Bashing BP has become part of the daily BBC routine and so it was delighted to report this morning that Obama has given an interview on US TV in which he asserts how “angry” he is about the entire situation. Quite how the petulance of the US President helps the matter in hand I do not quite understand but we can be confident the BBC will not explore that line. Instead, the BBC went on to repeat Obama’s odd comment that the reason he is so “angry” is because some people (BP) “didn’t think through” what they were doing. The BBC could ask if those US politicians who force Oil Companies to drill in deeper and deeper off-shore waters “didn’t think through” the consequences of their green thinking. But it won’t, of course. Big Oil = Bad. It’s such a simple meme. Wonder what Big Broadcaster = ?

Update; The evil BP has apparently succeeded in placing a cap on the leaking Oil well. The BBC followed this up with a story stating that the advent of hurricane season in the Gulf will most likely have a disastrous effect on the means employed to hold the cap, so…. it’s all to awful! Can we not just arrest “Big Oil” and thrown them all in Guantanamo?

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12 Responses to OBAMA IS ANGRY!

  1. roger slade says:

    Obama hates the Brits (was his father in the Mau Mau in Kenya?) and is so unpopular at home that he is having to grandstand in order to try and increase his ratings. Chances sre he will be a one-term president which will really upset the Beeb. Shame.


  2. 1327 says:

    Indeed Obama appears to be even more useless than I initially thought. Here we are on the brink of a possible war in the middle east that may involve a possibly nuclear armed Iran and another possible war with a North Korea who definitely have nuclear weapons all at the same time as we are actually fighting a war in Afghanistan. So plenty to keep the leader of the free world busy you would think. Instead poor Barry is stuck in community organiser  mode getting “angry” and making sure the media know he is “angry” about a subject he knows bugger all about.

    God help us all.


    • Grant says:

      Quite right.  N.Korea can invade S. Korea, Iran can nuke Israel, all in the knowledge that the useless wimp Obama will do nothing.
      My God, he is even worse than Carter. 


  3. Martin says:

    Yes Barry really is angry. but was he angry when he took all that campaign money from BP I wonder? any chance a beeboid might like to ask him?


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Careful — you’re not supposed to use angry in describing a black man.  Except if he’s a conservative black guy, of course!


  5. Millie Tant says:

    So he puts on a display of temper. Are we supposed to shiver and shake?  How does the great leader behaving like a bad-tempered brat help anything? Barry the Brat. “Prat” would do as well.


    • Grant says:

      I am terrified of Obama, but not for the reasons he might think !


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      BP is supposed to shiver and shake.  That’s what His noise is all about.  His Administration had their thumbs up their collective asses for days before moving to help with the cleanup.  Further, because His followers still believe that He is all powerful, they actually thought that He could have forced BP to stop the leak sooner.  Now they must convince themselves that’s not the case, and find every way possible to absolve Him and change the focus of the story.  Mark Mardell has been leading the way on this.

      He did basically nothing to get cleanup and dispersal action going, which is really why this is sort of His Katrina.  Not that the BBC would ever report it like that. He waited far too long to act as if this was important, so now has to deflect that anger.  And what better way than to show His rage at the real villains:  BP?

      His problem is that His followers think He is so powerful and capable that He could have done much more to make BP break the laws of physics to stop the oil leak.  Even dedicated Leftoids like Jon Stewart are disappointed in His inaction, although for entirely the wrong reasons.

      Threatening BP with the full force of His Wrath is the only way He can show action now, and bashing big oil and nasty polluters (the media has made it seem like BP did this on purpose) plays very well with His followers, like the Beeboids who are reporting on this story.


      • Tony_E says:

        That’ll wash in the midwest until the gas prices go up, then the questions get asked.

        Americans are very sensitibve to getting ripped off at the pumps because the government has been ‘oil company bashing’ for the benefit of the lefty press and its own popularity.


  6. David H says:

    Barry? – a one termer if ever there was one – he has even managed to make Carter look good!