Phew – it’s Friday and time for the launch of our latest open thread which should take us across the weekend. Please detail here your observations concerning BBC bias. We know they read these pages so don’t hold back, I am sure they appreciate the feedback.

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  1. George R says:

    “Don’t celebrate Lockerbie bomber’s release, Libya urged”

    -But will there be celebrations, after Friday prayers, at Islam Not BBC (INBBC)?

    “Libya has made fools of us all over Lockerbie bomber Megrahi, and much else besides ”


  2. Grant says:

    David V,
    I love your last comment. I assume the lack of feedback from the BBC to B-BBC means they endorse the points made here.


    • Backwoodsman says:

      Grant, I look forward to all bbc online articles having a ‘right of reply’ unmoderated thread attached.
      Some time before the election I used to take a peek at ‘toenails’ Robinsons’ blog. The respondents would be pretty universally critical ( those that weren’t ‘awaiting moderation’ ! ) Water off a ducks back to a card carrying beeboid.


      • Abolish the BBC says:

        They would never offer space for the actual unmoderated thoughts of the great British public.  It would only highlight the difference between their twisted narrative and reality.


      • Grant says:

        I sometimes post on Michael Prick’s blog, just for the sport really. It is remarkable how many critical posts get through, but also how few comments there are . Seems nobody is much interested in what he thinks !


  3. Grant says:

    Pakistan on R4  “Test Match Special” and I don’t mean the cricket team. Lunchtime guest with Jonathan Agnew was “Dragon’s Den ”  James Caan and the main topic was not the cricket !
    To his credit,  Caan  was flying to Pakistan after the interview to try and get aid directly to the victims, not going through agencies or government ( although he didn’t exactly go into details ).

    However, he was slightly taken aback when Aggers , departing from the offical BBC script, asked him why so little aid was coming from muslims ?  Caan spluttered something about Saudi Arabia giving aid.

    Then it was Caan’s turn to go off script and say how generous the British were with donations  ( get that message BBC ? ).

    In fact Caan came over as very proud to be British and genuine I think.

    When asked who he supports when England are playing Pakistan he said ” I like to back winners “.

    Not a good day for the BBC.  I think TMS is lightly moderated. Maybe the Beeboids should keep a closer eye on these pesky cricket commentators !


    • Maturecheese says:

      I have been thinking exactly that, why aren’t Muslim countrys giving most of the aid to Pakistan.  Aren’t they all part of the Umma, that great brotherhood of Islam.  Are we not the dirty infidel whom they despise so much and most of the time seem hell bent on wiping us out either by hook or by crook.


      • Grant says:

        They know that most of the money will be stolen, so they don’t give. Westerners know most of the money will be stolen and they still give. Who is the more stupid ?


    • Millie Tant says:

      Any excuse to have this non dom’s face on the TV. If it isn’t Dragons’ Den or a documentary about this rich man’s life, it’s the cricket.


      • Grant says:

        I don’t know that much about Caan, but , so far as I am aware, he is an honest businessman who has created jobs in the UK and invests here. I suspect he is a pretty “moderate” muslim, surely the kind we want to encourage ?


        • Millie Tant says:

          Er…no, Grant. You haven’t been keeping up! I will post more anon. But my post is really about the BBC and the point of my mentioning this non dom is that I thought the BBC isn’t supposed to  like non doms.


          • Millie Tant says:

            Grant, About a week or so ago, on an Open thread,  1327 posted a link to a Daily Mail article about a story alleging poor treatment of an inventor on Dragons’ Den to whom Caan and Bannatyne had offered an investment. 

            I subsequently posted on the same thread a long screed about the war that had broken out between the same two dragons about non doms. From what has been alleged, it seems that Caan has behaved badly in both cases.

            I tried to find the thread but clearly have not mastered the vagaries of the search system on here, and I have given up trying.


            • Craig says:

              Millie, it’s here (on Page 4):


              • Grant says:

                I followed your link re. Dragons, although I didn’t read the whole article.
                What the programme doesn’t show, and for me personally is the most interesting bit, are the “due diligence” investigations by lawyers and accountants before any investment is made. It is quite possible that some deals are re-negotiated or scrapped because contestants have misrepresented themselves on the programme.
                However, getting a bit away from BBC bias here !


              • Millie Tant says:

                Many thanks for that, Craig. You are a true gent. 🙂


            • Grant says:

              I don’t know the detail. If there is evidence that Caan is a double dealer, I would accept that .


    • john says:

      Yes, and there was I thinking we had done our bit availing the Nuclear Pakistan Cricket Team a safe place to play against Australia courtesy of the England and Wales Cricket Board.
      Would the BBC now like to make a similar offer to those displaced Pakistani flood victims so they can be looked after in their grandious offices throughout England and Wales ?


      • Grant says:


        Both good points.  I am sure many Beeboids have at least one spare room in their house or houses where they can put up a Pakistani refugee and paint an arrow to point them to Mecca.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Wow Grant, you’re the Mike Denness of B-BBC!


  4. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Bit of a throway one but I caught a couple of minutes last night at bed-time, a programme on Radio 2 playing mostly American music.

    The presenter – ‘ …shows that not all disasters are caused by global warming’.

    You know, fella, maybe NO disasters are ’caused by global warming’.  Maybe ‘global warming’ doesn’t exist.

    It’s beyond me, really. 

    Do they arrive at the BBC already ‘prepped’ by NUT teachers and Polyversity.  Do they go in normal and get re-educated?  Are they just repeating an obligatory mantra under pain of dismissal?  Do they have a micro-chip inserted in their brains that controls their thought processes?

    Any droids out there care to shed some light on this.


  5. thespecialone says:

    Littlejohn at the Daily Mail is having a go at the corporation:

    Get over it, auntie, your darling labour lost
    The BBC has decided to set itself up as the official Opposition. Its news agenda is dominated by ‘the cuts’.
    Channel 4 News isn’t much better, but it doesn’t have the reach of the Beeb.
    No bulletin is complete without a hand-wringing report from a sink estate somewhere in Britain, warning of the devastating consequences for the ‘poorest in society’  –  even though the full details of the spending package aren’t due until October and will almost certainly hit the middle classes hardest.
    Reporters deliver their dispatches knee deep in bewildered, multi-ethnic nursery school children  –  the implication being that ‘the cuts’ are not only heartless, they’re racist, too.
    All pretence of objectivity has gone out of the window. Auntie is hell-bent on talking the economy down and blaming everything on ‘the coalition cuts’.
    BBC editors are determined to drive a wedge between the coalition partners. In a ludicrous interview this week, the Today programme’s ‘Prince Albert’, Evan Davis, kept hounding Nick Clegg over his failure to impose ‘progressive’ policies on David Cameron.
    Would he have given Clegg such a hard time if the Lib Dems had got into bed with Labour in a coalition of the losers? What do you think?
    It’s a pity the BBC didn’t devote even half as much energy to exposing Labour’s culture of reckless waste and drunken-sailor extravagance, which has brought Britain to the brink of bankruptcy.
    BBC hacks hate the fact that most voters are quite content with the performance of the coalition so far – something confirmed this week by a poll in The Guardian, of all places.
    Someone should tell the BBC its beloved Labour Party lost. Get over it. 

