The BBC ran this item this morning concerning the sexual exploitation of a 14 year old girl by what is consistently referred to as a group of “men”. Towards the end of the item, Sarah Montague brought up the point that some people might point to the fact that these men were “Asian”. Martin Narey from Barnardos was on hand to dismiss the idea that one could draw any conclusions from this, perish the thought. Well, the men were of Asian origin – however not of the Hindu or Sikh faiths. Nope, this was a Muslim gang preying on this young white girl but the BBC is so frightened to state the facts that it obfuscates to save blushes. This is not the first case of this type and the BBC fails in its duty to make us away of the broader issue. Then again, it is so dhimmified that this comes as little surprise.

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  1. Backwoodsman says:

    I knew nothing of this case, but listening to the Toady report, it quickly dawned on me what was missing, the M word ! But our plucky beeboid got round the issue – the men were south  Asians !!!!


  2. shropshire lass says:

    Now imagine if the gang had been RC clergy – bet the BBC wouldn’t have mentioned that, would they.  


    • Tee Printer says:

      If it was a Catholic then it would be a ‘Scandal’ and the BBC would accuse the Church of a ‘coverup’.  But they are Muslim the BBC covers it up themselves! go figure that one out!


  3. George R says:

    To fill in some of the devious gaps of the Islam Not BBC (INBBC) ‘Today’ censored account, suggest see the following, including Comments:

    “Girl, 14, forced into prostitution”



  4. sue says:

    No mention in this report about the ethnicity of the perpetrators till the very last second. “A very brief word” says Montague, and, distancing herself from the allegation,  she mentions that Ann Cryer has suggested that as these men were Asians, “there may be a racial element” to this sort of crime. Oh no, says Martin Narey. How very dare she.

    Ann Cryer is the former labour MP for Keighley. She should know.


    • Millie Tant says:

      This sort of thing has been going on for years in her constituency. She has spoken out about it in the press and in Parliament and been attacked from all sides: from “Asian” MPs to English nationalists and the BNP. The latter groups held a big protest in Keighley, I believe. And wasn’t Nick Griffin prosecuted for race hate crime after being filmed saying something about  the Koran being involved in giving comfort or approval for this type of sexual exploitation?


  5. George R says:

    “Muslim pedophile gangs prey on British Children”

     (‘Trencherbone’, Jan 2010)



  6. Umbongo says:

    The report started out by mentioning that the victim was “white” but, as poster and previous commenters have noted, the ethnicity of the perps was brushed aside and their probable religion was not mentioned.  BTW the victim was – I think I heard – in a children’s home (either council or charity-run – we weren’t told).  Neary wasn’t asked if the victim’s vulnerability was increased by being in an institution rather than with a family.  Again, not necessarily a biased item but – as with most of the BBC’s journalistic output it was unsatisfactory.

    I don’t expect all the facts to be broadcast but, as usual, questions which should have been put weren’t and uncontentious but salient facts which should have been given weren’t.  If I were of a suspicious nature I might consider that the cultural background of the perps was purposely excluded and the background to the victim’s bringing-up was brushed aside to save Neary’s blushes.  As it is, sufficient facts concerning this crime were disclosed to make it a surprise that Today mentioned it at all.  Of course no-one suggested that the crime was racially motivated.  If it had, then the pathetically light sentences on the perps might have been heavier but, as Neary said to the question lobbed to him, this crime has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the perps (he didn’t mention the ethnicity of the victim).


  7. George R says:

    Of course, this sort of INBBC report has nothing to do with Beeboids’ disinclination to move to Manchester.


  8. RCE says:

    First of all I’m glad this issue has got its own thread as the reportage of this harrowing story exposes everything that is utterly despicable about the BBC. I posted on the open thread last night, and complained to the BBC online, asking why the coverage had received such low prominence on the website; the only reason I could see for this was the race of the perpetrators and I asked for reassurance that this was not so.

    I received a response first thing this morning, which is highly unusual (often one gets no response at all, which I’m sure many B-BBC regulars are all-to-aware of). I suspect there may be a very raw nerve here, and perhaps I, along with a significant number of others, have touched it.

