Well, you can be certain that any attempt by the Coalition to cut back on the rampant Welfarism that has disfigured the UK so under Labour is going to met by BBC resistance.  Just after 8.10am on Today we had pro Labour Common Purpose loving Demos vs Chris Grayling, with the BBC as independent arbitrator! Demos were arguing for higher levels of benefit (with tougher conditionality, sure) and the BBC seemed intent to suggest that most Welfare fraud was done through error, as opposed to wilful and deliberate fraud. As time goes on, the BBC narrative is building into what will become the next Labour manifesto, one seamlessly morphing into the other.

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13 Responses to WHAT FRAUD?

  1. stopcp says:

    Rice yields falling under global warming.


    More bilge.


    • Cassandra King says:

      As usaul Black is somehow reluctant to tell us the whole story for some strange reason. Instead of going out and finding out the real facts he relies on his masters at greefleece inc and their assorted bunch of eco fraudster wannabes, in fact local rice yields have always varied because rains vary from area to area and always have done from the time of the first rice farmer thousands of years ago to today. Black also forgets to mention that taking all rice production into account yields have risen hugely over the last fifty years and production has never been higher.
      So yields are up when he claims they are down and production is up when he infers it is falling and the future is looking very bright as new areas come on line and new strains of GM ramps up production which Black forgets to mention.
      Black and his paymasters want/need us to believe the future is scary and dark with starvation just a few years away, they desire to feed fear of the future with lies and scaremongering. Given the right support and funding of GM and new technologies food production can and will ramp up to meet demand very nicely, this scares and angers the watermellon fascists greatly. The watermellon fascists need us to feed on fear and uncertainty so we fall for their lies and manipulations.

      They peddle their dishonest filth and lies with a smugness I cannot bear, they are intent on destroying and damaging using sabotage via their media outlet. The future is bright and the only darkness and danger visible is the eco nutters and the watermellon fascisti scum.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    I’ve met few people in my retinue of friends and acquaintances (most lefties!) who dont regard it as some form of entitlement or national sport to defraud the DSS.

    Over the last decade or so sly little underhand methods have been introduced to claw back welfare costs that penalise genuine claimants, and this makes it less likely people will resist the temptation to get more than is their due.

    Let’s see if the BBC propaganda barons can get Cameron to back down on this as well, or at least create a climate where civil servants feel free to subvert the elected Government of the day with impunity to the point where its policy and legislation are brought into complete disrepute.

    We are going to go on hearing non-stop whining from the over-grown brats at the BBC till the public let them have their own way: a Labour Government; or the public demands that the Government gives the BBC a short sharp slap and have maturity and responsibility restored to the airwaves.  Unfortunately, the BBC has successfully worn away the public’s moral fibre for it to do the latter,  instead, the public is fully prepared to have its intelligence insulted and let Johnny have his packet of sweeties to keep him quiet come the next election.


  3. Ian E says:

    Welfare reform :

    a) Increase initial in-work benefits;
    b) Decrease out-of-work benefits.

    Simple!  Over to you, IDS.


    • Cassandra King says:

      The narrative of the last 20 yrs has been to increase the burden on working people and employers which reduces the ability of ordinary people and business to grow and at the same time made lifetime benefit addiction increasingly attractive for people who could and should be at work.
      Taxes have risen and red tape has increased, jobs dissapear and work that is available cannot pay enough to keep peoples head above water so more and more people become clients of the state which is the aim all along, an army of benefit addicts reliant on the state, the state then uses this army of supplicants to increase its power.
      The government could smash the poverty and unemployment and create the prosperous beginnings of a new UK within one year.
      Slash the government by half, slash and burn the massive beaurocracy it is not needed, slash all taxes to 10% and remove 90% of red tape, make small shops under 50sq metres tax exempt and council tax exempt. Fund each hospital and strip away the gargatuan monlithic beaurocracy and give each British person a health card that provides basic healthcare and deny foreigners access to any benefit whatsoever untill they have paid for 5yrs into the pot. Set up ten free trade tax free zones based around our seaports allowing tax free trading worldwide, we are traders and shop keepers, give us our head and we will prosper as never before!
      Its so easy to create the conditions for national revival but that means the extinction of the state and so the state will fight for its life and against the national interest to survive intact and in control.  The beast aint gonna let go of its selfish hold on power, they are going to be levered off, they cling like barnacles to a rusty hull.