    Read more:


    • Millie Tant says:

      Cuts and splits; cuts and splits; repeat ad nauseam. There is no point in even watching or listening as we know that’s what it will be.

      And the greediest (apart from doctors’ trade unions) and among the richest organisations in the country weeps on cue for the poorest in society while refusing ever to give up so much as a penny of the licence tax extortion for the good of society or the poorest in society. Ah, the tears of a Beeboid are like the potions of a medicine man.


  6. Julio says:

    File under ‘degenerate BBC employee behaviour’  
    BBC presenter who claimed he killed gay lover prosecuted for wasting police time  
    Ray Gosling, the BBC presenter, will be prosecuted for wasting police time after claiming that he had killed a gay lover.  
    The 70-year-old presenter apparently confessed to smothering his lover as he lay in hospital dying of Aids during a programme broadcast in February.  
    He was arrested and questioned for 30 hours about the claim.  
    Gosling initially refused to disclose the identity of the man he said he had killed saying he had made a pact with him.  
    He had told a BBC Inside Out documentary that he had smothered the man with a pillow as he lay in a hospital bed in “terrible, terrible pain”.  
    Gosling later admitted that he had disclosed the name of the man whose life he said he hand ended under police questioning.  
    But a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokeswoman said there is now “sufficient evidence” to prove he was lying.  
    Helen Allen of the CPS said Nottinghamshire Police have been informed Gosling should be prosecuted for wasting police time.  


    • 1327 says:

      Dear god what kind of a sick attention seeker would you have to be to have claimed that ? Didn’t he also make a programme a few years ago were he claimed to be living in poverty while also being ill ? I wonder how true that was.


    • Grant says:

      Once a Beeboid prat, always a Beeboid prat. There is no cure for Beeboiditis.


    • Abolish the BBC says:

      Well to be fair it’s plausible that a gay beeboid smothered his AIDS infected rent boy with a pillow, it’s typical night in for tinsel tits on R4.


  7. Ross Johns says:

    This should be interesting given that one of the trade-marks of the lunatic left is a total lack of humour:


    • Grant says:

      What is the betting the winner of the BBC competition is a muslim ?
      Any chance of a BBC sitcom about a Gurkha family living in Britain ?


      • John Anderson says:

        …or maybe about a conservative-leaning Aussie or Kiwi or American working in London and amazed at the mess Britain is in ?


    • Abolish the BBC says:

      They just don’t get the fact that they are the racists, the fact they distinguish anything on a race quota is the purist form of rascism imaginable, insipid and dangerous.

      Beacuse of the actions of these useful idiots the cake has been cut and everyone wants their slice to be bigger.


  8. fred bloggs says:

    The story of the illegal Romanian gypsies being returned home, was on almost every bBC TV and radio news session.  No other unit took up the story with such prominence.   Must touch their lefty sensibilities.  Don’t understand why, EU rules say that after 3 months if you don’t have a job go home, this lot did not and started to construct shanty villages.


    • Simon says:

      Fred – just heard what passes for a debate (by Beeb stds) on this subject on the J Vine show: anti-Sarko thesis provided by some Gyppo-advocate from Leeds, the anti-thesis provided by some rabidly pro-EU Frenchman. Absolutely no gap in POV that I could discern. Charade. The fact that so many of the shanty residents are kids was held up as somehow pitiful rather than demonstrative of their breeding profligacy.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      When I saw a mention of this on the news yesterday, the first thing the BBC put up was some fresh-out-of school EU mouthpiece saying that the Roma are EU citizens and therefore have the right to move wherever they like, whenever they like.  That seemed to be the premise on which the BBC based all further reporting.


      • Millie Tant says:

        Last I heard, Romania and Bulgaria were under transitional arrangements into the EU. These restrict freedom of movement for a specified period, which has been something like seven years in the past. If they are out of the transitional period already, phew! how time flies


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Millie, I’m just repeating what the EU apparatchik said.  The BBC used that as Gospel, and tailored their reporting accordingly.


          • Millie Tant says:

            Yes, I knew you were reporting what they said. I was responding to that, not attributing it to you. I can’t understand why the BBC is putting it about that they can go anywhere whenever they like in the EU, when, so far as I know, they are still under the transitional arrangements.  Even when fully in, the freedom to go anywhere and do anything you like is not absolute in all circumstances, although little control now remains, even in cases of criminality, thanks to the courts.


    • Cassandra King says:

      The BBC sees this as a platform to attack Sarkozy and his regime, they eagerly conflate and confuse issues in order to present the viewer with a political narrative.
      The Roma who are French are not being deported or even attacked in any way, the law is being enforced to tackle determined law breaking by foreigners such as Romanian and Bulgarian Roma. Illegal camps built by these migrants are rat infested health hazards built near sources of criminal profit such as towns and cities, they are places from where pickpockets and muggers and burglars can flee to.
      The BBC knows full well what the facts are yet they make a very deliberate choice to ignore the facts and the evidence, the facts prove that wherever a camp appears crime goes up hugely, this is a cold hard fact.
      The electorate in France have demanded action, the crime and disorder and contempt for normal civilised values and structures shown by the foreign Roma dictates that action is taken. The BBC have made a very deliberate choice to pervert this story into a story of political and social persecution of a helpless minority and this is obviously not the case.
      European law supports the actions of France and all the other nations suffering from the Romanian/Bulgarian Roma criminals yet the BBC is intent on hiding that fact from the viewer, in effect the BBC is acting as a political censor erasing key facts,ignoring evidence while creating a dishonest spin to the events.
      If the Roma camps were not illegal and not involved in crime there would be no police/political intervention yet the BBC steadfastly refuses to admit that there is a huge crime wave that follows wherever the Roma camps appear.
      The reality of BBC bias shines out for all to see in this BBC report.
      Europe is not some African cesspit where people set up shanty towns wherever they feel like it, there are laws which you and I must abide by and it follows that all must abide by these laws or there is no law!


      • Craig says:

        I’ve lost count of the number of times BBC reporters (usually Emma Jane Kirby) have accused Sarkozy of pandering to the Right over some issue or other… expelling the Roma (as here with Christian Fraser), burqas, Muslims booing the French national anthem…

        …even when Sarkozy’s policy has massive majority support in opinion polls (way above the percentage you’d expect if it just appealed to right-wing voters).

        A mirror-image of the BBC’s reporting of Obama and the Cordoba mosque!!


      • Grant says:

        As usual,agree with most of your points, but please distinguish between “African cesspits ”  where some people have no choice but to set up shanty towns and EU Romas who do have a choice .