    Either way, the pathetic and taut beeboid reply was (in full): “The story was one of the top two stories of our England index from last night until early this morning. Hope that answers your query.”

    Over most of the weekend the coverage of ‘Sarah’s Law’ featured as the lead item on the website, being updated at least once that I am sure of, and probably more that I am not. So: the BBC clearly considers paedophilia to be a significant issue in general, but not in this case in particular. I wonder why?

    Like I said, I suspect a raw nerve; and one I intend to keep prodding.


  9. Martin says:

    The problem with the drugged up scum at the BBC is they live in their own world. WE CAN SEE they are Muslims beeboids and what is a south Asian?

    That’s like calling a jock a ‘north Britainer’ it makes no sense.

    This is not the first time Muslim men have used white girls (and it is Muslims) as prostitutes, they look down on white people in general and of course white females are the lowest of the low.

    But hey, we know that no beeboid is going to have THEIR daughter treated like this, the BBC don’t want to move up to the north.


  10. mike_s says:

    In more countries in western europe this is a problem. And altough it is not exclusively muslims which are involved, they are the majority.

    In Holland we have a big problem with “loverboys”. And most of them have a muslim background. Just google the word.


  11. Martin says:

    Anyone seen the cover of Time magazine? The Muslim girl who has been mutilated by the religion of peace.

    Funny the BBC don’t feel the need to mention it, but I’m sure Lyse Douchbag will give us a report on the ‘humanity’ of Islam soon enough.


  12. George R says:


    “Culturally-enriched White Slavery”



  13. Anonymous says:

    Don’t mention the M-Word!

    The BBC never acknowledged the identity of the perpetrators of the Beslan child rape orgy and massacre.  http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/beslan-child-rape-torture-enforced.html


  14. 1327 says:

    An ex-neighbour of mine worked as a teaching assistant in a rather nasty comp school and gradually became friendly with a previously withdrawn teenage girl who she helped. Eventually the girl opened up and told how she had a Kurdish “boyfriend” in his 30’s who took her up to his flat in Manchester and then drugged her. My neighbour of course went straight to the school welfare officer and told the sorry story expecting them to spring into action. Instead she was told how “sensitive” this situation was and warned how they would deal with it so there was no need to call anyone else. Although she didn’t say as much (sadly she wasn’t very aware) it sounded as though the school authorities were thrown into a PC panic. Shortly afterwards her short term contract expired and wasn’t renewed.


  15. Dr M says:


    In the days to come, when we have Beeboids hanging from the roof of BH, I hope they will use this item to explain why so many of us have come to loathe the stinking BBC so much.


    The paradigm is this: report the story in a non-confrontational way (plucky young girl gives evidence again rapist gangs), then, realising that just about everyone who is not a stinking Beeboid is thinking the obvious (Uh uh – bet they’re Pakistani), bring is a friendly lefty rent-a-quote (and who better than the lefty head of Barnados?).


    Finally, knowing the flak they’ll get if they don’t mention the elephant who is by now crapping on the BBC’s marble floors, obliquely mention that the gangs are “Asian” (what, Siberian? Chinese? Sikhs? Mongolians? Indian Tribespeople?) and ask our nodding-head lefty whether this is significant.


    He, of course, concludes the “report” by reinforcing the mandatory multi-culti mantra and says no, pervs come in all communities. MOve along…


    It takes items like these to remind you just why so many people loathe the stinking, self-rewarding, arrogant, bigotted BBC.


    Let ’em hang!


  16. dave s says:

    They are desperate to maintain the fiction of multiculturalism for to report the truth will strengthen the resolve of white families to leave these towns and London in particular because no parent will risk bringing up a child in the conditions now becoming prevalent.
    The knife crime epidemic in London is another example. White families are fearful, as I personally know, and are determind to go if they can. London a world city ? A city where the ordinary English families have left more like or will leave.
    We are creating a Balkanised state and we are beginning to see the frontiers being formed. It might not have been deliberate but it is happenning. The BBC and the left are in denial because they really did not expect this. It was all to be so different.
    In the end reality always wins. For the Beeboid it will take a little longer to see this.
    If there are any future historians the why will be a study in civilisational absurdity and the self destruction of an advanced culture.
    All of us should fear for our grandchildren.