  4. Nick Name says:

    Starve the BBC!

    Oh, I forgot – Dave wants it to function now as His Master’s Voice…


  5. Llew says:

    Had to laugh at the BBC bint covering the “private companies to hunt out benefit cheats” story on the lunchtime tv news. Somewhere up in Manchester, when asked about it, says “well the people I’ve spoken to think it’s an invasion of privacy”. No shit!

    Of course you won’t interview anyone who is in favour of the idea –  that would go against the BBC agenda. Also, in a suburb of Manchester, do you seriously think you will find someone in support of Tory/coalition plans to hunt out benefit cheats. Come on.


    • JohnW says:

      Yes – come on down to my patch here in Bramhall or over in Hale and you’ll find lots of support for exposing benefit scammers.

      Saying that, we are in the minority and I do agree that Manchester generally is a basket case and very pro-benefits/Labour.


  6. Sceptical Steve says:

    The real irony of this announcement is that it will work most effectively as a deterrent. In this sense it’s bit like an empty speed camera box. People can’t take the risk that it’s a bluff.

    I can’t imagine that they’ll actually deploy massive resources to track down individual cheats, but at least it will sow the seed of doubt in the fraudsters’ minds that they might be caught.

    At the moment, the fraudsters have every reason to believe that they’ll never be caught and, even if they are, they’ll never be asked to hand any of it back. This way, they might at least think twice.


  7. Barking Spider says:

    “the BBC as ‘independent’ arbitrator”

    (Falls about laughing) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  8. Phil says:

    The BBC often defends its own high income and then spends most of it on rubbish like Eastenders, Doctors, Casualty, Holby City, Flog It, Car Booty, Cash in the Attic, Heir Hunters, Homes under the Hammer and super high wages for the likes of Jonathan Ross and Chris Moyles. This bizarre behaviour shows that the corporation has a very poor grasp of what constitutes quality or good value for money in its own back yard and therefore its views, comment and analysis on spending in other areas of public life are worthless. 

    To go to the BBC for informed comment on public spending is as sensible as asking an alcoholic for advice on a healthy diet or money management.  


  9. DP111 says:

    <b>Dark clouds hang over future farming under climate change, the study suggests </b>

    Why suggests? In fact a warmer earth will lead to a more plant growth.

    <b>Yields have fallen by 10-20% over the last 25 years in some locations.</b>

    In some locations. As the population if China and India has increased considerably in the last 25 years, there should have been a shortage of rice – far from it. More people are eating more rice, and still no shortage.

    <b>In 2004, other researchers found that rice yields in the Philippines were dropping by 10% for every 1C increase in night-time temperature.</b>

    Night time temperature eh? Not average temperatures day temperatures, or max temperatures, but night-time temperatures.

    <b>However, if temperatures continue to rise as computer models of climate project, Mr Welch says hotter days will eventually begin to bring yields down.</b>

    And then the clincher – computer models.  Thats it.

    And so it carries, on with some studies have suggested etc.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yields have fallen because the “Green Revolution” crops require far more fertilizer and water than the regular kind.  Since they started using them in India, for example, resource requirements have trebled.  When resources are not so available (like during droughts), crop yields decline.  Simples, nothing to do with any Warmist fantasy.

      There’s a reason why Black used the term “Green Revolution”:  when they’re at home, they’re called GM crops.  But as those are not favored at the BBC, he chose another euphemism.