        • Cassandra King says:

          You are of course correct Grant, my choice of words was ill thought out and frankly stupid and I withdraw them.
          The distinction you draw is correct of course and I thank you for your comment.


          Cassie K.


          • Grant says:

            Thanks, Cassie. An honourable response is much appreciated. My wife being African, I am sometimes a little over-sensitive !!


            • Cassandra King says:

              I am always willing to learn by my mistakes and count on the experienced and wise posters of this forum to correct me whenever I stray!

              I have much to learn and with your kind help and guidance the journey will be far easier for me 🙂 .

              Yours as ever

              Cassie K.


  9. Martin says:

    Scabby Logan on Radio 5 just bleating on about why we’re not giving more aid to the Muzzie terrorist supporting Country of Pakistan.

    Not a single mention of the lack of money from other Muslim Countries.


    • Grant says:

      James Caan on TMS yesterday claimed, rightly or wrongly, that 25 % of the aid to Pakistan had come from the UK  !  That should be a BBC headline .


  10. ap-w says:

    Looks like we’re getting a big double helping of Billy Connolly from the BBC website this week. Fresh from his eulogy at the funeral of Mahatma Reid, he is getting the Freedom of the City of Glasgow;

    Lord Provost Bob Winter led calls for the city to recognise the performer for his contribution to comedy, film, music and his charity work.

    Mr Winter said: “Billy Connolly is arguably the world’s best-known Glaswegian and is truly deserving of the Freedom of the City.
    “He has presented himself as a proud citizen of the City of Glasgow. In doing so he has shown the world the unique humour, generosity and resilience of Glaswegians.”

    Congratulatory messages from past recipients including Nelson Mandela, Sir Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalglish will be read out at the ceremony.

    Now, call me churlish, but this is someone who made a joke about the killing of a hostage in Iraq who was subsequently murdered. Now I know that he would tell me to fuck off, that I wasn’t there and that the joke was told in a context where it was perfectly reasonable to joke about such things, but if a comedian had joked about the torturing and beheading of Guantanamo Bay prisoners (even in the context where it was very amusing to joke about that sort of thing) I suspect the BBC would not have such an appetite for relaying eulogies about him. 


    • Grant says:

      If Connolly is the world’s best known Glaswegian, that tells you all you need to know about the city.


  11. Derek Buxton says:

    Re the floods, I noticed today that the Arab States are to have a conference to discuss giving aid to Pakistan.  Remind me these started a few weeks ago didn’t they?
    Still with the weather has anyone heard the BBC mention the severe weather condition in the Southern Hemisphere, no thought not!  You would have thought dying rare penguins and semi tropical fish would have been noticed by all those intrepid journalists cum animal lovers.


  12. Manfred VR says:

    Just picked this up off the Daily Mail website.
    Thought I’d better copy and paste it before it’s taken down!

    Re Labour lefty BBC..Please leave the Treason Channel alone. They provide the smokescreen of the dogma of racism, ethnicity and multiculturism and a level of fact distortion,arrogance and ignorance not seen in any other organisation- and they do it with more bias than seen on a bowling green on a summer day. Their presenters, schooled at the Muffin the Mule School of Movement, jerk across TV screens whilst spouting this agenda which is the only thing that now seperates them from other TV channels . Sure it costs a billion or two but then the UK is full of organisations adept at spending the money of others– so what’s the problem ?

    Read more:
    I made a contribution, which unusually got posted (although doctored); Again, thought I’d better do as the above.

    Re BBC Bias.
    Richard, you are quite right, but if anything, you understate the problem.
    The BBC has abandoned all pretence of impartiality, and seems to be in all out war with the coalition.
    Virtually all News and Current Affairs presenters are undisguisedly hostile to Coalition spokesmen, and obsequously soft on Labour.
    During the election campaign, a blogger called Craig measured the number of minutes allowed for each of the parties in interviews, and the number of interuptions per minutes per party.
    The ratios were so heavily biased in favour of Labour, that the BBC had effectively become the (free) propaganda unit of Labour.
    The left wing bias of the BBC is so entrenched, that I think it will never be impartial. The solution – Scrap the Licence fee, and make the BBC fend for itself
    – Michael, Sick of being ‘enriched’, England, 20/8/2010 11:45

    Read more:
     I tried ‘pimping’ this site for the benefit of DM readers, but that was censored, as was my comments regarding Obama worship, multiculturalism etc.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I keep waiting for the BBC to mention exactly what kind of “terminal” cancer Megrahi has.  They haven’t mentioned it on air, and this website summary report doesn’t either.  I’m sure they mentioned it last year when he was brought home to a hero’s welcome, but they’re sure keeping quiet about it now.

    The terrorist has prostate cancer.  Now, I don’t mean to play down the seriousness of cancer of any kind, but it’s well known that prostate cancer – while fatal if left untreated – takes years and years to kill the victim.  In fact it progresses so slowly that, when really old people are diagnosed with it, the doctors will often leave it untreated as they are far more likely to die of something else first.  Prostate cancer is quite treatable if caught early on, and there’s no evidence – except for the Scots’ word that the cancer had spread – that Megrahi was not receiving treatment and is not currently receiving treatment that will allow him to live for years.

    The BBC is telling you none of this, and instead wastes time talking to a Scottish brick wall.

    When he was released last year, I fully expected he’d be alive today.

    I love it that these arrogant Scottish mouthpieces the BBC keeps talking to are glad to provide full deniability.  One of them is telling the BBC right now that they’re wrong to focus on the anger of the US families of victims, and that the UK families of victims support Megrahi’s release.  The BBC is so pathetic that they won’t call him out on it.  The female Beeboid doing the interview started to challenge him when he said it, but was clearly silenced by her producer shouting in her ear.

    The BBC is so obviously awfully biased here.  You were all fed a load of gargabe about this back then, and the BBC will do little more than a perfunctory frown now.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      There was an interesting article in the Edinburgh Evening News this week, in which it was alleged that Megrahi refused treatment, and that it was on the basis of this that he was given three months to live.  Of course, as soon as he was back in Libya he accepted the treatment and hey presto, here he is 12 months on.


    • Barry says:

      Depends on the type and stage of the prostate cancer. Megrahi didn’t look very mobile to me; in which case he shouldn’t be still around today.


    • Grant says:

      David P,
      I can’t think of any event in my life which has made me more ashamed to be Scottish. Certainly none of my family and friends here agreed with the release.
      No doubt half the world now thinks all Scots are thick clowns like Kenny Macaskill.


  14. RCE says:

    I’m still going strong on the disgusting and biased under-reporting of the case of those ‘9 men’ involved in the abduction, rape and forcing of a 14 year-old girl into prostitution (but not to any non-muslim clients, coincidentally). I’ve complained to the BBC 3 times now, as no response has even bothered to address the issue of my complaint (the first one was barely written in English); the last, which came closest, contains this cretinous statement:

    “In this case it has been argued… that the racial or religious origin of those involved was relevant but at the time of writing we had no evidence to suggest it was and I believe it is still a moot point.”

