The BBC’s coverage of the Gulf oil spill continually shadowed the line taken by Obama, namely that this was the worst ecological disaster ever to hit the region and that the shorelines would take generations to recover. So, when the hated BP managed to successfully cap the Oil spill, and then it emerged that the imagined environmental holocaust had, erm, mostly vanished, what to do for the intrepid BBC? Answer – raise Piper Alpha.  Even though it happened 22 years ago, the BBC actually led the post 7am news section with the allegation that the environmental damage it caused back then is still threatening the environment today and nothing is being done about. Or so Mike Thomson speculates. As far as I can see, this story is little more than his imaginations and certainly does not deserve such prominent placement on the BBC daily news schedule. Then again the demanding narrative showing how evil Big Oil is requires sustenance now that BP is no longer the biggest menace in the world….so back to the 80’s.

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7 Responses to BIG OIL…

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    I heard that article and came to the conclusion that it must be a very slow news day if that was the most important thing to tell us.


  2. Paul says:

    He even managed to put the boot into Thatcher at the end. Nice.

    Surely he can’t expect us to believe there’s any dangerous Piper Alpha chemicals left after 20 years in the North Sea? If so they’re certainly insignificant compared to the tonnes of the raw sewage dumped and pumped in there every year.

    I’m very pleased about the way the Gulf Oil disaster turned out. It fits the global warming template perfectly: Massively over-hyped ‘worst environmental catastophy in history’ then turns out to be no problem atall. Slowly but surely the public are wising up to lies of eco-facists like Obama, Gore and Cameron.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    The gulf oil disaster was only a disaster because of the utterly lamentable reaction by the federal government, they reacted to the spill in a political fashion and saw a political opportunity and they grabbed it.
    They could have brought in giant oil clearing ships, they were offered and they were turned down point blank, but why? Because the federal government wanted that oil on those beaches and the more the better.
    The Obama regime wanted to use the oil spill to push through its bills stalled in the senate and congress, the Chicago politician came out in Obama straight away and he must have said ‘we can use this to our advantage’ because everything he did and said was wrong, not mistaken but plain wrong.
    Obama used the spill to shake down BP, he used it to pimp his eco fascist policies and he used it to enact draconian bans on offshore drilling. The very last thing that concerned Obama was the impact of his highly inflated predictions of ecological doooooom would have on the tourist and fishing industries, the Obama regime screamed disaster and then did all in their power to make sure that oil made its way to the beaches so people would turn against the oil industry and the people would demand that he Obama the saviour shake down the oil companies and enact his industry killing policies.
    Well well! It didnt work out the way did it? Obama and his cohorts wished but the POTUS had an ace up his sleeve, oooh yes folks you know what that ace is dont you? The very obliging MSM who protected him and still protect him now from negative stories that implicate him and his gang.
    All the harm that his administration caused and yet he jets into Florida claims victory and claims the imaginary credits and the toady MSM rolls over and sucks up his bullsh*t. If chimpy had been in charge you can bet that the next ten episodes of Panarama would be booked up as they examined the whole opperation in great detail looking for blame to lay at chimpys door.


  4. Millie Tant says:

    Oh, that reminds me he has been doing his impersonation of an oilman again. A few days ago I saw a clip of him in front of a lectern and I couldn’t believe it when he started with the we again. Bold as brass, he kicks off with something along the lines: We haven’t finished yet and we’re not gonna leave…blah…blah. I switched off before I could hear any more of this garbage.  As if he’d been down in the Gulf exerting himself with hard work. Finished? He never even started!  Who be  this”we”?  


  5. Martin says:

    If we’re talling about crap being pumped into the planet to pollute it, I’d suggest the entire output of theBBC does more harm that a 20 year old oil rig disaster.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Right on cue, here’s the White House press release about the President going for a swim “in the Gulf” to prove it’s safe for those whose faith in Him hath faltered, to show just how very much He cares, and that He has saved us from the oil spill.

    Except it’s not technically the Gulf.  (This is from the AP, whom the BBC normally trusts so much.)

    And He’s not “on holiday in the Gulf Coast”.  This is a publicity stunt, and the BBC wwas much more cynical about these things when Bush was in charge.

    And this is supposed to be a news report, not propaganda for the leader of a foreign country.


    • Grant says:

      One of the newspapers yesterday had a photo of Barry, Michelle and children on “holiday in Florida “.  At least it confirms Michelle is back from Spain.