In his desperation to avoid negative headlines, Obama is making all sort of threats against BP. The BBC is loving this, of course, and not a day passes without it giving BP the most negative headlines imaginable. I hold no favours for BP but nor do I see why the BBC provides such unbalanced coverage on this issue. Maybe it just likes the idea of damaging a very successful British company?


Day three of the Today Flotilla. Our chums at the BBC have a really interesting home page. The side bar with “other top stories” leads with “Israel’s actions “against International law” and then there is “Is Israel’s blockade legal?”. I wonder what the next story will be “Do Jews “eat their own babies.” The consistent bias shown by the BBC over these past three days validates everything that we say here at B-BBC. I know that elsewhere around the world other liberal media outlets are also engaging in this appalling treatment of Israel but the big difference for me lies in the fact that the BBC pretends to be neutral when it patently isn’t and the BBC demands we fund  which we patently should should not.


Been away from the media all day, but just looked at BBC main news portal. The headline is “Doubt cast on Israel raid account”. Mmm. So, I wonder who is casting this doubt that the BBC deems worthy of leading their news? Why it is none other than the “activists” aka Jihad enablers! What a neutral source!! I doubt that Al Jazeera could be any worse than the BBC is at the moment.


Only on the BBC does a discussion concerning the exorbitant salaries of senior civil servants morph into a discussion on why the salaries of those employed in the private sector should not also be publicly displayed? Check out the interview on Today @ 7.51am. They do not understand the difference between those on the State payroll and those who make their own income.


Anyone catch the BBC in full anti-Israel mode this morning on “Today”? I though Humphyrs was particularly hysterical during his 810am rant with the Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor – at one point denying that knives were weapons. (“You can get them in you kitchen drawer”) Evan Davies did all he could @ 8.47am to confirmt that the blockade  of Gaza was illegal, that the boarding of the ships was illegal and that the use of force against the iron-bar wielding knife stabbing Jihadist-enablers was not “proportional.”

The BBC has entirely failed in its duty to examine the other side of this story. It has wilfully sanitised the role of the IHH in this episode of Jihad-enabling, it has canonised the “activists” on the ships, and of course it has demonised Israel. The BBC refuses to provide any balance when it comes to covering Israel and as such is nothing more than a propaganda arm for Palestinians. Shame on all BBC journalists involved, they lie in the gutter,,,,