    A Google search of ‘Anne Cryer’ (at the time or otherwise) also suggests it was relevant; and I wonder if it would be a “moot point” if it was your daughter, Beeboid? it goes on:

    “As the police commented at the time, child abuse takes place across all races and religions.”

    So that’s alright, then. I’m sure that if gangs of white Catholic men started deliberately targeting young black girls to rape it would be treated equally dismissively. The BBC is a disease.


    • Abolish the BBC says:

      They tried to imprison Nick Griffin for talking about it, as long as it’s not happening around Islington and white city around their children.
      How would they feel if their daughters were gang raped by nine extremely ugly illegal immigrant from Pakistan.
      This has been happening in Bradford and the North for fifteen years.


  15. RCE says:

    I’m still going strong on the disgusting and biased under-reporting of the case of those ‘9 men’ involved in the abduction, rape and forcing of a 14 year-old girl into prostitution (but not to any non-muslim clients, coincidentally). I’ve complained to the BBC 3 times now, as no response has even bothered to address the issue of my complaint (the first one was barely written in English); the last, which came closest, contains this cretinous statement:

    “In this case it has been argued… that the racial or religious origin of those involved was relevant but at the time of writing we had no evidence to suggest it was and I believe it is still a moot point.”

    A Google search of ‘Anne Cryer’ (at the time or otherwise) also suggests it was relevant; and I wonder if it would be a “moot point” if it was your daughter, Beeboid? it goes on:

    “As the police commented at the time, child abuse takes place across all races and religions.”

    So that’s alright, then. I’m sure that if gangs of white Catholic men started deliberately targeting young black girls to rape it would be treated equally dismissively. The BBC is a disease.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I did catch the program about Chechen Muslims stealing women and forcing them to marry.  Apparently, even though it’s against Islam to steal women for brides, it’s a traditional part of Chechen culture so they all do it. Oh, and it’s partially Stalin’s fault for relocating them all or something, so they’re a traumatized people and we have no right to judge them.  Or something like that.  The message of the show itself was contradictory there.  there’s a lot more about that in the summary article than there was in the video.

      The female presenter told the women she thought it was “cruel”, and was constantly told by all the Chchen women that it was fine, they liked it in the end, not cruel at all.  Even the local imam who told her that the practice was against Islam kidnapped his own wife, and saw no problem with it.  His wife assured us that she was very happy now because her husband didn’t drink or smoke.

      So while we got the obligatory clucking of tongues, the viewer comes away with the impression that it’s not a big deal, and certainly nothing to do with Islam.

      This goes along with my theory that the real problem with all this is not Islam, but the caveman culture from which it derives, and the caveman culture which pre-existed in regions which have adopted Islam.  However, it’s equally clear that Islam is most definitely not a reforming, moderating, civilizing influence on anything.  So a key premise of the BBC’s reporting is obviously false.


      • john smith says:

        Until Christmas I was a mature student. Around campus though I saw Asian male/white female couples I never ever saw the revers. Asian girls seem to be moved around groups with a minder. A few semesters ago a white male student was badly beaten after speaking to an Asian girl. What I noticed that Asian males around white females were tactile to a point which would shame an Italian. Around the council estates of the conurbation to my east the grooming/systematic abuse of young teenage white girls is well known. Those who speak out from these communties are branded racists. In inner city Britian the white under class come second best to Asains. Police I know happily admit that arresting a Pakistani for anything is more trouble than its worth becauase of the politcis involved. Whites are a much easier target.


        • Pounce says:

          John, when I left the regs I too became a full time student and at the campus I attended there were 3 main groups of people;
          The Muslims
          The Chinese
          and the rest
          The Muslims hated the Chinese and the Chinese did like wise.
          Both groups had no problem with the rest.

          Islamic girls were always driven in by male members on a morning and picked up again at hometime.

          Most girls who wore the Burka would as soon as they were dropped off, walk to the toilets and remove said garment, at around 1500hrs they would put them back ona gain.

          Islamic girls were off limits to everybody bar Muslims.

          Islamic males on the other hand would sniff round any girl.

          Gangs of Islamic males would intensionally congregate around building entrances in which to force people (usually their peer group) to find another entrance/exit because if you tried to walk through them they would cause a rumpus with the bBC favorite line; “You’re a racist” used to silence any dissent.
          However that party trick didn’t work with yours truly, who would push his way through , usually by shouting out to them “Get out of the f-ing way,”
          I did have 2 muslim lads who sat in front of me in class and boy did they smell. Nice lads but they smelt of BO. I mentioned the fact to them and the reply “we as Muslims are not allowed to wear aftershave as it contains alcohol”. Where I informed them that soap doesn’t contain alcohol.  Of course over time Allah’s little helpers noticed that this person with an Islamic name wasn’t Muslim and one day in the Uni library a couple of them came up to me and told me that I had to change my name as I wasn’t a muslim. You don’t really want to know my response but put it this way those two idiots never bothered me again. (and i never even went to the teacher)
          My tutor was reported for being a racist because he gave an Islamic student a poor mark. The guy never attended class, never submitted his homework, yet presumed he could pass his subjects by playing the race card. problem for him was his work was then marked by an outside tutor and he gave him a lesser grade. 

          From what I saw, Muslims at UK schools use ‘Islam’ in which to bully their way through the educational system. Be it late homework, not attending class or even smelling of BO. The people in charge tend to look the otherway when a Muslim is involved 


          • Grant says:

            Very interesting interesting post for me personally as I used to teach at a university and had similar experiences.
            Don’t remember ever having any problems with Chinese students’ behaviour at all, but some muslims, yes !


  16. RGH says:

    I read the Arab Press, particularly that of the Gulf, to get a clearer picture of the nature of the phenomenon of Islam and its cultural and political subsets.

    The BBC is quite breathtakingly ‘out of touch’ and sells a sanitised and distorted view of events, no doubt to suit its liberal, we are one world fantasy.

    The corruption in Muslim Pakistan is so culturally ingrained that no Muslim donor money is risked through the UN or Western NGOs. The Gulf rulers and the Saudis have their own ‘conduits’ and will not give up cash.

    In the Arab Press (Kuwait), this is to be read:

    “If you’re a relative of someone who is influential, you will get more food no matter how big or small your family is,” said teacher Mohammad Niaz at a food distribution centre.

    The Western public, I think senses this, but is still being bombarded with horrifying scenarios but has gone all ‘donor fatigue’.

    The BBC let one piece through the PC filter concerning hero donkeys

    Military officials say many villages are still inaccessible. Even beasts of burden struggle to get through one of the biggest disasters in Pakistan’s history. They move along the edge of sheer mud cliffs created by landslides in blistering heat.

