions of history.(E..g. Muslim Rageh Omaar, ex-INBBC, now seamlessly Al Jazeera presenter, was given a whole series to propagandise for the Islamic History of Europe.)

     INBBC has the gall to claim that it provides an ‘educational’ role; but, as in this case, the opposite is true: INBBC substitutes pro-Islamic lies and propaganda for the truth about history.

    INBBC censors these sources of information on the Crusades and Islamic imperialism:

    1.) “Crusades-Encyclopedia”

    2.)”Robert Spencer – The Crusades, Facts and Truth (Part1/5)”


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    Have any commenters here made a complaint to the BBC about this and if so, what fob off did they receive?


    • Daniel Smith says:

      I can imagine the reply “this is a light hearted programme, not intended to be taken as a serious history”, but that’s the worst kind of propaganda, something that can bypass the critical mind through entertainment, something Hollywood know well.


  6. david.steinberg says:

    the Crusades according to Tony Jones and the BBC -a line they have been toeing since the late 70s at least. No mention of the original horrific slaughter and enslavement of jews and christians and the desperate calls of christians to various popes to deliver them from this evil. no mention that jerusalem was never ever a holy place for muslims and that the jerusalem mosque was left in a dereilict state for many years until Al husseini decided to repair it because he understood the political advantages of such renovations


  7. Marky says:

    “Saladin was a Jolly nice chap and agrees to a peace treaty” Jolly nice chap? Yeah if you say so BBC. So in the BBC world the Muslims did nothing to ask for it and Saladin was a Jolly nice chap. This is what children will take from this propaganda. Total whitewash of history. Has this Horrible Histories ever mentioned how horrible Muslims were historically?

    I put the whole pro-Islamic clip up on my channel.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Saladin was a jolly nice chap.  So was Richard the Lionheart.  They had a lot of mutual respect.


  8. Marky says:

    Other than the history whitewash I’m feeling a bit Whitehouse about this series specifically targeting children. Is it healthy for children (some very young) to be watching things about drinking piss, eating dead bodies, slaughter, people covered in blood etc?


  9. Beeboidal says:

    Right, seeing that the Beeb have sunk so low as to seek to indoctrinate young children, they might as well negotiate with with Al Aqsa TV for the rights to Hamas Bunny show . Our uniquely funded ‘impartial’ state broadcaster is no better than a Hamas propaganda outfit.  


  10. piggy kosher says:

    Not only crap propaganda, a crap tired format too.


  11. Chairman of Selectors says:

    While the BBC usually leaves me seething with anger, this is the first time I have been genuinely left speechless. I don’t quite know what to say. This is propaganda, dangerous lies. My wife is giving birth in 2 weeks. I am terrified about the kind of stuff my child will be watching as and when we return to the UK. Needless to say, the BBC will be a no go zone for my child (TV in general frankly) particularly after that absurd global warming episode of postman pat someone sent me a link of (together with the multi cultural village Pat seems to inhabit, where Muslims happily chip into the local fair and community life). It’s bad enough parents have to closely watch the nonsense being perpetuated by lefty teachers (on english history, environment etc.) but this BBC anti crusades programme is just despicable. Written by one of the many hundreds of muslim BBC staffers per chance?


  12. john says:

    This is the prefered demographic of the BBC.
    The next one up is the 12 year “mother” to be.
    Closely followed by under-graduates with 304 quadruple A’s Exta + starting university.

    I don’t watch any BBC television, but I am reliably informed that you can use “Parental Control” to remove the risk that is the BBC from your children.

    I trust you will.


  13. Bob says:

    Dear lord that’s brilliant – and Fox news to boot!

    Save argument, lets break out some actual historians like Housley or Riley Smith and see if they agree with Fox and this strange video, or I expect they’re liberal pussies who know nothing about the truth