Some mornings, the BBC can’t wait to get stuck in to their important business of attacking the Government now that it is no longer a Labour Government. Take this at 7.09am. Evidently irritated by David Cameron unveiling the sheer scale of Labour’s profligacy, the BBC hits back by having Tim Harford (Who presents a BBC programme) declare that all the figures now being quoted were public knowledge. Note Harford’s final sneering comments. The idea being sold here is that the Coalition can’t be trusted when it comes to quoting financial figures so don’t be beastly to Darling.

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  1. Disdain says:

    Tim Hartford is about the best thing on Radio 4. I thought he sounded distinctly uncomfortable being shoe-horned into the Today programme’s attack-agenda – I suspect he had been conned into it by being promised it was just a promo for More or Less.  

    Mind you, this morning’s Today was about the most monochromatically-challenged show they’ve done for a while – solid back-to-back Labour re-treads.  Apart from anything else, this parade of has-beens was boring. 

    I suspect the show has no idea how to fill the time, now that government ministers aren;t falling over themselves to be on the show.  


  2. 1327 says:

    Hartford presents “More or Less” a Radio 4 show about maths and statistics I used to listen to. It used to be entertaining but in the course of the series I listened to last year it seemed to devote more and more time to proving that the latest Labour tractor production figures were totally correct and couldn’t be questioned. Eventually the ratio of politically correct statistics to interesting items became so large I stopped listening.


    • Grant says:

      Yes 1327, I noticed that too.  One of the very few seriously educational programmes on the dumbed down BBC was highjacked for PC purposes.  Nothing is sacred to these mindless fanatics.


  3. Phil says:

    The BBC is a public sector organisation with a public sector mentality when it comes to money and how to spend it wisely. It is hard to imagine a less independent and disinterested source for news on the economic problems than the BBC. Its views are worthless, but unfortunately I am forced to pay for them because I don’t want to get a fine and a criminal record because I wnt to use my TV set for watching football on Sky TV.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Their duty now is to enforce the Narrative that Labour was never to blame for the current state of the economy.  So many reports on various issues seem to point in that direction, especially when they cover economic problems in other countries, like Spain.


  5. NRG says:

    A responsible, objective and quality broadcaster would also be exposing Labour’s misleading spin now the truth is being revealed.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Fair point, I think.  If this was all public knowledge, where were the intrepid BBC reporters asking Labour at the time why they were hiding the truth about the economy?


  6. NRG says:

    Where’s Gordon?