    “Two of my donkeys got injured as they fell on a narrow track,” said donkey owner Munawarullah Khan, beating his animal with a stick to force it to move. In a nearby river bed, several mules turned over and rubbed their backs on wet sand. “They are exhausted,” he said.


    Ouch…where’s the RSPCA?



  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s one for you:

    Halal holidays in the sun

    If you see a veiled Muslim woman sitting on a beach watching her husband and children splashing in the waves, don’t assume it’s her religion that keeps her from joining in the fun.

    Indeed, it’s your bigotry that’s forcing Mohammedans into isolation and to create their own cottage industry of toursim in areas where bigots like you won’t make them feel unwanted.

    But you can read the rest of the article if you think it will help.


  18. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Still waiting for the BBC to report this:

    Amesty urges Saudi not to paralyse man

    Amnesty International urged Saudi authorities on Friday not to medically paralyse a man in retribution for similar injuries he allegedly caused during a fight.

    The London-based group quoted reports that a court in the northwestern town of Tabuk had approached a number of hospitals to ask if they could cut the man?s spinal cord in retribution, as requested by the victim.

    Or is it the case that the BBC approves of this sort of thing, as it’s “proportional”?


    • Grant says:

      Beeboids would probably say it is no different from Christianity “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth “


      • john smith says:

        You mean the Jewish “eye for an eye”………

        ……..even though the Hebrew doesn’t really say that, it is a poor translation.


    • NotaSheep says:

      I have a piece about this scheduled to go up on Sunday. I thought I had too many peices up for today and tomorrow. BTW do I post too many articles a day?  The title of my piece ‘The compassion of Islam’


    • Craig says:

      That could be because the BBC’s Australia correspondent Nick Bryant is always on message on the issue of immigration.

      He is squeamish about Australia’s “messy debate over asylum seekers, which never arouses the nobler aspects of the Australian character”. He repeatedly characterises illegal immigration as “the most paranoiac issue in Australian politics” and is fond of using the phrase “dog whistle” whenever a politician talks tough on the any immigration issue. He quotes at significantly greater length in his blog from those advocating a liberal immigration policy and peppers it with posts praising Australia’s ‘multi-culturalism’.


      • Cassandra King says:

        No guessing which team Bryant is batting for eh? I loved the shot of beeboid Bryant being blanked by the mad monk..purrrfick! Abbot took one look at who was asking the question, looked at the BBC logo and his eyes said it all(you pommie beeboid drongos can go drown in a rip tide)! You just know that Abbot was going to answer the beeboids question untill he saw who it was….purrrrfick!


    • deegee says:

      I’m sure there is no agenda in the choice of a smiling Gillard and a sour Abbot  *DONT_KNOW*  

      But Ms Gillard’s move triggered a backlash, with support for her falling sharply in the two months since she has been in office. Gillard is in power only because Labor thought they would lose the election with Rudd.


  19. RGH says:

    Shisha on the Beach from the Gulf Times.

    BBC, I dare you!

    GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories, July 18, 2010 (AFP) – The Hamas-run government in Gaza on Sunday said it had banned women from smoking water pipes in public, as fear of the police drove many cafe owners to extinguish the popular pastime.

    “The police have decided to ban women from smoking water pipes in open, public places because it is against our customs, traditions and social norms,” interior ministry spokesman Ihab al-Ghussein told AFP.

    (The smoking of water pipes loaded with sweetened tobacco, also known as nargileh or shisha, is popular in cafes across the Arab world) RGH

    The owners of several large cafes along Gaza’s beachfront said that in recent days they were ordered to stop serving the water pipes altogether, before police clarified that the ban only applied to women and minors.

    “We received orders from the police to stop serving shisha without any further details,” said Abu Ahmad, the owner of one such cafe who asked not to be identified, adding that he is not currently serving shisha to anyone.

    “We are in favour of a shisha ban for children and young people, but women should be able to smoke inside a tent,” he said, referring to the semi-private areas of the outdoor cafes usually reserved for families.

    Nashat al-Hamarna, the owner of a popular beach club north of Gaza, said he continued serving shisha to men but distributed notices with his menus saying, “Because of a government decision it is forbidden to serve shisha to women.”

    He says he still lost 30 percent of his normal weekend business.

    Even Gaza’s most luxurious hotels, which largely cater to diplomats, foreign aid workers and journalists, have extinguished their coals.

    A minor issue, sure, but so illustrative of the Hamas ideological micro-management.

    PS. We are not supposed to know about the ‘luxurious’ hotels. But the Kuwait press doesn’t know that.





    • Grant says:

      Don’t worry, I am sure the BBC will report it, if they haven’t already.


  20. Dick says:

    <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

    Did anyone hear Feedback today and the interview with Mark Damazer, the outgoing Controller of Radio 4? It began with a hagiography of John Lennon, arguably one of the most foolish men of the 20th Century, and ended with a paean of praise for the Today programme, described as the most important programme on the network, one where “democratic arguments” are heard; where the issues are debated; arguments are heard and analysed, upholding the values of “liberal pluralism”?


    Is this man an idiot (I think not); intellectually corrupt; or merely blinkered? How on earth can you think of this programme as upholding “liberal pluralism” when time and time and time again only one case is put, as has been repeatedly documented on this website? Almost daily, there are instances of grotesque bias.


    This is why so many of us, at one time enthusiastic supporters of the BBC, think its time is now up. Fantasise on, Damazer and other likeminded Beeboids.


    • Grant says:

      You make a good point , Dick.  Does Damazer really believe what he is saying, in which case he is a fool or doesn’t he, in which case he is a liar ?
      Or is it that the Beeboids are so utterly brainwashed and inward-looking that they believe what Damazer says is reality ?
      “Feedback” is one of the most irritatingly smug R4 programmes imaginable.


  21. Julio says:

    The BBC’s favourite multiculti youth act showing what a class act they truly are once again:


    2010-08-20 17:21:46 –

    N-DUBZ drummer AARON FAGAN has been found guilty of sexually assaulting t wo female fans after a gig in Scotland.
    The 25 year old was convicted of groping the two women at a students’ u nion in Glasgow, Scotland in October (09) during an aftershow party follo wing the British rap group’s performance in the city.
    Sheriff Joanna Johnston at Glasgow Sheriff Court found Fagan guilty of the charges and placed him on the sex offenders’ register. His sentencing was deferred until next month (Sep10).
    Speaking after the hearing, Fagan sensationally accused the court of ra cism, alleging he is the victim of a “white jury” – even though the case was held as a summary trial and was not put before a panel of his peers.
    He told reporters, “I’m a black man and I have been tried by a white ju ry. It’s pretty clear what happened in that court and it’s the opposite o f justice.
    “I’ve been convicted with no evidence, no CCTV or anything… It’s that (racial discrimination) along with my profile that got me found guilty. Tell me how many people could have been convicted for squeezing a girl’s a**e, nearly every guy could be up for that.”


