Sunday Morning Live replaces the awful Big Question. Hosted by the lovely pouting Susanna Reid, it kicked off this morning with the usual BBC mantra – time to get out of Afghanistan. In fact the line being debated was “Are our soldiers dying in vain”. The BBC is keen to use the loss of soldiers lives over there to whip up support for their militant pacifism and evidently care little for the impact these discussions have on the next of kin. It is an article of faith in the godless BBC that the British Army should never go to war and so it uses every opportunity to press it home. For good measure they had a guy on from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee to give his sage advice which involved cutting deals with the Taliban.

Next up for debate – should we be allowed to help kill our relatives? BBC not keen on the war on terror but very keen on advocating euthanasia. Then, Erin Prizzie to express her sympathy with child killer and child porn devotee Jon Venables.

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19 Responses to DRONE DRONE DRONE..

  1. Sceptical Steve says:

    David, whilst I agree that everything SR is spouting off about this morning neatly fits the current BBC chiched narrative, the news that she is a lesbian will surely come as a shock to Dominiic Cotton, her long term partner and the father of her 3 children. With her broadcasting and family commitments I just don’t know how she finds the time for her excursions to Lesbos!


  2. Martin says:

    Yes I think it’s actually the awful Jane Hill that bats for the other team so to speak.



  3. Pounce says:

    I’ve noticed how the bBC has started to court the Muslim Public Affairs Committee in which to bring a so called Islamic dimension into the story. So who are the MPACUK well its founder  Asghar Bukhari sent a donation to that somewhat failed Nazi apologist David Irvine in his court case with  Deborah Lipstadt. It’s website is nothing but a hate site which for a do called UK based site seems to think the world revolves around Palestine.  I post on there in which to piss off the jihad monkeys with facts and not fiction. Here is one such article. see if you can pounce on my posts.


    • Craig says:

      The World Tonight (R4, 18/6) turned straight to Bukhari when Theresa May banned Zakir Naik from the country. He was “dismayed” by Mrs May’s decision and used the “free speech” argument to say that Naik should have been let in, then, within seconds, said that it was right to ban Gert Wilders for what he says. Nasty and stupid.


  4. Terminal says:

    If you’ve not already done so, I urge you to have a look at the MPACUK website. You will see blatant antisemitism that is quite beyond belief.


  5. David vance says:

    Steve/Martin – That’s what I get for listening to my wife how advised me definitively that Susanna Reid visited Lesbos. I shall amend. That said, still a HATEFUL programme!!! 


  6. Martin says:

    Jeremy Hunt got it wrong this morning. Hunt claimed that he didn’t want to introduce a ‘PC tax’ as many people now watched TV on the internet. Shows how wrong Hunt is as the BBC already make it clear if you watch live TV on a PC you DO need a TV licence.


  7. Martin says:

    Jesus just watched the most fawning arse licking interview from some ugly female beeboid (Zana Badawi or something) who looked like she wanted to perform a sex act on the one eyed jock twat.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    Mr Vance, I’m sure you’re being deeply unfair.  I have no doubt they’ll run a programme with the title ‘Should we ban Muslim immigration?’ and invite Douglas Murray to expound upon how much of the Muslim community acts as s fifth column.


  9. Tom Ross says:

    I am not sure you can really blame the BBC for this one. David Cameron has virtually admitted the troops will be home by the end of this parliament with very little apparent progress made on the ground and it looks as though the Taliban or Taliban allies will have an influential voice in the future government of Afghanistan.

    It seems fair to ask, under the circumstances, why our troops are being asked to die in such numbers and whether it might not be wiser to get out now since we are clearly now not in it for the long haul.


    • hippiepooter says:

      With a subversive BBC determined to undermine British morale and David Cameron unwilling to invoke the Treason Act this might account for why he’s taken this craven path instead.

      Had the BBC been highlighting the outrage of ill-equipped troops and the barbarism of our enemy, we would have the commitment we need to defeat this very defeatable enemy.


  10. Phil says:

    The ‘lovely pouting Susanna Reid’?

    OK she’s a good looking lass for her age, but no spring chicken. To watch the drivel she fronts I’d want the real deal –  a lovely pouting 18 year old. No make that 2 18 year olds, and topless too. That might just distract me from the banality of the content. 


  11. dave s says:

    The BBC libbyleft line is always that of my country wrong and wrong again but there is another dimension to the Afghan war- at least so I believe. If you look at our leaders use of language it has been quite clear that at no time was the war to be fought with the single aim of victory and the surrender of the Taleban. Nation building, bringing democracy to a 7th century people,  “empowering” women, building schools etc etc, all aims used to deny the reality of what war has always been and always will be.
    One goes to war to win and for no other reason. It is an absurdity to think otherwise. For our leaders to have asked our army to fight other than to win by any means possible  has been as great a crime against the nation as I can think of.
    This wretched war seems to have been undertaken with no real hope of victory in the accepted meaning of the word and for that reason I oppose it. It has rendered words like defeat or victory meaningless and allowed politicians to play at war and with the lives of brave men whose devotion to their comrades will always mean they acquit themselves well. Our army, and it is ours , not the politicians  has been ill served by these creatures as have we all.


  12. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC are pimping the STOLEN top secret files from the USA regarding the Afghan war, they are not however using the word STOLEN though, I wonder why?

    The climategate files were described as STOLEN but the Afghan files are released, funny that eh? I suppose the BBC does have an agenda after all!


  13. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) is reluctant to report the Islamic Republic of Iran’s role in targeting British and American troops in Afghanistan.


    “Wikileaks Afghanistan: Iran accused of supporting Taliban attacks”


     Of course, if Cameron (and INBBC, of course) were not so pro-Islam, they would oppose the continuing presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s 24/7 TV station, PRESS TV in London.


  14. Grant says:

    But not as “lovely and pouting”  as Jo Coburn 😉


  15. Grant says:

    Also posted elsewhere but I bet, in secret , the Beeboids’ celebrate the death of every one of our troops.