Qualifications Not Required

Writing on her blog in 2006 Katia Moskvitch says “In about a month I will finally graduate and become a “real” journalist!

How’s that working out for her? Becoming a Russian reporter for the BBC was only the start – having demonstrated her scientific prowess with this Junior Wikipedia and GCSE textbook-fueled report on  nuclear power we now witness her inevitable rise to:

BBC News – Geoengineering ‘not a solution’ to sea-level rise
By Katia Moskvitch
Science reporter, BBC News

BBC Science at its best: Believe in global warming? Good. Know anything about science? Okay, doesn’t matter, you’re in anyway. Can you start on Monday?

Hat-tip to Englishman’s Castle

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3 Responses to Qualifications Not Required

  1. Grant says:

    The BBC is a sick joke.


  2. prpw says:

    The BBC, home to and active proponents of pseudo-science


  3. Beeboidal says:

    An interesting commen in that article by former government scientific adviser and global warming fan Sir David King.

    “What worries me is that it’s cheap and do-able and all you need is a country with a rocket and they can put aerosols up into the stratosphere. We have no confidence in models on what these aerosols would do there.”

    So if Sir David has no confidence in modelling stratospheric SO2, why should I have confidence in models, such as those of the IPCC, that puport to model the entire atmosphere for decades to come?