White and Hideously Liberal.

There’s been a spate of critical analyses and lampoons of “white liberals” on some of the blogs I’ve been looking at.
The longest post I’ve ever seen by Edmund Standing on Harry’s Place has polarised the commentariat – they either love it or loathe it – then there’s this ballad from Mark Allinson in a comment on Melanie Phillips’ blog (August 2nd, 2010 12:22am) that starts:
I envy the moral perfection,
Of the folks on the cultural left;
” and this witty ditty by Roy Zimmerman.

Some of it encapsulates the self loathing, guilt ridden philosophy of the champagne socialist and white liberal lot that we fund to educate entertain and inform us.

The thing that stands out like a sore thumb if you’ll forgive the unintended sick pun, is that in their desperate struggle not to be racist they must embrace all cultural differences, and in so doing they necessarily overlook or downplay such things as female genital mutilation, which, allegedly, is actually being done here in multicultural Britain.
I’m not saying that they don’t know, or don’t care that this is happening, rather it’s their refusal to admit that this is just the sharp end of a very big wedge that is being driven into our country.

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22 Responses to White and Hideously Liberal.

  1. Abolish the BBC says:

    How does the typical beeboid square their love of Islam with Islam’s desire to throw all the gays ‘from the mountain’.


  2. George R says:

    Yes, Standing’s dissection of the politics of ‘Red Ken’ (and I would say, by extension of INBBC) is spot on.


  3. Backwoodsman says:

    To mis-quote Jeff Randal , “its not based on actual experience, its visceral”.
    If your typical beeboid guardianista had to live in one of the muslim ghettos they have supported being   created,  in places like Leicester or Dudley, they would have a nervous breakdown.  Edgy becomes squalid and suddenly isn’t cool any more !
    Having spent much time working  East of suez, my personal experience is that Islam is a deeply flawed creed and the majority of its adherants have beliefs completely at odds with the beeboid value system.  Suckers , is what springs to mind , every time I hear a pro-muslem puff piece.


    • Martin says:

      Well said, I doubt if the BBC males would be allowed to ‘cottage’ in the urinals next to a Mosque in Bradford or Blackburn.


  4. Umbongo says:

    I note that in the first few dozen comments to Standing’s post (I really can’t be bothered to drag my mind through this trail of – mostly – garbage), the white liberal commenters never seek to engage but either resort to low-key abuse or state that since Nick Cohen is a white liberal and not a racist therefore Standing’s argument is completely flawed and, worse, a libel on white liberals everywhere.  Mind you, I would have been surprised if the response had been different.  It would have been like expecting Richard Black to engage with, say, Professor Bob Carter on WUWT here


    concerning the refusal of climate “scientists” to discuss their “science”.


  5. Martin says:

    It is laughable that the white liberal left set themselves up as the moral guardians of values.

    Could you imagine the BBC ignoring the abduction of 14 year old white girls by white Christian men to be sent off to some country to be raped and married to a retarded Goat herder?

    Yet this very thing happens to hundreds of not thousands of 14 year old Muslim girls in the UK and the BBC (and the rest of the liberal media) remain silent.


  6. Jerry says:

    If you subtract the horrendous crimes that Hitler perpetrated against the Jews, you essentially have and extreme socialist agenda, ie. Europe today.

    We have white middle class people been brain-washed into a “Hitleresque” vision of society all under the guise of “Liberalism” with the BBC playing it’s part to perfection.

    Meanwhile the the proletariat of all races/religions are forced to pay to be force-fed their poison.

    If you go back through history you’ll see that nothing changes when it comes to manipulating the masses, only the way in which it’s delivered.


  7. sue says:

    Here’s another relevant and brilliant post @ Harry’s Place, by Lucy Lips. It’s about what has been going on behind the scenes over Theresa May’s banning of “controversial Muslim preacher” Zakir Naik. 
    A senior civil servant, Sabin Khan, has been liaising with Mr. Naik and has criticised the Home secretary for what she says is “a huge error of judgement” in banning the poor preacher who thinks ‘every Muslim should be a terrorist’.

