DR CABLE’S £100,000

Former BBC favourite “Dr” Vince Cable was interviewed on Today @7.52am with regard to his suggestion that there should be a Graduate tax. During the interview, and in defence of his iniquitous scheme, Cable trotted out the mantra that the average graduate earned £100,000 across their working life than someone who did not attend University. This outdated assertion was not challenged. In fact there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a combination of over-supply of graduates and a lack of employment prospects seriously erodes this much hyped differential and it was surprising that Cable got away with it. Especially as he is an Economics guru.Then again…  

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13 Responses to DR CABLE’S £100,000

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    One of the reasons he got away with it is that there wasn’t the time to challenge him, even assuming the willingness.  It was a ludicrously short space for an interview.  Of course, they had to make room for Mandelslime to be interviewed after the news and run rings round the hapless Evan Davis.


  2. Umbongo says:

    Indeed, as RD notes, Today broadcast a third Labour party political broadcast in a week under the guise of giving free publicity to Mandy’s tissue of spite (sorry – “book”).


  3. John Anderson says:

    Just another attempt by the BBC to drive a wedge between the Coalition parties.  They HATE the Libs working with the Tories. 

    Most Brits are willing to give the Coalition a chance – lots of idiots at the BBC want to wreck it.   Because if it stays together,  time will show that the economic policies were inevitable given the mountains of deficit and debt,  were generally fair, and helped restore the essential spark of confidence in the future which is essential to true investment and economic and commercial growth.   And while the Libs are suffering short-term for entering the coalition,  good economic results and other reforms will restore their polling numbers.   They wil have been seen as “moving to the centre,  acting cooperatively and responsibly,  dropping many extreme policies especially on the economy”.  All of which is anathema to the hard lefties at the BBC.


  4. Grant says:

    In a masochistic moment of madness, I watched the first 15 minutes of BBC1 news at 1 before I threw my mobile at the TV.

    St. Vince was first up with all this nonsense about students.  BBC interviewed 2 schoolchidren for their views. A muslim girl then a black boy.

    Then a bit of BP bashing about the allegations of links with Libya and the Lockerbie bomber before cutting to a Beeboid in the US who explained the technicalities of capping the oil. I could have sworn , she used the phrase “coke line ” !

    Next, the fantastic news that crime in the UK is at its lowest level since 1981.  Hooray, if you believe it.  Then, coalition cuts to the police “service”.  Boo  !

    My mobile hit the TV before the BBC launched into Moat victim mode.

    The BBC.  You just couldn’t make it up  !


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      A muslim girl then a black boy.  ” This is not as bias as you think – everywhere I go these days, trains, buses etc these are the ones in the school uniforms. We are on our way out in this country, another 50 years …


      • Grant says:


        To be fair , I guess they couldn’t fine a white British child in a Birmingham school, all playing truant !


  5. Martin says:

    Tories well up in the latest opinion poll, but the BBC only talk about the Liberals being down. Clearly trying to drive a wedge between the Tories and Clegg, which is clearly the BBC plan of attack these days, any Lib Dem interviewed the BBC just ask about splits.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is merely another form of class warfare.  Teachers and care workers shouldn’t have to pay for their education because they won’t get rich, but lawyers and bankers should.  Simple as that.  Either one agrees with that or one doesn’t, and the BBC even spelled it out they love it so much.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      What about those arts graduates who work at the BBC pushing their warmist propaganda?  Are they in the same league as Social Workers or Bankers? Silly question really.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    Look, I want to know how much it would cost to pay for all these students. Would £3.5 billion cover it? Where could we get a handy 3.5 billion to plug a gap in the education budget? Hm…I know of a place. 😀


  8. Grant says:

    Great incentive for our best graduates to emigrate, as if they need one.


    • Millie Tant says:

      Yes, undoubtedly some would, because of this.

      An incentive to dodge the tax system altogether for some? Go unemployed, doss at parents’, work in the black economy, claim benefits etc?