When it comes to Northern Ireland, there is only ONE sort of Parade guaranteed to win slabbering approval from the BBC….have a listen. We’re all gay now.

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6 Responses to ON PARADE..

  1. John Horne Tooke says:

    “…have a listen”  I’d rather not.


  2. Gosh says:

    I was actually at this parade. It was a fun day out and no more, royal avenue Belfasts main street is having major road works and the parade which was absolutely huge had to squeeze its way thru. The usual lunatics were shouting about Christianity and had an anti sodomy parade…trying to save Ulster from sodomy…lol. What a throw back that is. No one bothered with them. It was no more than a bit of fun, and most major cities have gay pride parades, whats so special about this one? 


  3. David vance says:

    Looks like we are all gay now – deviancy is the new normal. 


  4. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    The link is broken. I braced myself for faggotry for nothing. 


  5. deegee says:

    The BBC approves of homosexuality parades unless they take place in Israel. Although, like Ramadan they are an annual event and unlike Ramadan unique in the Middle East – they are ignored.