    • Martin says:

      Except at the BBC where it’s more likely to be men squeezing the arse of other men.


  22. piggy kosher says:

    Well it sounds a bit harsh imo.

    Maybe the beeboid escape committee could send this poor man an escape kit concealed in a Jamacan rum cake?


  23. Pounce says:

    The bBC, joining the dots and the lack of a pencil.

    Remember how the bBC made a huge song and dance about the installation of vehicle number plate recognition cameras in Birmingham. You know like this,this, and this

    At the time all the usual suspects here mentioned something about insurance fraud and what not. But hey far better for the bBC to ignore the evidence and bleat “Racist hate crime” 

    Well here’s a little article which the bBC is currently airing which for some reason the hacks at the bBC cannot seem to be able to link with the above story;

    Crash scam figures at record high, insurers warn

    “Crash for cash” scams where fraudsters stage accidents to claim on other drivers’ insurance are at an all-time high, the BBC has learned.The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) estimates around 30,000 accidents were staged last year.The scams cost insurers about £350m in 2009 and added £44 to the premium of every driver in the country.Birmingham was the UK’s top fraud hot-spot and incidents rose in parts of London, the industry-funded body said.




  24. john says:

    Wakey Wakey ! 
    All BBC american based “journalists” There’s work to be done !
    Get out of bed – you are required !
    As it says in the Koran on page 666 :
    When New York construction workers refuse to work on our new marvelous mosque near Ground Zero, all useful idiots will be required to stand in and look like they know what they doing.
    As usual the BBC is No. 1 on the speed dial.
    But whatever you do, don’t report it. Oh no !


  25. George R says:

    BBC increases its political MULTICULTURAL PROPAGANDA:

    – no doubt with special emphasis on increasing the numbers of non-white, non-middle class immigrants, and giving them preferential treatment:

    “BBC runs writing contest for multicultural programming”

    Paul Weston on ‘multiculturalism’: a critique censored out of existence by the NUJ-BBC –


    “The white proponents of multiculturalism are hypocrites. They are in the main, middle class suburban or rural dwellers of majority white enclaves. One peculiarity of white liberals is that whilst they embrace the ethnic colonisation of the West they are repulsed by the history of white colonisation in the East, thereby showing that their political views have less to do with colonisation per se and more to do with a hatred of Western civilisation. Trying to find a working class man in a gritty and diverse part of town who supports this peculiar ideology is akin to discovering a conservative at the BBC or a democrat in church. Put simply, Western liberals, feminists and homosexuals, who for reasons known only to themselves support multiculturalism, do not choose to live in Riyadh yet hold up Islamic culture as equally valid.

    “The non-white proponents of multiculturalism are hypocrites. The Middle East is monocultural, as is Pakistan and India. The idea that Europeans in Saudi Arabia can be flogged for practicing Christianity whilst Saudi money is financing thousands of radical mosques throughout Europe is perhaps the best example of multiculturalism’s rank hypocrisy.

    “Multiculturalisms belief that all cultures and races are equal is simply not true.”

    -from ‘MULTICULTURALISM’ (by Paul Weston)


  26. Philip says:

    al-BBCeera celebrating with Ahmadinejad & the Mullahs this morning..


  27. John Anderson says:

    This Taiwanese cartoon gives a better analysis of the Aussie election than the BBC manages.  For instance – it shows that Labour is being well and truly beaten by the Abbott on first votes,  but the bloody Green Party holds the balance when their votes are redistributed mostly towards Labour.  Has the BBC ever said that Abbott is winning the first votes hands-down ?  If not – why not ?

    So some kids in Taiwan give more accurate and objective reporting than the BBC.  No surprise, really,  the BBC’s forte is inaccuracy and bias.


  28. hippiepooter says:

    Nothing to do with the BBC, but a very moving story about ‘A mutt, a marine and a ‘miracle”.


  29. Manfred VR says:

    I found this when googling Mark Thompson + Common Purpose. Might be a handy reference.

    You’ll find it here

    This is a list of some BBC employees who have attended Common Purpose courses. Hat tip: TonyGosling. If you can add to this list, please contact me.

    Stranks, Harriet. Regional Co-ordinator BBC – Children in Need, Manchester, Greater Manchester 2004/05, Greater Manchester, Matrix

    Pollock, Jeremy. Assistant Editor, BBC WM, BBC Birmingham, Birmingham, Birmingham 2004, Birmingham, Matrix

    Curtis, Sue. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Coventry, Coventry Matrix 2004, Coventry & Warwickshire, Matrix

    David, Clargo. Managing Editor BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Coventry Coventry Profile 2004

    Bishop, Tim. Head of Regional & Local Programmes BBC East, Norwich, The Forum Norfolk 2000, Norfolk, Matrix

    Hare, Diana. Editor Features BBC East, Norwich, The Forum Norfolk 2005, Norfolk, Matrix

    Bell, Marianne. Managing Editor BBC Monitoring, Reading Southampton – 2001/02, Southampton, Matrix

    O’Hagan, Patrick. News Editor BBC Monitoring, Reading Berkshire 2002, Berkshire, Matrix

    Robertson, Peter. Managing Editor BBC Monitoring, Reading 20:20 – 2005

    Stamp, Roger. Broadcast Journalist BBC Monitoring, Reading Reading – 1997/98, Berkshire, Matrix

    Cornes, Simon. Editor BBC Radio Derby, Derby Derby Profile 2002, Derby, Matrix

    Cook, Peter. Acting Editor BBC Radio Norfolk, Norwich Norfolk 2004, Norfolk, Matrix

    Standley, Gary. Social Action Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio Norfolk, Norwich Norfolk 2001, Norfolk, Matrix

    Main, Gerald. Managing Editor BBC Radio Suffolk, Ipswich Suffolk 2004, Suffolk, Matrix

    Richardson, Colin. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC Television, Newcastle upon Tyne Teesside – 1997, Teesside, Matrix

    Jones, Andrew. Head of North BBC, Aberdeen Aberdeen – 1999, Aberdeen, Matrix

    Adair, Mark. Secretary for Northern Ireland BBC, Belfast Belfast – 1996, Belfast, Matrix

    Carragher, Kathleen. Editor Radio News BBC, Belfast Belfast – 1998, Belfast, Matrix

    Cormican, Anne. Production Executive, Audio and PP BBC, Belfast Belfast – 2003, Belfast, Matrix

    Curry, Tony. Producer BBC, Belfast Belfast – 1994, Belfast, Matrix

    McGregor, Alister. Human Resources Manager BBC, Belfast Belfast – 2002, Belfast, Matrix

    Purdy, Martina. Political Correspondent BBC, Belfast Belfast – 1996, Belfast, Matrix

    Burns, Patrick. Political Editor, Midlands BBC, Birmingham Birmingham – 1998, Birmingham, Matrix

