Anyone catch the FAWNING interview with Alistair Darling on Today this morning 8.30am (no link yet, they are sooo slow) It appears that Darling was in fact an economic guru and he saved us from the worst of the recession which, of course, started in America.  The BBC are revising history to make us think that the Darling years were the golden years and now the wicked Coalition is undoing all the good work he wrought on our behalf. Vote Labour, pip pip.

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  1. Grant says:

    Surely Gordon the Moron was the finest ?


  2. David vance says:

    He too will be given the revisionism treatment. The BBC is following a narrative that will establish the freak proposition that the Labour years were the Golden Years! You couldn’t make it up but the BBC can.


  3. Deborah says:

    I have heard more from Darling on the BBC than I ever did when he was Chancellor. No explanations of how he was going to reduce the deficit or indeed an explanation of the huge scorched earth policy of spending money the country didn’t have.   But he is as good as the other ex Ministers at this rapid rewriting of history.


    • NotaSheep says:

      But Labour had committed to halve the deficit over four years so that was an unavoidable fact and how they were to do it is now irrelevant since they are in opposition. The BBC/Labour alliance must be broken – both parts.


  4. Martin says:

    Yes the BBC are happily wheeling out the failures from Liebour as gurus in every area.

    We had Bob the Knob Ainsworth lecturing the Tories on defence (so just who allowed a 35 billion deficit in the defence budget build up knob boy?) on the BBC, we’ve the very camp Andy Burnham lecturing us, we’ve had hag face Flint telling us about evil Tory cuts and so on.

    What next, Tony Bliar on how to make friends in the Middle East?


  5. Cassandra King says:

    I really thoght that I could not be surprised by a toady interview anymore, I really thought I had heard it all…I was dead wrong!

    The most biased greasy fawning interview I have ever heard, it was like listening to a North Korean hack interviewing the great leader FFS.
    The revisionista BBC went all out and then some, all soft focus mutual masturbation missing only the panting and groans.
    If the guest had been a tory you can imagine the scorn and poison sent their way, but NO questions about why Darling and Browns insane policies led to the financial meltdown, no questions about eye watering borrowing and low interest rates and deficits we will still be paying back in 2050, no questions about the ridiculous rose tinted growth forecasts that turned out to wrong and not just some but ALL of them!
    Brown broke Britain and his puppet Darling helped him along all the way but not one difficult question came from the toady did it?
    I really thought that the toadies could not sink any lower into the slime of partisan bias and I was dead wrong, I needed a shower after listening to it.
    What goes on in the mind of the beeboids who actually think the listener would nod and agree instead of raging at the radio?
    Scum sucking labour pigs.


  6. Nick Name says:

    Unsurprisingly, the BBC seldom if ever focus on Darling’s sole achievement – not telling Gordon & Balls about a (relatively) small amount of extra receipts until just before the 2010 budget – which stopped them from pissing it away in a pre-election gimmick.

    However lacklustre Darling’s performance was otherwise, the country should be grateful to him for that.


    • Martin says:

      Darling should have used that money and had a contract put out on the one eyed mong, it would have been worth every penny to see mongy slotted.


  7. davejanfitz says:

    and still the tories love the BBC,what a bunch of T**ts they really are…


  8. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC are moving heaven and earth to try and poison the tory economic policy(such as it is) and they are working hard to smear the tories whenever and wherever they are able.
    The savage cuts meme is being pimped by labour via the BBC when in fact the tories are so frightened and fearful of the BBC/labour smear machine they have scaled back their fiscal ambitions to attemting an effective spending freeze in real terms.
    A frightened and weak coalition imobile caught in the headlights of a well planned labour/establishment/BBC sabotage plan, and incompetent and weak and cowardly coalition dancing to the tune of the the oppostion labour and its mouthpiece BBC?
    The gravytrain keeps rolling, the massive economic blood loss continues apace and the UK continues to be destroyed with the shattered remains hoovered up into a federal eurotrash state.


  9. Ronald Todd says:

    There is a real danger that the constant narative that the Tories are doing it all wrong only Labour knows how to rum the economy will contribute to loss of confidrnce which will contribute to a double dip.

    Then the BBC will say ‘look nast Tories double dip would not have happened with Darling Alistair running the economy’

    The BBC comentators will continue to get their huge tax payer funded wages what ever the economy. I doubt that Cameron will have the guts to chalenge them.