Well, football may not be coming home after all these years of hurt but a humiliated English team IS! I was amazed to hear on the BBC Today programme this morning that the “weak coalition government” is to blame, it was just before 8am but can’t find the link!

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7 Responses to 3 LIONS ON A SHIRT…

  1. Millie Tant says:

    Linky! Linky! We demand a linky.  Beeboids will not come here without a linky.   😀


  2. Martin says:

    Radio 5 sing “7 jocks on a freebie, expenses are still gleeming, 50k a year exes never stopped me dreaming”


  3. Allan Draycott says:

    To be fair, although I thought initially he was referring to the Coalition, I think the commentator was actually referring to the weak governance of the Premier League by the FA and contrasting it with the more authorative and disciplined (German, natch) Bundesliga.


  4. Mark P says:

    Well, at least the England team are no longer in St Mandela’s gloriously black-run “rainbow nation” where, apparently, “3000 farmers” have been murdered since the end of apartheid. This is what the BBC told us at the half-time interval of the Holland-Slovakia game. Apparently the issue is “complicated”. Too “complicated” for us teletubbies to know that those farmers were whites who were murdered, because they were white, by murderous white-hating blacks. It’s obviously not “racism” though because, if it was, the BBC would definitely have told us about it, repeatedly, for the next two decades. No doubt about it.


  5. JohnW says:

    Surprised they haven’t repeated Harold Wilson’s claim in ’66 that England only wins under Labour.

    However, if England’s exit signals a reduction in having to endure all those patronising and excrutiating visits to Soweto to show us how the locals celebrate football matches then that will be a bonus.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Englands left but the BBC empire remains. Nicky Cambell is still living it up in the best hotels our money can buy.


  6. Mike Kavanagh says:

    Dreadful, Vance. You mean here? http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8767000/8767388.stm

    The speaker quite clearly refers to the “weak governance” of England’s team, in contrast to Germany’s. No mention at all of the coalition government. But don’t let your paranoia get in the way of the facts.