I had to laugh at the BBC’s treatment of US General James Conway’s remarks that Obama’s deadline to get out of Afghanistan is encouraging the Taliban. The General was speaking common sense, of course, but he has committed the unspeakable crime of contradicting Obama and the BBC was not impressed. He was dismissed as “a maverick” on the Today programme. Yes, leave the expert opinion of those in the theatre of war to one side and better instead pay heed to strategic giants like Sir Jeremy Greenstock. (On at 8.29am to waffle about Iraq)

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6 Responses to MAVERICK

  1. Martin says:

    I pointed this out a while back when Petraeus came out and said exactly the same thing. When I think it was liam Fox said something different to Cameron the BBC when ballistic talking of ‘split’ and ‘not on message’ etc etc.

    Yet when TWO of Barry’s Generals say the opposite to him, Barry gets a free pass from the BBC. Seems to me like Barry is losing control.


  2. Bunni says:

    Everyone is turning on obarmy!  He’s such a jerk and a tool, and a muslim too, no matter how they lie about it.

    I can’t understand why these Generals and other’s in the military here haven’t taken the marxist maniac out and locked him up in prison for committing treason and aiding the enemy.  We used to hang ppl and do firing squads for the crimes obummer commits every day!  Ah, the good old days  😉   I but this General won’t have a job too much longer.