    Dalgleish, Laura. Head of Local Programmes BBC, Birmingham Bristol – 1995, Bristol, Matrix

    Jones-Owen, Rebecca. Network Publicist BBC, Birmingham Birmingham – 2001, Birmingham, Matrix

    Fraser, Wendy. Assistant to Head of Regional and Local Programmes BBC, Bristol – Broadcasting House Bristol Profile 2003

    Harvey, Dave. Political Correspondant BBC, Bristol – Broadcasting House Bristol – 2004, Bristol, Matrix

    Lewthwaite, Jane. Southwest Regional Co-ordinator BBC, Bristol – Broadcasting House Bristol – 2000, Bristol, Matrix

    Lloyd-Smith, Bob. Public Accountability Manager BBC, Bristol – Broadcasting House Bristol Profile 2003

    Marshall, Stephanie. Output Editor BBC, Bristol – Broadcasting House Bristol – 2003, Bristol, Matrix


  30. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I have BBC News Channel on in the background, and they’re doing some dopey segment on online networking and gaming.  Some female Beeboid was just now talking about some new online interface apps for social networking, and for some reason there’s a Churchill connection.  So the Beeboid says, “Winston Churchill has been in the news lately because of rumors of a UFO cover-up….”

    No recent anniversaries of important speeches about wars or anything?  Dumbed down BBC.


  31. Manfred VR says:

    continued list of BBC common purpose graduates:

    Wilson, Andrew. Head of Regional & Local Programmes BBC, Bristol – Broadcasting House Bristol – 2002, Bristol, Matrix

    Davies, Adrian. Editor, Current Affairs BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 1997, Cardiff, Matrix

    Eirug, Aled. Head of Corporate Social Responsibility BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 1996, Cardiff, Matrix

    Gibson, Rhian. Golygydd Newyddion BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 1999, Cardiff, Matrix

    Jasani, Annand. Broadcaster BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 2000, Cardiff, Matrix

    Jones, Keith. Head of Welsh Language Programmes BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 1995/96, Cardiff, Matrix

    Morris-Jones, Gail. Acting Editor – BBC Wales Today BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 2003, Cardiff, Matrix

    O’Callaghan, Mark. Head of News and Current Affairs BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 1998, Cardiff, Matrix

    Powell, Amanda. Editor News New Media BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 2002, Cardiff, Matrix

    Roberts, Penny. Chief Reporter BBC, Cardiff Swansea Bay – 2003, Swansea Bay, Focus

    Saldanha, Lyra. Community Liaison Officer BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 2000, Cardiff, Matrix

    Stallard, Carys. Assistant News Editor, Radio Wales BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 2001, Cardiff, Matrix

    Thomas, Mari. Marketing and Communications BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 1997, Cardiff, Matrix

    Williams, Geoff. News Editor BBC, Cardiff Cardiff – 2000, Cardiff, Matrix

    Fowler, Jane. Editor Speech Programmes BBC, Edinburgh Edinburgh – 2004, Edinburgh, Matrix

    Atkinson, Val. Deputy Head of News & Current Affairs BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 1997, Glasgow, Matrix

    Bradley, Margaret. Head of Resource Operations BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 2005, Glasgow, Matrix

    Braid, Nancy. Head of Programme Planning BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 1996, Glasgow, Matrix

    Brown, Donald-Iain. Managing Editor BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 2000, Glasgow, Matrix

    Cunningham, Maggie. Head of Radio Scotland BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 1998, Glasgow, Matrix

    Hawkins, Nicholas. Senior Business Manager BBC, Glasgow Leicester – 1991/92, Leicestershire, Matrix

    Miller, May. Creative Director BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 2001, Glasgow, Matrix

    Munro, Helen. Editor Music BBC, Glasgow Glasgow – 2003, Glasgow, Matrix

    French, Philippa. Press & PR Officer BBC, Leeds Leeds – 2002/03, Leeds, Matrix

    Gill, Andrew. Merseyside Reporter BBC, Liverpool Mersey – 1998, Merseyside, Matrix

    Harding, Phil. Director – English Network and News BBC, London West London – 1995/96, West London, Matrix

    Harper, Jacqui. Presenter BBC, London North London – 1991/92, North London, Matrix

    Howe, Tamara. Head of Production and Finance BBC, London – 201 Wood Lane South London – 1997/98, South London, Matrix

    Denmead, Madeline. Divisional Finance Director, Nations & Regions BBC, London – Broadcasting House – Head Office 20:20 – 2001

    Grossman, Russell. Head of Internal Communications BBC, London – Broadcasting House – Head Office North London – 1999/00, North London, Matrix

    Gurnett, John. Special Assistant to the Controller BBC, London – Broadcasting House – Head Office Reading – 1997/98, Berkshire, Matrix


  32. Manfred VR says:

    Sorry, I didn’t realise how long this list is, but as I’ve started, for the sake of fairness and impartiality, I think I should post the remainder of the BBC common purpose Graduates list. By the way, each course costs in the region of £5,000.
    Once again apologies for adding to the scrolling.

    Huey, Marina. Development Executive (Resources) BBC, London – Broadcasting House – Head Office South London 2001-2002, South London, Matrix

    Rowe, Diana. Project Manager BBC, London – Broadcasting House – Head Office London – Autumn 2002, London Autumn, Matrix

    Butler, Gareth. Deputy Editor, The Politics Show BBC, London – Millbank North London 2000/01, North London, Matrix

    Kehoe, Dermot. Deputy Head of Political and Parlimentary Affairs BBC, London – Millbank North London – 1999/00, North London, Matrix

    Askew, Catherine. BBC, London – Television Centre Derby – 2000, Derby, Matrix

    Busby, Phillipa. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, London – Television Centre England Navigator July 2001

    Cohen, Janet. Freelance Broadcaster BBC, London – Television Centre West London – 1997/98, West London, Matrix

    Fairley, Theodora. Broadcast Journalist BBC, London – Television Centre London Navigator 2000

    Ganguli, Anupam. Senior Finance Executive BBC, London – Television Centre South London – 1999/00, South London, Matrix

    Henderson, Deborah. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, London – Television Centre England Navigator July 2001

    Shreeve, Helen. BBC, London – Television Centre South London – 2000/01, South London, Matrix

    Van-Vark, Manon. Broadcast Journalist BBC, London – Television Centre Navigator – 1999

    Vogel, Martin. Head of Editorial Development BBC, London – Television Centre North London 2001/02, North London, Matrix

    Williams, Jon. Editor BBC, London – Television Centre 20:20 – 2005

    Devine, Leo. BBC, Manchester Leicester – 1994/95, Leicestershire, Matrix

    Harris, Melanie. Producer BBC, Manchester Greater Manchester – 1997/98, Greater Manchester, Matrix

    Molyneux, Liz. Senior Producer BBC, Manchester Greater Manchester – 2000, Greater Manchester, Matrix

