It is not a good day at the BBC if they can’t snipe at Israel and so it is that B-BBC stalwart Jeremy Al Bowen does his usual routine here As ever the language is so loaded and dripping in anti-Israel sentiment that Hamas would struggle to be less biased than him. It’s outrageous the way the BBC foists this biased coverage of all matters Israel upon us.

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  1. Pounce says:

    So after the Jew (Boo, hiss,boo) explains that the reason his car has steel mesh all over it. Is because Arabs throw, Petrol bombs, Stones,Washing machines and dryers off buildings. Abu Bowen explains that Palestinians in his experience are a peaceful people, thus the Jew must be lying.

    He then explains that the Jews are evil because they pay well over the market prices for houses in which to make an area Jewish. Somebody please explain to me how that is wrong, Yet in the UK. Islamic ghettos are OK. You know how one moves in and everybody else moves out. (That isn’t racist, Its the bloody truth. A few years ago I looked at moving to Peterborough. I put my name down at a number of estate agencies and every one decided that as I have dark skin I would prefer a house in the Islamic ghetto . After explaining that I was in the British Army and didn’t wish to mix with people of my own colour for that very reason. They all then decided that I would love to have a house near a pub as that’s what soldiers do..drink.)


    • Pounce says:

      Part 2
      Then Abu Bowen walks down the street to a house that has 45 people living in it. One of the brothers who owns it said he would never sell not even for a million dollars. He then says those without religion sell, those with it don’t. He would rather die.

      Interestingly the bBCs middle Eastern Editor forgot to mention  
      1960 article 144 of the penal code number 6. 
      Which forbids Muslims selling land to Jews. Which is why somebody got jailed for 10 years last month for doing so.

      Now isn’t that a form of racism?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I took the remark about those selling being without religion to mean that if they sold, they were deemed to have left.  With the unspoken threat of what happens to those who leave.  Perhaps I read too much into it?

        I also noted Mr Bowen’s insistence that it was always a peaceful neighbourhood.  He implied that Israelis moving in was a perfectly good excuse for otherwise peace-loving Palestinians to throw stones etc.  I wonder how that reasoning would work in the UK if people objected to certain groups moving in? I’m sure the BBC would understand.


      • NotaSheep says:

        Some people might think that was a form of apartheid… Oh hold on apatheid can only be pracrised by white South Africans and Israelis.


  2. ap-w says:

    On this subject, it is worth re-visiting the piece on the Today programme at around 8.50, with Evan Davis presenting a very loaded response to a survey of attitudes of Jews in the UK to Israel’s policies. The responses are clearly more complicated and detailed than as presented by Davis. He gleefully says that the majority say they think that Israel should negotiate with Hamas, before his interviewee points out that the actual question put included the vague qualification “if it were to advance the cause of peace”, which condition would not be satisfied at the moment given that Hamas wants to destroy Israel. The interviewee also points out to Davis that he has omitted to mention that the majority surveyed said they approved of the military actions in Gaza. But it is the glee in Davis’ voice as he goes through his depiction of the survey results which is so revealing.


    • John Anderson says:

      Yes,  Davis was deservedly slapped down in that piece.  He was clearly misquoting/misrepresenting the survey. 


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        Thats why the BBC love survys or opinion polls they can then twist them to their nasty world view..


  3. Biodegradable says:

    The very title of that piece is absurd:

    “Is Jerusalem becoming more Jewish?”

    Walk down Edgware Road, Queensway, or other parts of London and ask yourself, “Is London becoming more Arab?”

    Jerusalem has always been Jewish. Many of the “Palestinians” living there now were given deeds to land by the illegal Jordanian occupation, an occupation that was only recognised by two countries – the UK and Pakistan.

    Many of the Palestinians who have been evicted held those deeds, issued by Jordan before 1967, which the Israeli courts held to be worthless.

    As for Bowen calling Silwan a “Palestinian area”, see here:

    The truth about the Yemenite village of Silwan


    • John Anderson says:

      One of the Palestinians whined about hanging on to property that had belonged to their grandfathers.

      That’s about it – grandfathers who moved in after 1948 when Jordan took East Jerusalem by force.   East Jerusalem was NEVER “Palestinian” – it was disputed between Israel and Jordan.


      • Jack Bauer says:

        Jordan has killed massively MORE Palestinian entity arabs than the state of e Israel. EVER.

        When are all the Muslim states which have persecuted Jews and stole their property for centuries ever going to pay reparations?


  4. Pounce says:

    Oh look the bBC finds a new Gaza to protest about:

    The human suffering inside Kashmir’s struggle

    The family of Abrar Khan sits looking at a passport-sized photograph of him that has been placed on the carpet “He would have turned 17 this week,” says Abrar’s brother, Hilal Ahmed Khan, his face expressionless.He is seated cross-legged on the floor of his tiny home, his parents and sisters sitting alongside.Abrar died earlier this month – killed, allegedly, by the police during the anti-India protests that have rocked Indian-administered Kashmir for more than a month.

    ………….“See how our young boys are dying. Abrar was innocent. He was no militant,” his sister says, her voice rising

    ………….It is so volatile, that many call it Kashmir’s Gaza.