Been away for the past few days and have been mercifully spared BBC coverage. But just back to see the BBC once again pimping Alistair Darling as an economic genius. It seems that as we now live in year zero, Darling has been repackaged as the sensible voice of the economy there to keep that young whippersnapper George Osborne in his place. Meanwhile Derek Simpson was on the news to give us his received wisdom on inflation. Can’t wait for Gordon Brown to return to the scene as the man with the golden economic touch.    

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4 Responses to A DAY WITHOUT THE BBC

  1. Martin says:

    10pm news totally failed to mention the latest opinion polls that show the public is behind Osborne on the cuts, as for Alistair Darling he should do us all a favour and go and blow the one eyed mongs brains out and then do himself.


    • NotaSheep says:

      Just as with the recent opinion polls that did not report the Conservative lead just the reduction in it.  This poll support for Coalition policies will not be mentioned until it drops and then the drop will be headline news.


  2. Ronald Todd says:

    ‘he should do us all a favour and go and blow the one eyed mongs,,,’

    That sentance could have ended worse than it did,


  3. Ian says:

    Spot on David. With all that education and budget not one person on both BBC and SKY was prepared to take Darling to task for the insanity of the Govts economic policy.

    But seeing as they all (MSM), are equally culpable I suppose we shouldnt set our hopes to high…

    I think they should bring back that Gordon Brown. He conquered boom and bust you know.

    If only we had him now to save the world. Oh, er…