    • Martin says:

      Remember no beeboid actually lives in these shit hole areas. As I’ve pointed out before, if male beeboids tried to practice their anal games in the toilets near to a Mosque their severed heads would be adorning the local park quite soon.


    • Grant says:

      Dave S,

      Well said !


  17. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Asia consists of 47 countries and 3.8 billion people. Surely there’s a more specific common denominator for these people. Anyone got any ideas?


    • Dr M says:

      I reckon Indian Tribespeople.

      Can’t be Pakistani Muslims because (as the Beeboids are always telling us), they follow the Religion of Peace.

      Yup, gotta be Indian Tribespeople.


  18. Martin says:

    What the drugged up tossers at the BBC ignore is that it is important to mention their religion. Islam hates white westerners and women in particular, they despise our women for being in their monds  whores, slags and cheap. Remember not so long agao a couple of Muslims tried to blow up a night club because it was full of “whores and slags”

    Ther religion of these men is what matters not where they came from.


  19. George R says:

    And in another headline and report today, Islam Not BBC (INBBC) censors out the very relevant ‘M’ word (which I have inserted):

    “Four” [Muslim] “men jailed for life over Blackburn arson murders”



  20. It's all too much says:

    Crine commited by nine ‘men’ story no longer visible on the BBC web page, but this is http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-10858469

    A Conservative councillor in Essex has apologised for any offence caused after he described the ward he represents as “Chaffrica” on Facebook.

    Oddly enough the story of a gang of four “Asian men” who burned a family to death – by mistake – they were trying to burn to death someone who had a relationship with one of their females – sems to have slipped off the news agenda too.


    • Craig says:

      “Mr Rockliffe, who represents Chafford and North Stifford on Thurrock Council”!!!!

      So almost as big a player on the political scene as my cat.

      The BBC are even beyond being a very bad joke.


  21. John Horne Tooke says:

    But the BBC love to portray Christians as cold  blooded muderers in their so-called dramas.


    And notice it always seems to replace an original storylne that might offend someone.


  22. jeff says:

    I heard the selective and cencorsed account of this horror story on Today, but has the Beeb dared to put it out on televised news?
    If they have is it any more honest?


  23. DP111 says:

    Asian eh? It is only after some considerable depth into any of the articles reporting this horrendous crime, that we get to know the names.

    Interestingly, of the five savages,  three are named Mohammed.. Well they do say, “give a dog a bad name..”.


  24. Scrappydoo says:

    The BBC usually only gives a description when the offender is white, so it is not difficult to fill in the blanks.   It may in the eyes of the BBC be harmless deception which is intended to protect us from our own incurable racism. But for example – when a murderer is on the loose, it is negligent, even criminal, not to give the public an accurate description so that they may be forewarned.


  25. Tee Printer says:

    My BBC complaint of May 2006 regarding the use of the word Asian.  I pointed out to the BBC that this is racist in itself (which is is) and therefore soon got a quick reply…

    “Dear ******

    Thank you for your recent e-mail.

    I understand your concerns that Waqar Ahmed, Azhil Khan and Afzal Khan were described as being ‘Asian’ in the BBC’s coverage of the racist murder of Isaiah Young-Sam and note that you feel ‘Pakistani’ would have been more appropriate.

    May I assure you that the language and terminology used in our news reports is an important consideration and we would certainly never aim to offend any or our audience, let alone entire communities.

    Please be assured that your comments and suggestion have been fully registered on our daily audience log. This internal document will be made available to BBC News teams and Senior BBC Management. Feedback of this nature helps us when making decisions about BBC programmes and services and your comments will play a part in this process.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact the BBC.

    Finally, I have attached an invitation, from the Head of BBC Information, asking you to participate in our customer survey. We would welcome your views on our service.


    Paul Wheeler
    BBC Information
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/ – World Wide Wonderland”