With apologies to the late Minne Ripperton! The Boiling Frog spotted an excellent example of the BBC eulogising the wonders of the EU here.

Prominent on BBC News earlier today was a report that Dutch airline KLM is refusing to pay out compensation to its passengers delayed by the volcanic ash cloud earlier this year.

And throughout the report the BBC just couldn’t stop mentioning the EU. It was liberally sprinkled with phrases such as; “protected by EU rules”, “under EU rules passengers are entitled to compensation”, “the EU Commission promises to get tough” and so on. The obligatory ‘financially hit family’ were featured, who were facing poor treatment from the airline. The tone of the report was very clear; nasty airlines, but at least the nice EU is on your side. They even interviewed a European Commission spokesman in front of the Berlaymont which must be a first (The BBC do know where it is then?), but no-one from the airline was interviewed or any hint that the airlines were grounded because of an EU decision in first place.

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  1. Cassandra King says:

    The volcanic cloud that never was, the disaster in the skies predicted solely by computer models, the grounding of airlines that was not necessary on the basis of that evil precautionary principle?
    A cynic might conclude that the corruption of our national institutions is a very carefully planned plan, smash our national institutions and then people would welcome the EUSSR federal replacement?
    The BBC have very carefully avoided any mention of who was to blame, who was really behind the monumental cock ups and incompetence. The BBC always ready and willing to promote the eurotrash vison of a multitude of federal agencies taking over from the CAA/met office and all the other national agencies.
    The BBC will never tell us about the corruption and degradation of our independent national institutions just as they are very shy about informing us just who was responsible for the growing list of official cock ups.
    Computer models do not work, they are not and never were the answer to planning and controlling emergency reponses, the bitter winter that the met office did not predict because they relied on models caused the local councils to save money on road gritting and grit storage, the floods that the met office did not predict causing the local authorities to save money by not maintaining drainage and flood barriers and the cause was a reliance on flawed computer models instead of real monitoring and real forecasting.
    Our national institutions responsible for protecting the nation they serve has been corrupted and badly led by people who seem to have attained their positions not by merit but by political connections and on the basis that they have no experience or skill at the job they are given(just look at that fool in charge of the CAA!).
    Can it be just coincidence that the establishment employs incompentent idiots to run our national institutions into the ground? Can it just be coincidence that after these institutions are brought low the EUSSR makes moves to step in and take over the wreckage?
    Some may call it typical establishment stupidity, I call it treason!


    • john says:

      Not all computer models are wrong.
      Mine for example, “What future for the BBC” ? concludes :
      Shut it down ? – OH YES !


  2. ltwf1964 says:

    as they are all schooled in Common Purpose,EU propaganda is all you will ever hear from beeboids

    that’s why they have to go

    reform is not an option


    • Cassandra King says:

      A thoroughly poisonous ideology for a thoroughly poisonous organisation, common purpose and the BBC ruly deserve each other, lurking in the dark shadows in secret corrupting everthing they touch, their tentacles reaching out like some ugly triffid.


  3. Millie Tant says:

    But it’s not that surprising really to see the words “EU” and “rules” in a sentence, is it? It does have rules about everything. With airlines and ash the EU just had to be somewhere in the mix.


  4. TheBoilingFrog says:

    Thanks for the link David, it’s much appreciated.

    When it’s a positive EU story they (the BBC) can’t get enough of it, but when it’s a negative EU one – silence. It’s so obvious.


  5. George R says:

    Of course, the pro-European Union BBC ignores how the European Union denies 1.)Human Rights, and 2.) National Sovereignty,  to British people; Mary Ellen Synon of the ‘Daily Mail;’ doesn’t:

         “No ‘human rights’ for an Englishman”


         EU taxation without representation: but has Britain got what it takes to fight?