    The pattern of Islamists and hate preachers being defended by the liberal mainstream is now, increasingly, a default position in Britain. It is prevalent within the civil service, from the Home Office and DCLG to the FCO. It is also the default position within a number of civil liberties and human rights groups, and in newspapers like the Guardian and the New Statesman. In some cases, the reason is Lambertism. Worse: there appears to be an emerging consensus in some institutions that Islamism is some sort of exotic liberation theology. To support it is the badge of the progressive.”

    Ms Khan, who, with her boss Charles Farr, was “gutted and mortified” by the ban, has been suspended. Just suspended from her job, not from a gallows.


  8. dave s says:

    It is very easy to reduce these so called liberals to stuttering incoherence and I recommend doing so when the occasion arises.
    For instance on Sunday I listened quietly to a pontificating academic who thought Cameron had not gone far enough in comparing Gaza to a prison. It was a concentration camp in his opinion.
    He asked for my opinon expecting agreement all round.
    I said that I too had my criticism of Israel. It should deal with Gaza and Hamas in the old Roman way and finish the rebellion once and for all.
    I truly feared for his health and sanity so deranged was his reaction.
    The unexpected outrageous reply is all it takes.
    They really are that easy to wind up and it is great fun.


  9. Pounce says:

    I wonder if it was a white liberal who wrote this bBC article on how 9 men have been jailed for raping a minor and then forcing her to go on the game. funny enough there’s a word missing from the entire article, I wonder if you can work it work.

    Girl, 14, forced to be prostitute in Greater Manchester


  10. DP111 says:

    Islam and Muslims are only a tool for Lefties and the BBC in their war against Western civilisation – of individual freedom. Therefore Christianity is definitely an enemy.

    I came across this. It encapsulates the nihilism of multicultural tolerance of everything, which Leftists and the BBC love. 

    “In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.”

    Dorothy L. Sayers quote.


  11. John Horne Tooke says:

    You have all probably seen this before – but to me it sums up the “Modern Liberal” to a tee.


  12. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    Firstly, I don’t understand how any of these people that Edmund Standing blathers on about, can be termed “Liberals”.

    They’re Socialists per-se, and whether that be the BBC, New Labour, The Independent or Guardian, then the term Liberals, by definition, wouldn’t demand people: –  do as they say, ban smoking, create a nanny State, tax people to the hilt, deceive the public as a matter of course, rig votes, lie about another Country’s weapon power to send it’s own people to war. Look down upon everyone else considered outside their own “Loop”.

    To be a “Liberal” in the twenty first Century where the odious BBC and fellow “Comrades” are concerned, now seems to revolve around subscribing too:  Citizen Smith and his self righteous self hating brigade as it’s apparently “Liberal” to want to destroy all previous Western cultures, in the name of er……….”Liberalism”…….

    Let’s be honest here, it’s Communism we’re talking about. And the sooner the rest of us recognise that point, the sooner we’ll be able to head off, Martin Smith and his loathsome Trot buddies, once and for all.

    Of course the BBC wont be aiding us any where the S.W.P. are concerned, as that would destoy their own beloved doctrine.


    • Cassandra King says:

      I nominate D&C for post of the week 😀 !

      Brilliant utterly brilliant.


  13. Cassandra King says:

    I have always thought that underneath the so called liberal/progressive socialist lurks an intolerent fascist. The liberalism is skin deep, a wafer thin disguise that hides the beast within.
    They brook no dissent, they are so sure of their prejudices and they keenly transfer their own sins onto their ideological enemies and they contain a boiling rage and hatred for those they regard as sub human untermenschen.
    Free speech and free distribution of ideas and the notion of majority consensus are merely tools to be devised and abused to suit their own agenda.
    They are so sure that they are right and everyone else is wrong, take the EU as a prime example, the majority public consensus of the British people is that we should on no account relinquish our national sovereignty and yet the liberal minority stamp on that consensus while they fabricate their own fake consensus on AGW.
    I think the words arrogant hypocrites desribes them perfectly and the BBC is full of them.


    • Grant says:

      And I nominate Cassie for post of the week  !  You are so right.  Lefty-liberal tolerance is very selective. Lefties are frauds.