I recall when Labour introduced the car scrappage scheme. The BBC were to the fore in promoting how enlightened this idea was. This morning I listened to this item on the BBC in which it suggested that the car scrappage scheme was not a good idea. The BBC dances both sides of the argument to suit its OWN political bias. When Labour did things they were good, if the Coalition seeks to emulate any aspect of these things, it is bad. Simple meme.

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2 Responses to CARS

  1. deegee says:

    You may be surprised or not that the BBC sees it alright to satirise politicians now that Clegg-Cameron is in power Coming soon – a satire boom?

    New Labour didn’t escape mockery, yet the most biting satire of the past 10 years was aimed not at politicians, but at the uneducated working class, says John O’Farrell. So, does the Clegg-Cameron coalition spell a reawakening of political comedy?

    Every reason is given apart from the obvious one. In the last 10 years the BBC supported NuLab and tried desperately not to do anything to bring them down. Now the gloves are off.