    Wallace, Rachel. Press and PR Manager BBC, Manchester Greater Manchester 2000/01, Greater Manchester, Matrix

    Ellingford, Tim. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, Middlesbrough Tees 2002, Tees, Matrix

    Glover, Andrew. Managing Editor BBC, Middlesbrough Teesside – 2001, Teesside, Matrix

    Batey, Mark. TV Assistant Producer BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle – 1998/99, Newcastle, Matrix

    Cotton, Mark. Press & PR Officer BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle – 2001/02, Newcastle, Matrix

    Fitzpatrick, Brid. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle – 1997/98, Newcastle, Matrix

    Scrimshaw, Mark. Director BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle – 1997/98, Newcastle, Matrix

    Wild, Michael. Political Producer BBC, Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle – 1995/96, Newcastle, Matrix

    Ashworth, Phil. Editor BBC, Oxford Oxford – 1998/99, Oxfordshire, Matrix

    Clegg, Julian. Assistant Editor/Breakfast Presenter BBC, Southampton Southampton – 1997/98, Southampton, Matrix

    Stevenson, Jamie. Journalist BBC, Southampton Portsmouth and South East Hampshire – 1999, Portsmouth

    Harri, Nia. Swansea Reporter BBC, Swansea Swansea Bay – 2000, Swansea Bay, Focus

    John, Rebecca. Swansea Reporter BBC, Swansea Swansea Bay – 2002, Swansea Bay, Focus

    Gardner, Kirsten. Senior Sequence Producer BBC, Swindon Swindon – 1995/96, Swindon, Matrix

    Gripton, Jon. Senior Producer BBC, Swindon Swindon – 1997/98, Swindon, Matrix

    Hodgetts, Shaun. Sports Editor BBC, Swindon Swindon – 1993/94, Swindon, Matrix

    Milne, Sandy. Editor Local Services BBC, Swindon Swindon – 1994/95, Swindon, Matrix

    Stainer, Keith. Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC, Swindon Swindon – 1996/97, Swindon, Matrix

    Webber, Alan. Broadcast Journalist BBC, York Brighton & Hove – 1998, Brighton & Hove, Matrix


    • Cassandra King says:

      I like to think of ‘common purpose’ as something an AIDS type virus attacking the national body, a virus that aims to infect the host without the host realising until its too late.
      This common purpose virus knows full well that to control the BBC is essential to control the nation they seek to undermine and destroy.


  33. Hector Redoubtable says:

    And another thing!
    Just a thought, I was musing absent mindedly running tho’ pages on teletext, when an item caught my eye, half a mill’ jobs could be lost in council offices………..WOW! only half a mil?
    It turns out that workers in council offices are only occupied +/-32% of the time….well now, I would say that was on the high side but there you are.
    Anyway,  to my surprise the beeb teletext carried this, Ah! but only on page 124 and not for long, they must have been s****ing bricks in the Beeb canteen……..sorry cordon Bleu bistro on Wood Lane, hopefully the bitter chill of a sere wind will blow through the studios thereof. =-O


  34. 1327 says:

    I was unlucky enough to catch “From our own correspondent” this (Saturday) morning on Radio 4. Oh dear what a right on lefty BBC love in that show has become. We started with a item on the flooding in Pakistan where we were assured the locals don’t even have a word for terrorism.

     Next up an item on some sh*t hole in Africa where we were told food has got more expensive and children were starving. Why you ask ? Well because of markets and speculators or something. Anyway its our fault so you don’t have to think about it.

     Lastly an item on grassroots politics in Australia. Breathless reporterette told us grass roots politics was growing around the world and even mentioned the Tea Party. However the item was about another identikit lefty group of mostly students in Australia.

     Around the world in 30 minutes without challenging a single right on preconception.


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      …were assured the locals don’t even have a word for terrorism.

      Sure they do. It’s jihad.


  35. George R says:

    “Wanted, BBC security guards – ‘big burly men’ need not apply”


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      1500 students will live amongst the Beeboids?  Is this some sort of ROTC equivalent?  Yet another feeder school.  No wonder the Groupthink is endemic.  They raise them from the cradle to the microphone.


    • deegee says:

      Actually it’s not an unrealistic idea. Most security jobs require nothing more than a telephone and the ability to stay awake.

      However for the plan to work without ‘big, burly men’ the BBC will have to accept that in an angry aggressive situation they will have to call the Police (who may be happy with the idea) or outside muscle, oops I mean contractors. Do such companies exist? What is the ETA in a genuine emergency?

      Perhaps Blackwater is available? O:-)


  36. George R says:

    “I’m not moving up North, says BBC HR boss: £190,000-a-year executive quits as he joins growing number of BBC ‘refuseniks’ who want to stay in South ”

    Read more:–190-000-year-executive-quits-joins-growing-number-BBC-refuseniks-want-stay-South.html#ixzz0xJiAGmOd


  37. deegee says:

    I suspect the headline is a subeditor’s bias towards finding an anti Western/US angle whenever possible rather than Jill McGivering’s because the anti American focus is such a minor part of the story.

    Pakistani flood victims’ anger at US


  38. 1327 says:

    I see the lead item on all BBC news reports this (Sunday) morning is the pathologist who did the original post mortem on David Kelly saying it was a textbook suicide. This is odd as all they appear to be doing is rerunning an interview the PM show did with this chap earlier in the week which I mentioned on this site.

    The Beeb it appears are very afraid of what a proper inquest into Dr Kelly will dig up. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the Beeb killed him but they are very worried that something about their dealings with him is going to come out.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Look out Kevin Maguire.

    Aunty’s affections for peroxide-soaked stick insect intellects with odd jaw movements continues unabated with the male stalwarts presenting or on producers’ iPhone speed dials away and sunning themselves for what seems several weeks (the corporation appears to be struggling by, with its £3.6B, on a skeleton crew).

    Just watched a ‘paper review’ with: Sally Bercow, Labour Activist* 

    She does seem to be pervasive… for some *odd reason.


  40. Umbongo says:

    Just to note that Lisa Jardine’s “A Point of View” (non-lefties need not apply) about the indulgence historically given to women as political activists, is a perfect illustration of the BBC worldview.  She started her sermon reporting that some heroic women were voyaging in a ship from Lebanon (with the usual passenger manifest of doctors, writers, intellectuals etc etc) to “break the Israeli blockade of Gaza” and ended it with a hat-tip to all those who suffered from the McCarthy witchhunts of the 50s.

    She forbore to mention that, as it turned out, McCarthy was correct.  Communists acting in the interests of the USSR had indeed infiltrated the State Department and other parts of the US federal bureaucracy in the 30s and 40s.  She was also silent on the fact that, given the understandable sensitivity of the Israelis to “peaceful” breakers of the blockade, the heroines of Palestinian agitprop are hardly in danger for what has become a mind-numbingly repetitive act of gesture politics.


  41. Dateterie says:

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